Tuesday, December 25, 2007

why are we in Babylon?

in truth, we never invaded Iraq. we invaded Babylon. we invaded Babylon, not for oil, but for the symbolism of a christian nation defeating the terrible, apocryphal Babylonian monster AND to raid the museums and dig the land to look for the TRUE religion, the real reason we are here on earth which can (they hope) be found in the first great civilization, Sumer (Iraq). the only weapons of mass destruction Saddam had were the ones WE gave to him (in the form of biological weapons that he used in the Iran/Irag war and against the Kurds.) there is something in Sumer that this christian nation wants and they want to find it before the truth gets out...that, perhaps, christianity is not what it's cracked up to be. maybe, the True religion (if it is a religion) is nothing like these born-agains want us to believe. it is something more and Jesus DID try to tell us about it. but you cannot find all the answers in the cut down, heavily edited bible. it May be found in cuniform tablets not yet found, laying in the dirt in Babylon.

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