Tuesday, December 25, 2007

so this is christmas

bah! humbug! hino left yesterday to drive back to Texas on his own. i wanted to do the drive but he could not wait. i don't know why he drove up here in the first place. i really hate christmas and have for most of my life. nothing but disappointments and stress. everyone who goes about with Merry Christmas on their lips should be boiled in their own puding and buried with a stake of holly in their heart (paraphrased)! besides, christmas is a Druid or pagan holiday and has nothing to do with Christ. it should be Merry Winter Solstice and it IS merry because now the old man begins to wake up or is reborn and the days grow longer from now on! yeah! christmas was calculated to be 3 days from the solstice to signify the 3 days Jesus spent "under the earth" and was born again on Christ's Mass. more or less. sounds more like another pagan...er...christian holiday, doesn't it?

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