Monday, July 31, 2006

Wizard's Hall

currently reading. this is the author who tried to sue JK Rowling for stealing her ideas from this book. okay, so the pictures talk and a misfit kid goes to a wizards school. big deal. JK Rowling blows this little book away. there is no comparison between the very rich series of HP books and this tiny little paperback. and what the hell is that quilt-thing?

The Last Vampire

i didn't realize that The Last Vampire was not out in mass market PB yet. i found out today when i ordered one from B&N. do out august 6th according to the salesperson.

busy day

well, it was just a busy day off. did a lot of running around and had a visit at 4pm. it is so hot outside and it is freezing in the visiting room. there is no happy medium. Maniac Mike is now taking Celexa in the morning and Trazadone at night. why the psych put him on two drugs at the same time puzzles me. my psych started me on one to see if there were side effects then added more, one at a time. so MM is having some weird symptoms and there is no way to tell which one is causing the side effects because, of course, the side effects reported on each drug are nearly identical. the Trazadone is for sleep yet he has to take it at 8pm. so, he still wakes up early in the morning like 3am. i used to take Trazadone and i had no side effects from it, but we are all different. he looked like hell today.
so now he is on five different meds, 3 over the counter and two prescribed. he still has a way to go to beat me. i hope he doesn't ever have to take more than me. someday, i hope i will only have to rely on Tylenol.
the nice guy, Dan, at Auto Zone said that HE could hook up my car and fing out why the check engine light is on but it has to BE ON in order to check it. today, the light did not come on at all and my car drove just as well as usual, happily playing Jimmy Buffet with the top down. i don't know why i have a vitamin D deficiency since i do get sun (but i rarely drink milk). damn, it is supposed to be in the 90's tomorrow and reach 100 on wednesday. what the fuck? this is New England not Arizona. i really am getting sick of the heat (like everyone else). and i bet BIG BUCKS that it will rain all september and october AGAIN this year so we won't have a happy autumn which is my favorite season, the days i wait for all year. hurumph.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blob is the biggest thing in the universe!

right here!

The Taking

currently listening to The Taking. i borrowed it from the library and just noticed that the seventh CD is missing (out of eight). aaarrghh! now i have to try and track down disc 7.

Grave Peril

currently reading. Harry is joined by Michael "a Fist of God" to battle a demon who is torturing people and ghosts. Michael is Christian, married to Charity and really gets under my skin. not my favorite of characters. Michael objects to Harry's magic, yet they work together to conquer those from the Nevernever and other bad guys. these novels are entertaining but i still cannot say i like Harry. the series hasn't grabbed me like others have, yet they are a good enough read for the summer and there are 6 paperbacks, i think, though the latest is a hardcover. i would not pay for a hardcover.
i did buy the hardcover of the latest Laurell K Hamilton book, Danse Macabre. i got a really good deal at Barnes and Noble, the bookstore i frequent most. i have a membership that allows me to get 10% off and i had a coupon for an additional 15% off and the book was already 30% off so, i actually paid less at the bookstore than i would have through the library. i am contemplating buying the new Strieber hardcover The Grays through Amazon because it will come with a signed bookplate if i pre-order.
as for The Book of the Dead, it was AWESOME! a must read for Pendergast fans. oh, Diogenes! sniff sniff

The Hunger

last night i finished reading The Hunger by Whitley Strieber. i have read all his non-fiction but only one novel in the past, Majestic. Maniac Mike had read The Hunger before me because i bought it for him when he was in Florida. he liked it. i liked it, too but it left me wanting. MM has also read the sequels, The Last Vampire and Lillith's Dream. so, it is my turn to read them, too. then i'll read the rest of Whitley's fiction. i really would like to read The Wolfen next. someday, i'll watch the movies.

