Friday, December 29, 2006

has it been THAT long?

well, i had bronchitis for a while and then i pulled a chest muscle from coughing and the wednesday night before Christmas one of my broken teeth began to hurt like bloody hell. the next morning i went to the dentist and found that i had an abscess and quite an infection. this was with Dr Dominga, not my regular dentist. he prescribed me antibiotics, but after reading my hastily scrawled list of medications, said he would not give me pain pills. narcotics. nada. i told him i already took a Tylenol with Codeine from my mom which did SHIT and just how was i supposed to LIVE with the massive pain in my head? the asshole was too "cautious" to prescribe me anything and told me to either a) go to the emergency room (for 100 bucks, wait hours to get WHAT precisely?) or b) call my own doctor. i asked HIM to call my doctor. i could barely talk, let alone THINK straight. nope. so, when i got home, i called Dr Khan, who handles the fibro and BEGGGED him for something for the tooth pain explaining that i had taken EVERYTHING (literally, every type of medication i had) and nothing worked. so, he gave me 15 Vicodins . so, with those and some old Ativans i had left over, i finally slept. the next day, the pills did not work as well and after about 6 Vicodins, they just started making me nauseaus. i guess the combo of no food, pain, pills and antibiotics is a good for losing weight because i have dropped one full size since the start of december. YEAH!!!!!
we shall not discuss Christmas, the New Year or the fact that, come January 2nd, i will have to work 3 more hours a week. we WILL mention the massive retro pay i received on the 22nd (well, not MASSIVE, but nice).
i must mention that the weekend weather girl for WJAR has moved on up to Boston which has totally thrown my husband for a loop. if he isn't talking about Dale Jr he is talking about Dylan Dreyer and her hot skirts and tight sweaters.
i must also mention that i have beaten my husband at cards 3 visits in a row and he isn't happy. and if he says, "i will defeat you Ricky Bobby" to me one more time, i will HURT him!
otherwise, my root canal was begun wednesday but i'm still infected so we only went so far. my dentist is Dr Sanciago and he is very nice and never hurts me. i asked him to give me as much novacaine as he could without actually killing me and he said, "shoot her up!" i wish i could say my tooth no longer hurts, but it is sore and tastes awful and the infection is hurting my jawline. next visit is tuesday.
so, that has really been all there has been for the past 20-something days. lots of pain but atleast i lost the weight!

Eye Candy

just a little eye candy. i've moved on from Patrick Stewart to Dirk Benedict. i guess i'm in a cowboy phase.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

jinxed alligator card works!

out of 9 games, i won handily 5-1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!
doctor said i have most likely pulled a muscle on/off/near my chest wall from coughing and that has been what has been hurting me. in case it is something more, he ordered a chest x-ray which i must somehow fit in tomorrow (hopefully) and prescribed Albueterol (sp?) syrup. he didn't tell me when it would STOP hurting but it better be damn soon.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hot or Not

nice smile, nice blue eyes AND he wears a seatbelt!

What is a Yankee?

Maniac Mike and i have had this ongoing argument over who can be officially called "a Yankee" (and we aren't talking about the baseball team). he was born in Ohio. i have insisted that only New Englanders can be called Yankees. he insists that any state that fought on the side of the Union can be called Yankee. am i wrong or is he?????

jinxed alligators, orange slips and doctors

Maniac Mike started this thing: he sent me a picture of a 'lucky alligator' he found in the paper. he said it was lucky because he took it down to the tables to play cards and always won. so, silly him, he sent it to me and i started beating him at cards. so, he put a protection spell around himself and i began losing again, so i sent him a picture of my own of a jinxed alligator and i started winning again. so, he unhexed it an put the jinx on me and i started losing again. today, he received an alligator postcard from me with a double jinx on it and he started losing at cards with his prison buddy. wow! the jinx was only meant to help ME out, not ruin his luck with others. so, tomorrow, we shall see if i can beat him at cards. he has won 3 times in a row now.
i will be late for our visit tomorrow because i have to see the doctor after work. i have pain under, over and around my right breast....sometimes it feels like it is under the chest wall, and always, my lymph nodes hurt like hell. i saw my anemia doc today and i am doing fine on the iron. he said i can stop taking it in 3 weeks but i will not stop. no way. he said i should be feeling really peppy...HAHAHAHAHA! it is hard for some specialists who only treat ONE SMALL THING to see the big picture which is constant pain and fatigue NO MATTER WHAT! like a little iron is gonna help me out.
we started using orange slips at the library again. we date them now and put them in each book to be shelved. our books have been missing or found in weird areas and we thought maybe Waverly was the culprit. nope. it's our new page. she must be dyslexic because we have been finding books with call numbers like 627.3 in the 672's. a LOT of them like that. also, in fiction, we have the BER's mixed up with the BRE's. i still say the pages need a LOT more training than they get but, then again, so does the new circ staff.
Waverly spends an inordinate amount of time IN MY WAY as i am trying to work my ass off. today was particularly bad. he tries really hard but i think he is a little lost on what to do and when to do it. like, we will have a truck full of books, a binfull of items to check-in, holds to process and he will announce that he will go shelve the DVDs. no way Jose. that ain't gonna fly. it is NOT because he is lazy: he isn't lazy AT ALL. it's because, in my opinion, he gets overloaded and can't sort out what to do next. it is overwhelming to work at circ when we are doing so many jobs at once, so i can't blame him, but he HAS to learn to get outta my way or i am gonna MOW HIM DOWN. that's just the way i am while working at top speed.
Hino fixed my printer. it was jammed. seemed i dropped a Tylenol in it. or, maybe it had a headache and swallowed one itself. who knows?

where have all my presents gone?

my husband bought me a digital camera for last christmas and Hino borrowed it to take pics to sell stuff on Ebay. my husband bought me an air conditioner in august so i wouldn't sweat, and now Hino has borrowed that, too. let us hope my husband does not send me a present from Victoria's Secret this year. HEH HEH! that would be funny!