Friday, October 27, 2006

i am so pissed

i don't know what happened during "maintenance" but my blog has lost the counter, some of the sidebar and paragraphs and the archives are all fucked up. this is an improvement? i did not need this today. have you also had problems?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hot or Not

a younger Sirius before Azkhaban?

Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments II - Trailer

EepyBird's "Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments II" is coming soon! Here's a sneak peek at what we just finished filming. The full video will be at on October 30, 2006.

Keywords: eepybird eepy bird mentos coke diet coke mentos experiment fountain soda science geyser experiments fountains geysers

Hot or Not

older sane gay guy wants to find a younger sane gay guy to help him find his kinkier side. yep. the hottest guy on Hot or Not tonight is gay (even though i have listed only straight men over 40). drat.

Wednesday with Waverly and the director

felt weird today...that weird feeling i haven't really had in a long tome. the feeling that says , "hide!" but i went to work because the circhead is on vacation again (did i mention that?) and it would be only Waverly and i on the desk. (Waverly and me?) the director actually came in AT NIGHT to relieve me so i could have a break and not have to worry about the new guy being alone. actually, he handles himself just fine and, if it was a regular night and not a crazy wednesday Book Buddies/Reading Group night he would have been fine all alone. we had lots of people, though (810) and it really called for some help. it will be nice when we finally have 3 people on wednesday night again.
Hino borrowed my digital camera to take pics to sell stuff on Ebay. i wonder what happened to his camera? i wonder what he is selling and i wonder if he paid his car insurance? also, did auntie buy any Hallowen candy because i am getting some and i can pick some up on sale at CVS.
i let it spill to our mother-to-be that we are having pizza for her on monday (but she still doesn't know about cake on Halloween, her last day). so, i begged her to act surprised and she said she would. duh on me!

Halloween Pic of the Day

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


a trustee meeting tonight. i despise them. they are lazy. they could be doing a lot more for the library but all they do it talk, talk, talk. they are not 'good' to the staff as we are not a physical part of the building therefore we do not matter. i especially despise the Loud Pig. she is a big bully of a 'woman'...very Butchy, Loud and Onerous. i was crocheting at the staff table on my break as she and the other trustees were leaving. Loud Pig is talking to the director about the candy that is on the candy table. then she proceeds to TAKE food from our circheads desk (granola bars and snack bars she eats and leaves open in case one of us needs a boost). the director had to TELL HER that that was someone's PERSONAL DESK and it was their food. bitch. luckily, she did not see the Hallmark Spellbook full of candy that i brought in tonight. the Spellbook was from last year (buy 3 cards get the candy holder for $9.99). when the Spellbook is opened, it says one of several things in a witchy voice and holds a LOT of candy. by the way, according to Maniac Mike, candy at CVS it the cheapest at $1.88 a bag. the director says Target has bags at 3 for $5 but not a good selection.
anyway, the Loud Pig comes into the staff room and proceeds to question me about what i was making. i told her that i was making a scarf and she said "that's too wide. maybe you're making a shawl." fuck you. i can make my scarves as wide and as long as i want, with or without fringe. then she tells me she crochets but only uses metal hooks and can't believe they now make plastic hooks to which i reply, "metal is too heavy for me. i use bone or plastic". asshole. and it is true. the metal hooks are too heavy and i do not have good control over the yarn with them. ya 'know. too each his own. plus, she reeked of garlic. then, another trustee, who was a former children's librarian, whom i also despise, came in and put her 2 cents in and SHE reeked of "unwashed food smelly" clothes. she usually does.
are the Trustees at ANY library ever any good? all i here are horror stories about them. and our Friends of the library are another big joke. they do so very little in a wealthy town. they should be pulling in the money. whenever they do anything, circ usually has to do the work...selling shirts and bags, selling tickets and keeping track of all of it. when i was in Cape Coral Florida, in their refurbished and expanded library, the director told me the Friends raised $90,000!!!!. yep. i typed it correctly. they raised the money for the beautiful marble fountain on a beautiful terrace for patrons to sit and read, for leather chairs and real mahogany wood trim. they went ALL out. it was a beautiful library AND they had a huge, sunny staff room with mucho counter space and two full size refridgerators! and a COUCH that was comfy and lots of tables and chairs.
that was my night. blah, blah, blah.

Hot or Not Monsters

great make-up job!

Hot or Not

Kevin, an animal lover.

Haunted House made of Balloons

Halloween Pic of the Day


Monday, October 23, 2006

salivary hell and this, too.