Banana Pancakes

there is a patron that frequents the library (like every single day) that really drives me nuts. she's a large woman, about 39, with little or no teeth. i have not looked long enough into her gaping maw to count just how many teefs she still has. sometimes she comes in with a guy that i think may be her son. she is a computer user. she'll stay in the library for HOURS doing who knows what on the computers. every day, she purchases 2 floppy disks. we offer them as a courtesy for 50 cents each which does not make us a profit. we think she does not know how to erase and reuse the disk space.
she annoys me because she has absolutely zero social skills. non. nada. none. the very first time she came to the library, she sat at a computer and yelled out (to no one in particular) "I needs paper!". i happened to be closest to her so i said, "pardon me?!", then i got her the paper. since then, she singles me out for her, um, yell-age. that is why i try to put her on the computers in the back of the library near reference and not near circ. the other day, someone put her on the computer right in front of circ and again she singled me out. i was binding (gluing) books, my back to her, talking to someone at circ and i hear behind me, "do you like banana pancakes?!" i ignore her and keep talking to my coworker. patron yells even louder, "have you ever heard of banana pancakes?!" aaarrggh. so, i turn and say, "pardon me!". she repeats her question i answer 'no' and turn back to my work. she then blathers on about banana pancakes for 5 minutes while i pointedly ignore her.
now, as most of my coworkers have had some kind of anti-social experience with her, she is usually stuck down in the back. the other day, she requested 2 disks and a coworker lied and told her we didn't have anymore. she did this because the director was miffed that the disks have to be replaced every week and this has been costing us money (the Friends of the Library supply the disks) and we are running out of stock. this is because the toothless patron and her buddy buy 2 disks each and everyday. what the fuck could they be doing? she must have a massive collection, but i never see her bring a disk IN and use that one. once, she gave me a twenty dollar bill for a 50 cent disk and it nearly sent me over the edge. far and away, the regular computer patrons are the most annoying to deal with. it's the same faces everyday. if i were rich, i'd buy computers fro the most annoying as long as they promised never to darken our doorstep again!

Raynham Flea

Hino and i had plans to go to the Raynham Flea market saturday (yesterday). so, he calls me up at 9:30am and picks me up around 10:30ish. he drives. he has the GPS computer on and a very friendly female voice told us when to turn, bear right, stay straight, and when we were off course. Maniac Mike wanted to know if it was a sexy female voice. this makes me wonder if he has some kind of computer voice fetish.
anyway, when we got to the flea market we found that it was CLOSED! seems Hino did not read the website well enough. i got up early for nothing on my day off. bummer. the good news was i didn't feel weird being the passenger. he drove really well and i only had to apply my invisible brakes once.
so, today we set out again now that we know it is open on sunday. this time Hino was too tired to drive so we went in the convertible. it was very nice when we set out, but the drive home was fucking hot. i got home around 2:00pm.
Hino bought computers and computer parts, a jade turtle and a pair of scissors. i bought a pair of scissors and a set of Sharpies (for work), a bat cartoon necklace that flashes red lights, a Dale Jr hat for Maniac Mike, a black leather wallet on a chain for MM, two cross suncatchers for mother-in-law and a pengiun one for me. Hino also bought a tiny little porcelain skunk and a blown glass castle for his aunt. he had a coke and i had a nutty buddy. it was an okay flea market but a lot of the stuff was 'new', drugstore items, tools and lots of incense (which i like but i have enough). i think we were both a little disappointed. i guess we both like junk.
now i have taken a shower and i am listening to Art Bell as i type this.
Hino thinks my car needs a tune-up. that could be why the check engine light goes on. he heard the idle race or rumble or do something. so, i think i'll go to Sears and see what they can do. not today, though. i am all pooped out. the heat really zaps my i'm sure it does for everyone. i knew Hino was very hot and tired. since Art Bell's guest is not very interesting, i think i'll read Grave Peril by Jim Butcher, the third book in the Dresden Files. or i'll take a nap.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

taxes return!

my sister helped me with my taxes this year as always. this was the first year i could not claim Hino, so i knew i would end up paying taxes since i had nothing taken out. well, Maniac Mike paid our taxes of $732.00. does not sound like much but i only make 17,000 a year. well, seems sister and i royally fucked up and today i got a CHECK in the mail for $639 plus $5.00 interest from the IRS. seems we overpaid. a lot. i'm wondering if this is some kind of set up. give me back money and whoops! heehee we want it back. but, a letter explained what we did wrong and why i got the money back yet i still don't get it. i'll take it, though.
i have to say, seeing a letter from the IRS in the mailbox is quite a shocker. i thought we royally screwed up and i owed them hundreds more. it's way worse than getting a cut off notice for the electricity, but not so bad as getting an eviction notice.

who's driving?

