Thursday, November 15, 2007

yes, we have no computers

tomorrow morning we will not have access to the computers. we are being upgraded statewide. though it will be a horrible morning, i will have the pleasure of telling all of our regular computer hogs that we are offline! yeah! we won't be able to issue cards, look up accounts or pay fines, but we can atleast check people out. it will be a mess finding carts to keep all the returns on and when the delivery arrives, it will be mountainous!
the neurologists gave me PILLS today. hurray! some pills called Lyrica. they are supposed to help with nerve damage. i lied and told her i drank NO caffeine. in reality, i had some coffee. i just know caffeine could not be giving me these strange daily headaches. so, i lied a little. the EEG was normal exept that she could tell i was on heavy duty drugs. so i "promised" to continue my caffeine/tylenol free diet. heh! i forgot to fill the script tonight, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.
otherwise, there is nothing new under the sun and i am missing Pops pretty bad.
oh, one odd thing...the train was on time last night moving up the tracks when it slowed to a stop and backed up. after that, i didn't hear it until the wee hours of the morning. when i walked downt through the underground passage that runs under the train tracks, i noticed that almost the entire lenght of the concrete floor was cracked. lately, i've been calling the train the Hogwart's Express and i even have the sign hanging on a wall.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

it's the plummer...i've come to fix the sink!

we have a plumber coming to the library to fix the ladies room sink. the director put up a sign to remind us. it read "Pete the Plummer will be in tomorrow to fix the sink". and she has a masters degree.


one of the most beautiful animals i've ever known has died. she wasn't mine but losing her is really doing a number on me. i miss her so much. she was just a crippled old cat, but she was super smart and i loved her personality. my aunt does not know. the owner of the nursing home where my aunt lives now said it would not be a good time to tell her and frankly, i don't want to tell that poor woman.
Poppy will be placed in an urn of St Francis. i thought that one was most fitting,
i sure do miss that cat and Angel does, too.