Salivary Gland

Maniac Mike supposedly has a salivary gland infection. he was 'diagnosed' by a nurse and put on an antibiotic but has not yet seen the doctor. i have seen some pretty awful pictures of salivary gland diseases and they are among the worst i have seen. MM had hisleft ear blow up and turn red, the side of his face was slightly raised and he had a lump that i could feel behind his jaw. this has scared me quite a bit, so i have been in bed all weekend hence the late Halloween Pics and no-blogging. i'll post some pics. see if they scare you.

Hot or Not

he likes pretending to be an ex rock star

Halloween Pic for Yesterday

Halloween Pic of the Day Before Yesterday

Halloween Pic of the Day

Friday, October 20, 2006

Hot or....wait a minute!

John Kerry on Hot or Not?!

Halloween Pic of the Day

an old fashioned Halloween scene

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


nothing going on. apparently Waverly will be working with us wednesday nights after he leaves his job at Blockbuster. the night was relatively slow, though i had to hear about the circheads little toe hurting her because she stubbed it and i guess someone told her she may have a hairline fracture or something. i don't know where she went to find this out but she was late to work and had a bandaid on the toe. she said it was swollen but it was hard to tell. i know when my mother dropped a table on my big toe, it broke and hurt like HELL. ballooned up immediately and i went to the hospital where they took X-rays and told me it was broken. of course, there is nothing you can do about a broken toe but try and stay off it.
working tomorrow morning, leaving at 4pm for a visit and returning to work for some overtime at 6pm because we are one person down.
ho hum. that's all for today.

Hot or Not

a six-footer

Halloween Pic of the Day

just what the hell is this?

Virtual Bubble Wrap

you know you love it...popping bubble wrap. we have tons at work and it is always hard to resist poppage.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hot or Not

same guy as below and before

Hot or Not

the sensous dancer is back.


tired, sore.
worked only a little with Waverly today. helped him with a search. he was as happy as ever. he went off to do other things while i was there. the girls said he did well. he checked in and checked out. he did some holds.
we also met Gina, the lady who will replace our soon-to-be-mom while she is out. she seems really nice, too.
one of the girls thinks Waverly is nervous and that's why he smiles a lot.
saw the psych. no new meds. spoke about Maniac Mike. my psych once worked for or with the ACI so he had to sign a release and cannot do anything to help MM but he gave me some advice and told me that he worked with MM's counselor and she is really positive and she is a good advocate. i think i will write her a letter for MM to bring to her. my psych thinks MM will also benefit by Seroquel but he doubts the ACI will pay for it.
the guy needs to get some sleep and anxiety relief.
Hino, you had better think of what you want for christmas. i was thinking i would like a couple of shirts from

Halloween Pic of the Day

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hot or Not

"laid back dude" was posted here before in a straw texas hat.

Meeting Waverly

briefly met the new guy, Waverly. he has been a patron before. he has been the perpetually happy and enthusiastic patron before and it does not look like he has changed. this guy is always smiling which makes me wonder if he has better medication than i do, or if he is just odd. NO ONE can be happy ALL the time. i am going to have to sudy this guy and see what his secret is. i think i will first work with him thursday morning.
good news! i beat my husband at cards 5-4! he was NOT happy.
he also got a letter from a sister he never knew he had. this is a long story that i will post some other time but i'll just say for now that it was quite an enlightening letter and MM has gotten to know a little bit about his natural family. his biological mother was a real piece of work and as of right now, i hate her. that's terrible because i know so little about her, but from his half-sister's letter, the woman was a whore and a liar. the good news is his half-sister seems normal and well adjusted and is interested in hearing more from MM, so MM wrote a 10 page letter back to her tonight. apparently, his first letter to his uncle caused a firestorm in that family as no one but his biological mother and grandmother knew of either MM's birth or his older brother also given up for adoption. well, someone knew about the first brother but nothing about MM. i hope MM does not get hurt by all of this. apparently, he also had another half-brother who died of leukemia in 1996 and another half sister who is well.
got to get a shower in and watch a movie called Hard Candy because it is due back to Hollywood Video tomorrow. i amy do Hot or Not....or not. 'night!