now that i feel better, Hino and i are supposed to go to a flea market saturday or sunday. i don't yet know who will be driving. he has space, but i have a convertible. if it's really nice out, i should drive. infact, i should drive just because. just because. basically because i am one of those people who cannot let another person drive without feeling...out of control. i sit in the passenger seat and press the invisible brakes. i clutch the door handle. i have terrible visions of mangled wrecks. i feel sweaty. Hino has a BIG you could dock the space shuttle in the back and still have plenty of leg room. i am not used to this. i don't know what i will mentally DO with all the room. and the windshield is as big, i swear, as the view screen of the Starship Enterprise. i don't need to see that much road. and i know he is going to touch things and fiddle with things and have talking GPS satellite telemetry and it will just be too much for me to handle. maybe i'll just lay down in the back with a cool cloth over my eyes until we get there. i'll just pretend i'm in an ambulance and he can roll me out the back when we arrive. i'll be the one twitching and shrieking.


i saw the hemotologist Dr Nadeem and no big whoop here...i am anemic. so, i am back on iron pills but unlike the last hemotologist i went to, this doctor told me to take over the counter ferris sulfate 65mg. i bought it at Walmart 100 pills for $3.76. the last doctor had me buy behind the counter iron pills that cost $32.00 for 60 pills. so, i am perplexed. this doc said that i was probably not absorbing the iron before because of the Prevacid and pernicious anemia. the iron pills need acid to work. i am supposed to drink orange juice with each pill on an empty stomach, and not near the Prevacid dose either. fuck. this is too much fucking thinking. i get the morning routine and the midday routine of pills and the night pills but now i have the 3times a day iron with all these caveats. i like my psych who says, "take 'em all at bedtime". easy to remember. but now i have to stand under the light of a waxing moon, spin around three times widdershins, spit on a frog and then take the iron pill with Florida orange juice cause the California stuff is too Blue State. just let me be freakin' anemic, thank you!


a wonderfully funny book from the author of Stiff. Mary tries to be a skeptic but she's funnier than any skeptic i have ever read. good stuff and a quick read.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sunday, July 23, 2006

skinny kid eats!

remember the two really skinny kids? the other day, the girl was sitting on the mom's lap, bent over and the mother was actually counting the girl's vertebrae and laughing about it!
well, today, the skinny boy was not with them. another, healthy looking boy, about a foot shorter than the girl but weighing more, was with the mother and the girl. he must have been 7 or 8 and he had his own money. at one point, he tried to get some candy out of the bubblegum machine, but the girl stopped him.
in the visiting room, the mother and father got their usual and the girl got a bag of chips! the other boy, probably a nephew, got a drink, chips and, according to Maniac Mike, who could see their table, a whole shitload of stuff. he had his own money. kudos to his parent who had the foresight to send him with money probably knowing that the skinny kids' parents never got them anything! but, guess what? later on, the girl got her very own bag of skittles. woo hoo! she was pigging out, the poor thing. we are SURE that if that other boy was not there, the girl would have had nothing as usual. we feel that the mom did not want the other boy to report back to HIS parents that the girl never ate or drank throughout the visit, but the grown-ups did.

bad dreams

i had a dream, a bad one. i dreamed the library was the first building in a strip mall. it was a very small store-like building. an Asian man came in and walked up to the front counter with a book. he said that the book was written about Princess Diana. she is not dead, according to the man, but living in Korea. he has pictures and moving film to prove it. i told him that it could not be so. she was dead and i started to cry.
the library closed at 5pm. the assistant director left and i left following her....the last person out the door. she was returning to the library that night for a "left wing" meeting...something against the director.
i went out to the parking lot and could not find my car where i thought i had parked it, up near the library. i went to the street and looked at all the cars parked up against the sidewalk. my car was not there. i began to think my car was stolen and i panicked. i couldn't find anyone to help me and i could not figure out if this was something i should call the police about. so, i cried and cried. i woke up never having found my car.
boy, i really thought i was screwed.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Town Hall Dress Code

