Thursday, August 31, 2006

are you rapture ready? ya better be! one nut says, "i'll have the time of my life when my life is over" tell me: how are these people any different than the terrorists who think martyrdom is the high life? when we have people in this world that PRAY and happily anticipate the end of the world, why bother trying to save the planet, or life on it? let's just all lay down and die. or, as one infamous pope once said, "kill them all and let God sought it out". (can't remember the pope but it was a statement made in anticipation of the Albigensian Crusade...when we killed all those heathen, gnostic Cathars.) people who believe that, one day, millions of Christians will just disappear (up to heaven) are nuttier than the terrorists. and what if their relatives are to be Left Behind? do they feel anything for them? no, they only think of themselves. Maniac Mike's mom went all fundo when he was 9 or so and she used to tell him he would be Left Behind because he did not believe in her crap. imagine telling ANY child that they will be Left Behind...that God does not want them or love them or care about them. imagine that. now imagine how many parents are telling their own kids that very thing this very moment. now imagine that any government would also support that notion...hmmm..which government would that be? you know if you're gay, or a democrat, or anti-war, or you burn a flag, you WILL be Left Behind. i'll tell ya...those of us will be having one hell of a party down here without those fundo losers. let's keep on sinnin' cause we'll be winnin'!

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