Sunday, July 23, 2006

bad dreams

i had a dream, a bad one. i dreamed the library was the first building in a strip mall. it was a very small store-like building. an Asian man came in and walked up to the front counter with a book. he said that the book was written about Princess Diana. she is not dead, according to the man, but living in Korea. he has pictures and moving film to prove it. i told him that it could not be so. she was dead and i started to cry.
the library closed at 5pm. the assistant director left and i left following her....the last person out the door. she was returning to the library that night for a "left wing" meeting...something against the director.
i went out to the parking lot and could not find my car where i thought i had parked it, up near the library. i went to the street and looked at all the cars parked up against the sidewalk. my car was not there. i began to think my car was stolen and i panicked. i couldn't find anyone to help me and i could not figure out if this was something i should call the police about. so, i cried and cried. i woke up never having found my car.
boy, i really thought i was screwed.

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