our town hall has issued a dress code. it's pretty lame. basically says, use some sense. apparently, they get to have dress down fridays and wear jeans. our director says they pay for this privilege. i asked if, since we are closed saturdays in the summer, could we have a dress down friday and wear jeans. it's not that i really, really WANT to wear jeans (though it makes my wardrobe pickin' easier), it's that i want to GET something outta this, y'know? Town sends over a lame ass letter and i want something for having it shoved in my locker and for having to read it. damn. settle our contract already and then we can talk dress code. the only good thing about an unsettled contract is the retro pay.
i ate again today. half a poppy seed bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a piece of watermelon. still nauseaus but getting better.
i wish i could report on some lousy patrons, but all the lousy patrons stayed home tonight, so it was pretty easy. i do get awfully miffed at the circhead though. first of all, she ALWAYS unpacks the delivery and never processes it. we set up days for each of us to unpack precisey because some people were hogging the easy job of unpacking and ignoring the desk. she made that rule! then, on wednesdays, she is supposed to call holds. she makes a BIG freakin' production out of it and one of us ends up doing the bulk of the calling because she will actually say things like, "oh, i just can't hear one more answering machine just now" and go off and do something else while the suckers finish her calls. well, i am so sick of it, i do not help call anymore on wednesdays. i'll help everyone else because we ALL (except the circhead) help eachother out. funny thing is: when her friends call her up at work, she has plenty of time to talk to them and doesn't mind using the phone at that time. hurumph.

Scott Brick

here's a pic of Scott Brick. see, he really does nothing for me. his forehead is way too big. but our computer librarian SWEARS he was gosh darn gorgeous and i have to take her word on it. if this were hot or not, i'd give him a 7.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Book of the Dead

currently listening to my two favorite fiction authors. Agent Pendergast is in a Max prison and his friends are about to break him out. his brother, Diogenes is on the loose (killing) and the Natural History Museum received their entire diamond collection back, ground to grit. the Museum decides to reopen a lost exhibit after a 10 million dollar grant is sent to them to reopen the tomb of Senet. guess what? people are already being murdered in the exhibit, even before the grand opening. that's where i am right now.
our computer librarian went to an ALA function and heard Scott Brick (the narrator of the Preston/Child books) and she said he was HOT! he does have a fantastic voice especially with the Pendergast southern New Orleans buttery accent.
start with Relic and work up to this novel. great, fun reading.

Fool Moon

Dresden Files #2

Incubus Dreams

currently reading the next installment. spoiler and shocker: she does Damian. blech!

anemia and Twinkie Lasagna

i saw the doc today and he MADE me an appointment with a hemotologist because my iron or hemocrit or something levels are low and have been steadily getting lower over months. my blood corpuscles are "small". and i guess there are not enough of them. so, next wednesday, i see the anemia doc and he'll give me iron and then i will never be able to eat or shit again because iron pills are hell. iron pills make you shit black tar. gross. that's when you can shit because they cause terrible constipation. fun.
as far as the nausea goes: continue with the Reglan. there is nothing that he can do. i have heard this for years, so i believe it is just the way i have to live.
on a lighter note, i was able to EAT today (a salad) and a piece of Twinkie lasagna made my the computer tech librarian. my stomach hurts but the nausea is a little better.
Twinkie lasagna consists of layers of Twinkies, berries, chocolate and cool whip. i thought it was going to be too much too sweet, but it was very good.

a sad day

one of my coworkers had to put her cat down today. she is a very sweet lady and works in the childrens room very part time. she also just retired from the high school library. her cats name was China and she was in kidney failure. the vet felt the kitties belly and could NOT feel the kidneys at all. so, please say a little prayer for her and China, that China will be happily waiting for her in kitty heaven (and not tearing the place up and ruffling the angels' feathers like Queequeg who is very unhappy without his auntie).

Monday, July 17, 2006


"two snakes fell out of the dashboard right where my feet were," Hart said. oh GOD! i would die, die, die!

Motherfucking Snakes!

if you are scaredy of snakies like i am, do NOT read this article! really. STAY AWAY! you will not be able to drive your car for a month. makes me think twice about leaving the top down when i go into the store.

storm front

just began reading a series called The Dresden Files about a wizard PI that helps the cops on weird cases. pretty tame stuff; nothing like Anita Blakes but the main caracter, Harry Dresden is likable enogh, though his potions leave a lot to be desired.
ingredients for a stimulant potion:
a morning donut for taste
a cock's crow for sound
fresh soap for smell
bits of a wash cloth for touch
a beam of dawn sunshine for sight
a to-do list for the mind
a bit of bright, cheerful music for the spirit
mix and boil it all up and drink

