Sunday, July 30, 2006

Banana Pancakes

there is a patron that frequents the library (like every single day) that really drives me nuts. she's a large woman, about 39, with little or no teeth. i have not looked long enough into her gaping maw to count just how many teefs she still has. sometimes she comes in with a guy that i think may be her son. she is a computer user. she'll stay in the library for HOURS doing who knows what on the computers. every day, she purchases 2 floppy disks. we offer them as a courtesy for 50 cents each which does not make us a profit. we think she does not know how to erase and reuse the disk space.
she annoys me because she has absolutely zero social skills. non. nada. none. the very first time she came to the library, she sat at a computer and yelled out (to no one in particular) "I needs paper!". i happened to be closest to her so i said, "pardon me?!", then i got her the paper. since then, she singles me out for her, um, yell-age. that is why i try to put her on the computers in the back of the library near reference and not near circ. the other day, someone put her on the computer right in front of circ and again she singled me out. i was binding (gluing) books, my back to her, talking to someone at circ and i hear behind me, "do you like banana pancakes?!" i ignore her and keep talking to my coworker. patron yells even louder, "have you ever heard of banana pancakes?!" aaarrggh. so, i turn and say, "pardon me!". she repeats her question i answer 'no' and turn back to my work. she then blathers on about banana pancakes for 5 minutes while i pointedly ignore her.
now, as most of my coworkers have had some kind of anti-social experience with her, she is usually stuck down in the back. the other day, she requested 2 disks and a coworker lied and told her we didn't have anymore. she did this because the director was miffed that the disks have to be replaced every week and this has been costing us money (the Friends of the Library supply the disks) and we are running out of stock. this is because the toothless patron and her buddy buy 2 disks each and everyday. what the fuck could they be doing? she must have a massive collection, but i never see her bring a disk IN and use that one. once, she gave me a twenty dollar bill for a 50 cent disk and it nearly sent me over the edge. far and away, the regular computer patrons are the most annoying to deal with. it's the same faces everyday. if i were rich, i'd buy computers fro the most annoying as long as they promised never to darken our doorstep again!

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