Thursday, July 27, 2006


i saw the hemotologist Dr Nadeem and no big whoop here...i am anemic. so, i am back on iron pills but unlike the last hemotologist i went to, this doctor told me to take over the counter ferris sulfate 65mg. i bought it at Walmart 100 pills for $3.76. the last doctor had me buy behind the counter iron pills that cost $32.00 for 60 pills. so, i am perplexed. this doc said that i was probably not absorbing the iron before because of the Prevacid and pernicious anemia. the iron pills need acid to work. i am supposed to drink orange juice with each pill on an empty stomach, and not near the Prevacid dose either. fuck. this is too much fucking thinking. i get the morning routine and the midday routine of pills and the night pills but now i have the 3times a day iron with all these caveats. i like my psych who says, "take 'em all at bedtime". easy to remember. but now i have to stand under the light of a waxing moon, spin around three times widdershins, spit on a frog and then take the iron pill with Florida orange juice cause the California stuff is too Blue State. just let me be freakin' anemic, thank you!

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