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fortean Times and Dreamland

the new FT is out and they have raised the price to $10fucking.50!
i have not been happy with Whitley Striebers Dreamland lately. i subscribe so that i can listen to the archives and get the special interviews and other stuff. i WANT to hear Whitley do the interviews (and i also like Linda Moulton Howes' reports) but more and more, Whitley lets others host Dreamland. it now might as well becalled the William Henry Show! Henry is okay but i pay to here Strieber! i don't want to here about Henry's experiences (which can sometimes be yawn inducing) but Whitley's experiences. time for a not-so-nice email.


i'm half way through Cerulean Sins. Hamilton wrote something quite profound and i wonder if she really understood that what she wrote was right on the mark.
for those who read her: Richard (big cry baby Ulfric werewolf) was do depressed he cut off his incredibly long and luscious hair. Hamilton basically said that if he hadn't cut his hair, he would have just cut other things (or done more harm to himself.) as a cutter, i get it. my hair, recently, was down to my butt. i was having a really hard time feeling fucked up what with the panic attacks and shit and i badly, BADLY wanted to razor blade my arm. instead, i cut my hair and it worked! i just chopped it right off and felt better. i thought it was a pretty good compromise and so did my shrink. Maniac Mike, on the other hand, was bummed about my hair until i told him it was hair or blood and he got it. well, as much as he can "get it". the whole cutting to feel better thing mystifies him. that mystifies me because he is an addict and should know better.
the past two nights i have woken with panic attacks and wonder why. they were so bad i took way to much meds but finally was able to knock myself out around 4am.
i blame it all on the summer schedule. (what else!) and it would be nice if my family called to check up on me, just to make sure i'm not dead or something.


there are a lot of miserable things in life but one of the big ones must be nausea. i have been spinning and heaving since friday, so i haven't been around to write or do much of anything. i'm sure the heat is not helping, but seems like i am do for a spell of it and a Reglan IV looks damn good right about now. i see a doc on tuesday about other things but maybe he can get me that IV.
Hino wanted to go to some flea market today but i couldn't go. we can still go another day, though.
also, my car's CHECK ENGINE light comes on once in a while and i can't figure out why and i don't know when i'll be able to stop at a mechanic (i don't know if i trust MY mechanic). so. i'm bummed about that. i'm hoping someone can just hook it up to a computer thingy and finds out the problem without costing me an arm and a leg.
the summer work schedule is not helping. i work more hours during the week to make up for being closed saturday and it is really making me sick. i haven't had such pain in my legs and arms in a long time, i'm exhausted and sick to my stomach. the days have been horribly busy...several days of traffic over a thousand. the children's summer programs are annoying (not to mention the kids AND the parents). so, i work and come home to sleep and i miss many visits. i had one tonight, managed to stay an hour without throwing up.
oh, we had a bat program at the library but the lecturerer didn't bring bats! that really ticked me off. i wanted to see some bats!
so, as you can see, i am grumpy. somebody kill me.

