Sunday, October 15, 2006

don't knock!

yesterday, i had just gotten out of the shower and there was a loud knock on my door. at first i thought it was Hino and he was having trouble getting in because the bottom lock is broken. so, i yelled downstairs, "who is it?" and got no answer. another knock and i yelled again and some guy asked "who are you voting for this election?" WTF? so, i yell down, "sorry, i'm busy" to which the guy shouts, "are you voting Democrat?"
FUCK YOU BUDDY and all you assholes calling my house with polls and ads and nonsense. like YOUR phone call is going to be MY deciding factor. DO NOT bother me at home, at work, on my cell, in my mail, on a street corner or anywhere else. i read the paper and follow the candidates and i don't need your "influence". besides, it is NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS who i am voting for just like it is no business of the Jesus Freaks who knock on my door and ask if "i know Jesus". yeah, i know Jesus. for a time, He was my next door neighbor. we got on pretty well except my tap water was always wine and He kept asking me if i wanted to stick my finger in His side. oh, and he wore socks with His sandals. no fashion sense, poor Guy.
besides, i have a big Labor Party Union sticker in my window, so that should have given the guy some clue.

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