Monday, October 02, 2006


playing around with my blog a little bit. don't know why i have a space before MaxRNR. i will eventually be adding more new favorites.
nothing of any merit happened at work today. it was an easy, relatively stress free monday. i heard that the know-it-all got into another altercation with another patron over the weekend. this patron has an elderly mother and she would like to be able to check out her mother's items on her mother's card. we have a policy that states that the owner of the card must be present in order to use the card. the daughter wanted to take out DVDs for her mom, but the privilege was not on the card. so, the circhead and i suggested that she take home a new application and the rules for borrowing DVDs and have her mom fill it out and sign it and state something like "my daughter has permission to use my card to take out items". simple and we are covered. what either of us failed miserably to do was to put a note on the card stating that the daughter would be bringing in this info and to add the video privilege and allow the daughter to keep using the card. that was OUR fault. so, know-it-all who obviously does not know it all (in this case because she wasn't told directly) refused to do anything or let the daughter check out at all. so, there was a big row, but see, there WAS someone there who knew the story and didn't pipe up and that gets my goat, too. so, there are a lot of people at fault, me included but there did not have to be a brawl. i heard it got loud and tense and i heard that the woman tried to call the director who was not in on saturday. hurumph.
i was also told by the coworker who did not pipe up that the KIA straightened my mystery section for me. HAHAHA! the circhead and i were down there checking for flagged items that the new page put away today and the place was a mess. it is a mess because i hate going down there 1) because within 3 minutes i get superheated and 2) there is no room for anything and 3) s-h-i-f-t-i-n-g.
the woman we wanted so badly for the part-time position no longer wants the job. grrrrr. the new page started today. she said she liked the work and liked getting the exercise, otherwise she'd just be sitting at home. that's what she said. i changed her status to 'staff' in her record which used to mean we weren't ever fined but now, fines show up on our cards. we don't have to pay them, thank god. this is one of the perks...actually, it's the ONLY perk. i have actually had a $109.00 fine once. currently, i have 8 overdue items and 55 items in total out on my card. that's nothing. the circhead and i are always comparing how messed up our cards are from overborrowing and we compare how many books we have out and how many are overdue and how long they HAVE been overdue. she has beat my record by hitting 130 items out on her card at once. we do always get them all back and we never read them all. sometimes, we just keep them in the car, drive them around town for a few weeks and bring them back. it IS awful of us, but it also clears up desperately needed space on the shelves! the circworker who handles biographies is always suggesting bios to me, hoping i will take them home for awhile so she can free up space for the new bios coming out.
the page did not do so well. she messed up half the fiction she put away. she puts little green strips of paper in each book to be shelved so that we can see how she is managing. not bad for a first day, really but some mistakes were a McKeown in the Mar section and Garwood in two different spaces for Gardener.
phone call! see ya later!

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