Monday, July 10, 2006


i wasn't going to write about last friday but i will because of something that happened today. friday, i was working at the library, it was 10 minutes to 5pm, when we close. all our patron access computers are shut down at 4:45 because it takes awhile to shut them downand we have many closing jobs to do. two women walk in at 4:50 and ask to use a computer. unfortunately, they get the big mouth know-it-all who gives them the speech about the computers being shut down 15 minutes before we close. because i was working at another desk, i did not hear exactly what the woman wanted, but she said it was very important that she find an address or something online because she's closing on a home or something and it's very, very important. so, in my mind i think, send her to reference. easy. one of their computers may be on or they can get the info for her. no prob, right? the patron asks if WE can access our internet and look it up for her and miss-know-it-all says, "the public cannot use our circulation computers." that was not their question. i think we probably could have found what they wanted ourselves, but REFERENCE is in the library for this kind of thing. now, one of the women (i have to say both were crude) swears up and down and says she'll never come to our library again, we're Nazis, she doesn't know what she's gonna do now, blah, blah, blah. she walks out and her friend asks to speak to someone in charge. our male staff member pipes up and says, "well, isn't that you (miss-know-it-all)? to which she yells loudly, "NO WAY! i am NOT in charge (but i'd love to be cause i always act like it)." so, finally my other cocircworker mentions that the computer librarian is in charge and maybe she can help. so, the friend calls back the angry woman, they see the librarian and they get what they needed in about 3 lousy minutes. i just shake my head because all of this could have been avoided IF miss-know-it-all just sent them to reference where the librarian was! aaarrrggghhh!
now today we were one lady short (because she is in Italy for two weeks) and it was just myself and my circhead working the desk until 1:30 when relief was do in. up until 9:45, we thought we would have an easy morning. yeah. then, the kids and parents piled in for the first of the summer programs and hell opened up and attempted to swallow us poor circ-ers. it was HELL. we did not stop for a single nanosecond. and we had a great page get our bookdrop AND pull the 94 requests for us. the delivery came around 11 and we could not even think of touching it. dvds upon dvds and books upon books, lost cards, weird phone calls, requests and a book bin that would not empty. for our 15 minute morning breaks, the director and the secretary came out to help and they were twirling around and moving it! to say that headcirc and i were exhausted was and understatement. a very BIG understatement! i had to take another full round of pain pills and a tranquilizer for my lunch which i did not get until 2:30ish.
anyway, on mondays and thursdays, headcirc and i unpack the delivery. we all have different days. unpacking the delivery is something we all want to do because we are not technically on the desk and we get to stand around and have a little break from the havoc of the desk. in other words, it's the easiest job we have.
so, after going crazy all day, head circ and i were looking forward to unpacking and getting a breather. in comes miss-know-it-all-lazy-ass-pissed-me-off-real-bad. i mention that we were terribly busy, so we were just now processing the requests and we still haven't gotten to the delivery. she says, well, i'll check this bin in and i'll start unpacking the delivery. i said, "oh no! headcirc and i have been crazy all morning and it's our day to unpack anyway and we want to do it!" she huffed and i didn't talk to her for the rest of the day.
see, the workers that come in for the night shift ask how things have been and if it's been tough, we start taking on the hard stuff and try to give the morning shift a break. they can find some off desk work and we take over the desk. in theory, that is how it should work. but some people will do anyting to get out of work.
last week, the circhead had a small talk with miss-know-it-all. #1) she can no longer take a break by the desk and use the internet because patrons think she is working and approach her with a question and she rudely says something like, "i'm on break. talk to them (pointing to circ). #2) when we are really busy and need more circ desk help, do not start an off desk project. help out at the desk FIRST! jesus!
i was fine all day, if not tired and confused, until miss-know-it-all totally pissed me off. hurumph!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

cats that look like hitler

just what it says! check it out. you'll either love it or hate it.

Friday, July 07, 2006

it's a JOKE!

older man checks out at the desk. i run his card under and say, "you have a small fine of 90 cents." we ALWAYS say, "you have a small fine". even if the patron owes 20 bucks, we will say, "you have a small fine of..." anyway, that is not germane to the story.
older man checks out...
me: you have a small fine of 90 cents.
him: oh no! would you send the Library Police after me? HAHA
me: no. we only send out the Library Police for fines over a dollar.
silence. chirping crickets. odd stare.
me: i'm joking!
him: oh! HAHAHA


we have had a really cool patron for all the years i've been working at the library. his name is Alex and i believe he is mildly autistic. he has been a really cool, polite kid and now he's even on the payroll! Alex is about 13 or 14 and he has been volunteering at the library for about six months. he started by putting away the children's room videos and DVDs. as a patron, he would enjoy doing this. now, he is getting paid for it! he has also progressed to the adult DVDs and videos. he keeps the shelves neat and straight and is great at his job. i think he is scheduled for 3 hours a week and mostly comes in with his teacher, who is a very lovely, patient lady. his dad is cool, too. i don't know his mom very well yet.
the other day, he took out a book on plumbing and the circhead asked if he wanted to be a plumber. he said no, he wanted to be a librarian and when we asked him why, he said he liked putting away books and videos. weel, he IS good at it!

baby born in walmart bathroom

check out the video at . look under offbeat and "no returns for babies born at walmart". now, ponder can this girl or any woman not realize that they are pregnant even at nine months?? denial? outright retardedness? apparently, this is a lot more common than you would think. there is another story out there about another woman who gave birth without knowing she was pregnant.
imagine this poor child not only having to live with the fact that her hillbilly mom had no idea she was carrying her but also that she was born in a damn walmart TOILET! how fucking gross is that? well, atleast this mom didn't kill her baby like the woman in this story .


remember the mother who popped out sixteen kids? read this article and then mosey on over to the Duggar Family website and check out the mom's hairdo.

click on the little picture of the family with mom in bed and check out Jesus Duggar digging for gold in his nose! and the hairdo! don't forget the hairdo!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Possible Side Effects

another of my favorite authors has a new book out. we are ordering the audiobook for the library as well as the book. i hope AB is the narrator again as he is AWESOME! i have listened to all but Sellivision just because it's not a memoir but fiction. i'm a fiction snob, in general. highly recommend Running with Scissors, Dry and Magical Thinking.