Halloween Pic of the Day

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hot or Not

love the angry 'bad boy' look

Hot or Not

he said he cut his hair off and donated it. in his hairless pics, he isn't as hot but close.

saturday Take-Out

on saturdays, at the library, we usually order out. either the place we order from delivers or one of us goes to pick it up. i decided to pick up the order this time. i went to the deli and asked if the order for the library was ready. the guy behind the counter (who had a very heavy RI accent and thought he was hot) said, "eh, you're from da libarry? i'm illiterate! HA HA." WTF? so, i gave him i look that i hope conveyed the fact that he was not funny. so, he packed the order and, trying to be an asshole said, "yous guys must not have any fun dere at da libarry." so i smile and said, "oh, we have a LOT of fun, especially on saturdays." and i hope i gave him a look that said 'you are an ass. give me the food and i'll let you live'. some guys think they are soooo funny telling a 'librarian' that they are illiterate. can't think of how many times i have heard that. it's not funny in any way. you might as well say you have erectile disfunction because that is just as funny as telling someone you are STUPID! maybe funnier!

withdrawal, meth, visit, casino

well, it has been 4 days now without a Starbucks and i am just not doing well. migraine, tired, achey, shaky...some serious withdrawal going on. so, tomorrow AM i am getting up early enough so that i can stop for coffee on my way to work.
apparently, we have a meth lab in the backroom at the library. saturday, one staff member kept going back their, used bottles of distilled water and created all kinds of noises. nah, it's just the DVD cleaner/grinder. she has been grinding them out all week. i usually pick up distilled water when i'm at MallWart for 59 cents a gallon. she bought distilled water from God knows where for $1.49 a gallon and she saved the receipt so the library will pay her back! at a buck forty-nine a gallon! what, is it Holy water?
anyway, the visit today was awful. both of us felt crappy, the heat was turned on full blast so that it was like sitting in a Swedish sauna and NONE of the vending machines worked. no drinks and no snacks. them, i lost at cards again 6-4. there was no interesting people to talk about or make fun of. Maniac Mike asked how i was voting on the Indian Casino question and, natch, i am voting YES. it's about time our own Native tribe got a chance to make money to support their people. hell, half of RI migrates to Connecticut each weekend to play why shouldn't WE have that money. so what if some people get displaced...maybe then they'll know how the Palestinians feel and how it was to be Native American when the white man came to town.

don't knock!

yesterday, i had just gotten out of the shower and there was a loud knock on my door. at first i thought it was Hino and he was having trouble getting in because the bottom lock is broken. so, i yelled downstairs, "who is it?" and got no answer. another knock and i yelled again and some guy asked "who are you voting for this election?" WTF? so, i yell down, "sorry, i'm busy" to which the guy shouts, "are you voting Democrat?"
FUCK YOU BUDDY and all you assholes calling my house with polls and ads and nonsense. like YOUR phone call is going to be MY deciding factor. DO NOT bother me at home, at work, on my cell, in my mail, on a street corner or anywhere else. i read the paper and follow the candidates and i don't need your "influence". besides, it is NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS who i am voting for just like it is no business of the Jesus Freaks who knock on my door and ask if "i know Jesus". yeah, i know Jesus. for a time, He was my next door neighbor. we got on pretty well except my tap water was always wine and He kept asking me if i wanted to stick my finger in His side. oh, and he wore socks with His sandals. no fashion sense, poor Guy.
besides, i have a big Labor Party Union sticker in my window, so that should have given the guy some clue.

Halloween Pic of the Day

stupid fruitcake grandma

Grannie tries to sue USPS because a clerk made a joke. pooooooooor little thing!
And i'll bet not one person likes her crappy fruitcakes.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hot or Not

describes himself as an OLD PUNK ROCKER and he has his own label.

Hot or Not

this guy was on this blog before. too bad he likes other guys.

Halloween Pic of the Day

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hot or Not

seems a little puzzled to be on Hot or Not

Halloween Pic of the Day

Double, double,
Toil and trouble,
Fire burn and Cauldron bubble!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

the same Hot guy 3 times in a row!

"a cat lover, a gift giver, a poet"

Hot or Not

"a builder, a sculptor, a martial artist"

Hot or Not

"an explorer, a philosopher and a sensuous dancer"

