Sunday, July 30, 2006

Grave Peril

currently reading. Harry is joined by Michael "a Fist of God" to battle a demon who is torturing people and ghosts. Michael is Christian, married to Charity and really gets under my skin. not my favorite of characters. Michael objects to Harry's magic, yet they work together to conquer those from the Nevernever and other bad guys. these novels are entertaining but i still cannot say i like Harry. the series hasn't grabbed me like others have, yet they are a good enough read for the summer and there are 6 paperbacks, i think, though the latest is a hardcover. i would not pay for a hardcover.
i did buy the hardcover of the latest Laurell K Hamilton book, Danse Macabre. i got a really good deal at Barnes and Noble, the bookstore i frequent most. i have a membership that allows me to get 10% off and i had a coupon for an additional 15% off and the book was already 30% off so, i actually paid less at the bookstore than i would have through the library. i am contemplating buying the new Strieber hardcover The Grays through Amazon because it will come with a signed bookplate if i pre-order.
as for The Book of the Dead, it was AWESOME! a must read for Pendergast fans. oh, Diogenes! sniff sniff

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