The Grays

i am soooo excited! putting in a staff order tomorrow! Danse Macabre and The Grays.

Danse Macabre

Laurell K Hamilton's latest Anita Blake Vampire hunter book is now out in the stores. the dust jacket suggests that she may be pregnant! yuck! and she does not know who the dad is. double yuck! the kid could be vamp, werewolf, wereleopard or god only knows what.

Strieber interview

Jerry Pippin interviews Whitley Strieber on his website.

also, preorder Strieber's new novel The Grays


Hino, your car title is in. you do know that you will be paying car tax, right? i think it may be out in july...maybe. since you haven't had the car a year yet, maybe not. it is really sad when your kid as a newer model car than you do.
also, my check engine light came on for about 10 seconds tonight. no noise, no smoke, fan works, temp fine, oil and coolant okay. so, why did my light come on, other than to fuck with my mind? also, no computer display like "coolant level low" or "time for service". sigh.

the kids eat!

there are 2 kids that visit with their mother atleast for every visit that i am able to attend. Maniac Mike says the father of these kids gets a visit every time one is scheduled. these kids, a boy and a girl perhaps 9 or 10 years old are the skinniest kids of that age group that i have ever seen. they are borderline ethiopian famine refugees (though they are Puerto Rican). if they were my children, i would be ashamed! i would also FEED them. the boys neck is about as thick as my ankle, his legs look as if there is barely any muscle or fat under the skin. they look like a couple of corpses from a Tim Burton stop-animation movie.
at each visit, the mother and the father each get a soda and they split a bag of something or the father gets a bag of chips or more. i have NEVER ONCE seen either child get a drink. i have seen them go to the bubbler, but that's it. once in a great while, one of the kids may get a bag of chips or eat something from the father who always has something to eat and drink. it is shameful. we are only allowed to bring in ten dollars in coins, but still, everyone of them should be able to get a drink.
well, today, both kids got a Honey Bun along with the father. i have never seen the kids happier. they ate those damn pastries like they were going out of style (and they are Little Debbie, so they aren't).
let me tell you something more about the human waste of a father they have. when he first appeared in the mod, he was on the phone constantly; every chance he could be on that phone, he was. for the first three and a half weeks he was imprisoned, he hogged the phone talking to his wife/girlfriend and often, like soooo many of the men do, cussing her out over one thing or another. (and how is it that these women are around to receive the calls? don't they work or have something else to do?). then, one day, his phone calling just stopped. why? because the woman got the phone bill and couldn't afford to pay it. this happens all the time. phone hoggers get cut off when they find out they have rung up a $500 phone bill and their women cannot pay it. so, now, he never calls and the chances are great that that family does not have a phone. so nice of him to think of his kids.
now, every saturday, the inmates get their store orders which are items they purchased with their inmate accounts off a list the preceeding sunday. the maximum amount an inmate is allowed to spend, provided he has the funds, is $65. MM's order is about half that or a little more (which i do not pay for, he does. i also do not pay the $300 phone bill, he does. why? because he knows i cannot afford it!). well, the no-good dad, who does not even have a measley prison job, spends way more than MM each week and eats like a king every day. where do you suppose he gets that kind of money? why, he takes it out of his emaciated childrens' mouths!
it just kills us to see these kids at each visit. MM will joke with me..."when you go by a KFC, will you buy these kids a bucket!" i sure would like to. and more than that, i would like to give that mother of theirs a piece of my mind!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

skateboarding bulldog

check out Tyson!

The Hills Have Eyes

i watched this movie last night. very creepy. the mutants were nasty. the movie was filmed in Morocco, of all places. in the special features, they show the actor who played the mutant Pluto. he was a hottie! they really creeped him out. the make-up effects were good. didn't bond with the family so much. still, it was one scary, creepy horror film. i sure would like to see the original.
if you cannot stand blood and gore, do not watch it! ///