Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hello Kitty

my husband hates the idea of a kitchen stocked with Hello Kitty items such as my coffeepot. it only makes six cups at a time but how much coffee does one need? i also have an HK toaster and even an HK waffle maker...thanks to the saturday group which gave me them for my birthday! (the waffle maker is floating up top). i would also like to have....

Hogwarts Express!

it is 2:40am and the Hogwarts Express just went by!

this is the sign that i have. i also have a Slytherin banner for the front door.

nothin' on hot or not, sooooo

now, now...nothing to see here. just move right along and let me do all the the droolin'!
did anyone see him on the BBC's Celebrity Big Brother? i didn't even know about it. Maniac Mike is addicted to Big Brother here in the US, but i don't know how he'd like this one. all i heard this season was Big Brother! Big Brother! i was getting an Orwellian complex!!
in one blurb on the net, it was mentioned that DB didn't wash for 4 days. hmmm. odd behavior+hot guy=still do-able in my book. if i go 4 days without a shower it means i am having serious issues! i hate having dirty hair...i can't sleep until it's shampooed. and i hate have bit. y'know? we actually discussed this subject at circ after the kiddy librarian read to us from a mens magazine. she read that sometimes men get dandruff around their naughty bits (god, i love Monty Python). the article said it could be relieved by shampooing with a dandruff shampoo. then i mentioned that there are times when i'm too lazy to go brazilian, i use shampoo, too. why not?? then certain staff got embarrassed and kept saying, "this is not an appropriate topic to discuss at circ." well, sure it is. behind the circ desk, anything goes (as long as the director doesn't hear us)!

Hello Kitty HK humidifier for the bedroom, but that would conflict with the halloween theme. hmmm. oh, i can put it in the bathroon...which is now called The Penguin Bathroom (aka Poppy's room) because it is decorated with penguins. when spring comes around, i plan to redecorate with HK items...shower curtain, bathmat, towels...whatever. i do already have 2 sets of these towels in the kitchen and i have a pop up hamper that i put the trash bag in. and i have a small metal trash can for recyclables.
funny thing about one of the towels that i keep hung over (is that right? sounds like i give it too much whiskey!) the handle of the is always discumbobulated, disheveled, moved or on the floor. i think it might be the train. a dozen times a day i have to fix it. i may fix it, walk away then reenter the kitchen and the darn towel is all lopsided. so, it's the train or i have a ghost who only likes pink HK towels and nothing else.
have i mentioned that i am gonna be 42? well, i think i'll grow up NEXT year!


when one cuts of all ones hair in an effort to stop cutting ones flesh, and returns to work after a long holiday, staff and patrons should NOT remark on ones NEW HAIRDO and how CUTE it is! sheesh! can't someone have a gosh darn psychotic break!
yeah, work was all fun and games and boy, i sure did miss it. i also miss KC and the Sunshine Band. NOT! atleast we have the 31st and the 1st off!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hogwarts Express!

this is a picture of the mill i now live in before renovation. it shows the bell tower with the original bell (1867, i think) and very little of the mill and complex. there is a small building that is original to the site, that leads one safely (i hope!) under the train tracks. i can use this building if i have to park in the upper lot. the trees cover the main entrance. my apartment is on the 2nd floor far to the left. one feature that i do LOVE about the place is the train. it goes by around 9:30pm weekdays and around 2:00am in the morning but it is not VERY reliable. when the train goes by, i can stand in the middle of my living room and feel a minor earthquake. shit rattles..loads of fun! i do love trains! the lower lot parking in front of the tracks is so close, you can practically reach out and touch the train as it goes by (not recommended!). the most cars i have been able to count as they went by was 84.
a quick mention: the snow plowing of the first major storm of the season was HORRENDOUS! please...i pay crazy rent...SHOVEL the damn walkways!!!

RI UFO 1967

posted just for the heck of it.

Without MF Order

excellent, raging, twisted and totally antieverything except DISorder. do NOT play within earshot of anyone who may be easily offended...including corpses and Satanists. it may even be too much for them.
still, LOVE the songs Idle Americans and Violence.
you can find these guys on spyspace or under the label

Ghost Hunting (the Book)

for Pete's sake, if you live in RI and do not know who these guys are you must be living under a white sheet. just bought the book (see pic under Chain Reading) titled Ghost Hunting: True Stories of the Unexplained Phenomena from The Atlantic Paranormal Society. very short stories and very easy to read. i think any "plummer" could handle it!
and why shouldn't TAPS be a Rhode Island phenomenon? we are the Vampire Capitol of the USA! also, we never use our blinkers. not sure how that fits in but...
will save the review, of course, until after i read the book. right now i am enamoured by William Henry.

why are we in Babylon?

in truth, we never invaded Iraq. we invaded Babylon. we invaded Babylon, not for oil, but for the symbolism of a christian nation defeating the terrible, apocryphal Babylonian monster AND to raid the museums and dig the land to look for the TRUE religion, the real reason we are here on earth which can (they hope) be found in the first great civilization, Sumer (Iraq). the only weapons of mass destruction Saddam had were the ones WE gave to him (in the form of biological weapons that he used in the Iran/Irag war and against the Kurds.) there is something in Sumer that this christian nation wants and they want to find it before the truth gets out...that, perhaps, christianity is not what it's cracked up to be. maybe, the True religion (if it is a religion) is nothing like these born-agains want us to believe. it is something more and Jesus DID try to tell us about it. but you cannot find all the answers in the cut down, heavily edited bible. it May be found in cuniform tablets not yet found, laying in the dirt in Babylon.

a new blog?

for a long time now i have been toying with the idea of creating a new blog, separate from this one, to replace this one, but i can't seem to do it. i have started a new Spyspace account but i really hate the way it is set up. if anyone here has a spyspace account, look for me under my name "sammonicus". do you know who sammonicus was? the physician to the Roman Emporer Severus! i had been looking for a name that was in some way related to Severus Snape and this is the only one i found that i actually like (even though it is a male name and i don't know the meaning of the name...yet. i did very little digging to find it.) i have called my Blue Apples. now just where would one find blue apples???

so this is christmas

bah! humbug! hino left yesterday to drive back to Texas on his own. i wanted to do the drive but he could not wait. i don't know why he drove up here in the first place. i really hate christmas and have for most of my life. nothing but disappointments and stress. everyone who goes about with Merry Christmas on their lips should be boiled in their own puding and buried with a stake of holly in their heart (paraphrased)! besides, christmas is a Druid or pagan holiday and has nothing to do with Christ. it should be Merry Winter Solstice and it IS merry because now the old man begins to wake up or is reborn and the days grow longer from now on! yeah! christmas was calculated to be 3 days from the solstice to signify the 3 days Jesus spent "under the earth" and was born again on Christ's Mass. more or less. sounds more like another holiday, doesn't it?

Monday, December 24, 2007


once again. it has been a truly awful prelude to christmas. i had a psychotic break and chopped off my hair, cut, and burned my arms and lost partial vision, lost the feeling in limbs and had 2 panic attacks. and somehow, i thought this year might be better. stupid to think that.
i am also thinking of doing a new blog for the new year. i have ignored this one too long.