Hot or Not

love the bald/shaved guys

a day

lost at cards again. Maniac Mike was too tired to gloat...MUCH. even lost at Crazy 8's. MM told me several stupid jokes (and one good one), a couple of which he had told me before. er. grammar? syntax? nope. too tired. didn't get to sleep til 4am last night because my colon was doing the Flamenco all night. fuckin' Flamenco Colons!
work: very busy. guess who had YET ANOTHER day off? yep. the circhead. like i said before and before and before: just take every fuckin' thursday off why doncha! and once again, she took the day off TO CLEAN HER APARTMENT because her exhusband was coming up from Florida and she didn't want him to see it in a mess. the day that i take a day off of work to CLEAN will be the day before i die so that my family will have an easier time of throwing out my stuff! i cannot count the number of days she has taken off to clean her apartment. YET, she goes out almost every night, takes all kinds of classes, eats out morning, noon and night. now, if she stayed home on a night off, maybe she could clean then. no. she has to take a day off for that. i am sick to death of working with only 2 people on the desk. it is killer!
i heard we are hiring the man. i heard he is quiting the job he got a week ago to work with us. i also heard that the circhead is supposed to train him, yet, SHE HAS A VACATION WEEK coming up just when we expect him to join us.
i am also SICK to death of "volunteers". these are kids whose mommies call up to ask if their idiot kid can volunteer in the library because they need the hours for: 1)CCD 2) some sort of juvenile delinquency/truancy 3)various other reasons. mainly, these kids are lazy and stupid. they are given things to shelve (to me, a clear violation of union rules), they shelve them all wrong and we have to fix the mess. also, the director allows them to walk in and out of the backrooms where we keep our purses in our unlocked lockers as if they were goddamn staff. they should NOT be in the back room and several of us have complained yet the director must be everyone else's Buddy, so she won't tell them not to use the back rooms to store their massive book bags, stinky sports footwear and other fucking crap. then the kids act like they are doing US the favor. they leave well before they are supposed to, yet write down that they worked far longer. they usually get caught because one thing the director does do is watch the clock. one kid was supposed to be shelving videos but spent the time sitting and chatting with the girls and when he presented his paper that had to be signed by the director, she refused because she knew the deal. he CRIED. a 15 year old (who made himself out to be a jock) CRIED because she would not credit him for work he did not do. do we need this crap? Hell no!

Offensive Jesus Joke!

DO NOT read if you are offended by Jesus jokes! (it ain't that funny!)

why doesn't Jesus like eating M&Ms?

Because they fall through the holes in his hands.

Halloween Pic of the Day

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

an anti-halloween message


Hot or Not

Hot or Not

too tired to blog

it was a hellacious night at the library and i am tired, my back hurts and i have a stitch under my ribs. there were only two of us on the desk and the delivery was so late, we lost the day crew and had to process it by ourselves. i have to say, we were very low on weirdos and troublemakers tonight, so that was good.
now i am burning a Vanilla Oak Yankee Candle, drinking Ethos water and waiting for the shower to heat up. after my shower, i am going to write a dirty letter to my husband, repaint my nails and then, when they are dry, go to bed! how exciting my life is!
(well, maybe i'll take a peek at Hot or Not, too. it's an addiction, like my Starbucks Lattes. now, i wake up with a migraine that does not go away until i take pills AND have a coffee.)

Halloween Pic of the Day

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Comet will collide with earth this Halloween!

from the very reliable Pravda, we have a story of a comet crashing into the south pole right around Halloween. Trick or Treat!

Moaning Maple

i was going to save this for a Halloween Pic but it just wasn't Halloweenish enough. creepy, though. found on from Ontario, Canada.

Hot or Not

apparently NOT. i tried, people, i really tried, but there were no hotties on tonight. sigh.

i lose at cards, Maniac Mike rejoices

during our last visit sunday, i lost at cards 7 to 2. Maniac Mike was thrilled. he just rubbed it right in. guess it's time to send him another jinxed card so i can start winning again. are all men like this about cards? sheesh.
then i also had to hear all about Dale Jr (or just 'Junior') being rammed and knocked out of first place where he had been for most of the race, by two team members of the particular team that Jeff Gordon (aka The Asshole) belongs to. i had to hear ALL about it. i had to hear about points and The Chase and cheaters and on and on and on. i managed to stay awake and i was proud of myself for doing it. i also had to hear about Notre Dame football, but by that point, i wasn't really paying attention. i think they lost or something. whatever.
now MM has arthritis really bad in one of his thumbs so he cannot bend it in to touch his palm. so, what is he worried about? his golf game. i looked at him and asked, "just WHEN was the last time you actually played golf?" he mumbled, "er, um about 25 years ago." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i don't know when he'll find time to play golf with the 2 Pugs, the Golden Retriever, the goats, the chickens, the reindeer, the cats and the cow. i let slip "the cow" and he jumped right on it..."so, i can get a cow now? you said i couldn't have a cow, so does that mean i can have one now?" yeah, right WHATEVER! as long as i have my prairie dogs, i don't care. get a goddamn moose if ya want!

