Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

hey! happy halloween! it's been a long time gone and in some ways, it's good to be back and in some ways, it's not. it's NOT because blogging is work and it IS (good) because blogging is fun and somewhat cathartic. i am sad to see that Happy Villain has stopped writing in her library blog (will miss those crazy library stories) but i am glad she is still blogging away on another blog. i am sorry to see what has happened to hinoserm because of a crook. i told him to be careful...not everyone has pure motives. infact, hardly anyone does have PURE motives. have you heard that Padre Pio may have faked his stigmata using acid to burn through his hands? i was always a little afraid of him. not the first saint i'd call on. the first saint i call on (after the Virgin) would be saint Francis...because i have animals. yes...i have two of my aunts cats and they will be the death of me. the white one, named Angel, is a 12 year old diabetic who currently has a urinary tract infection. 2 shots of insulin a day and 2 doses of antibiotic. she is toothless and a bit ditzy but she is sweet. then there is the 21 year old, Poppy. this is the cat that will kill me. she is mostly black with a bit of white on her belly and paws and she weighs 4 pounds. that's right...only 4 pounds and i fear she is losing more becasue she has both an overactive thyroid (2 doses of meds a day) and an awfully pernicious bladder infection which requires antibiotics that i feel are just too powerful for her (3 doses a day). i have started giving her pills that will, hopefully, make her feel like eating. Poppy was abused as a kitty...that is why my aunt took her in 21 years ago. her back legs are crippled and don't always work right. until she came to live with me, i never saw her walk and a never really saw her at all as she would drag herself quickly under the bed. then she came to live with me and my rules for her were NO HIDING! and WALK! she has kept to the rules except for the past two days. she is dragging her legs badly. she did, however, come out to inspect the cable guy while her scaredy cat sister Pukey (Angel) ran to hide. Poppy never hides anymore. she is as nosey as can be and bossy and i like that. right now though, she is very, very sick.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


for good or ill, I'M BAAAAACK!