Speaking of Bullying...

when Hino was in the 3rd or 4th grade there was this one kid who lived in our neighborhood who bullied Hino at school. he had something wrong with his eyes...they were kind of crossed except one looked up and one looked down. he was also a puny kid. Hino, if he were so inclined, could have punched his lights out.
anyway, day after day, Hino would tell me about this kid and how he was picking on Hino. so, i said all the things parents are supposed to say like: do you want me to talk to the teacher? you want me to talk to his mom? you want me to talk to him? extra nice to him and try to make him your friend...ignore him...don't go near him...blah, blah, blah.
so, finally, one day i just had it with this kid and i told Hino, "look. the next time he starts to pick on you, call him 'googly eyes'. make fun of him really loud...Googly Eyes, Googly Eyes." Hino answered, "i can't do that" and i asked why and he said, "because that wouldn't be nice."
so, i felt like shit because he was right. i think they did finally work something out. the mom seemed really nice if a little overwhelmed.

Bullying by Bowling

Jesus Christ...North Korea tested a nuclear bomb...maybe. hohum. i have more important things to worry chipping my nail polish. terror, terror, terror. just feed us more and more. we are all already on tranquilizers. America needs one big Valium.
we decided today that if one utters "Jesus Christ" when they are frustrated, it is merely a call for help. if one utters "Jesus H Christ" it's a swear.
anyway, at work, a very nice looking (hot) guy came up to me at the desk and asked where we would be holding the Bowling talk. hmmmm. this puzzled me, so i repeated what he said (when in doubt, repeat what they say back to them), "the Bowling talk"? no, no the Bullying talk . oh, that. he was to give the talk. then we all wondered if he was going to teach the parents how to teach their kids to BE bullies or to HANDLE being bullied. we thought it would be very useful for circ to learn how to bully properly, so we practiced on ourselves all night.
a hag of a young woman came in late to the session and stopped by the desk with her Starbucks lemonade (she did not look like she could afford it) and told me she was late to the Bullying Workshop and would it be rude of her to just walk in. now, if you HAVE to ask the question, then...think about it. so, i shrugged and said, "if you just sneak in quietly maybe no one will notice". skip ahead. it is 8:11 pm. several of us are waiting around for that same hag to finish monopolizing the hot guy who gave the talk so we can all freakin' GO HOME. we were rude and broke down the room as fast as we could while saying that we couldn't wait to get home hoping she would get the message. the hot guy had gotten the message a long time ago and was trying (but not hard enough because he was TOO nice) to get rid of the lady who was clearly wanting to date the guy. man, was she needy, too. figures. i can predict it every time. anyone who first approaches the desk to announce they are late for something are always the last ones to leave, often needing a swift kick in the butt to move them along more quickly. fucking hags. the guy was very nice and apologized to each of who still remained and even shook our hands (which was a bit much). the hag followed him to his car and continued to talk to him and at one point said, "by the way, my name is Laurel" and she held out her hand to shake his. damn, she was really being a little to needy. go home and fuckin' masturbate and leave the hot, probably married, nice guy alone!
so, after the hot bullying guy came to the desk i started thinking about just how many hot guys do frequent the library. well, out of all of the small town of men that read (or, more likely, watch endless DVDs) i could only think of 3 (4 if i really pushed it). the hottest guy is a little too short, but he reads and he's always polite. infact, the guys i consider hot ARE readers who occasionally take out DVDs and CDs. that probably says more about me than them.

Halloween Pic of the Day

because i missed yesterday's Pic

Samhain Pic of the Day

Monday, October 09, 2006


Today is my one year anniversary of blogging on Punk Penguins! YEAH!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hot or Not

reminds me a little of Maniac Mike except this guy does not drink or do drugs. i just wish we could angle the camera down just a teeny bit lower.....c'mon...just a peek!

Halloween Pic of the Day

do the black cat boogie!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hot or Not

are those pure balck onyx eyes?


and here's another new pic of Myk.

Look who's Baaaaaaaaaack!

well, well, well, it was looking like a bad night on Hot or Not but lookey who is back. Myk. and this time he has said that he is former military. wish i knew how old he was.

Liquid Vinyl

i have finally changed my september orange nail polish to my october black nail polish. it's by Orly and it's called Liquid Vinyl and it like wearing 10 little black holes on my hands.
these are not my feet, but my ten toe nails are painted black as well.
i'm going out for a 4:00 visit. i intend to win at cards even though i have a migraine. i think i have a migraine because i have not had my pumpkin spice latte yet. i think i am an addict. finally, i am addicted to something! i feel like i BELONG.
by the way, all the gifts we gave to Mrs R yesterday were from me, Maniac Mike, Hino and, she thanked Hino, too. i forgot to bring you a piece of cake...sorry!

Halloween Pic of the Day