Friday, December 29, 2006

has it been THAT long?

well, i had bronchitis for a while and then i pulled a chest muscle from coughing and the wednesday night before Christmas one of my broken teeth began to hurt like bloody hell. the next morning i went to the dentist and found that i had an abscess and quite an infection. this was with Dr Dominga, not my regular dentist. he prescribed me antibiotics, but after reading my hastily scrawled list of medications, said he would not give me pain pills. narcotics. nada. i told him i already took a Tylenol with Codeine from my mom which did SHIT and just how was i supposed to LIVE with the massive pain in my head? the asshole was too "cautious" to prescribe me anything and told me to either a) go to the emergency room (for 100 bucks, wait hours to get WHAT precisely?) or b) call my own doctor. i asked HIM to call my doctor. i could barely talk, let alone THINK straight. nope. so, when i got home, i called Dr Khan, who handles the fibro and BEGGGED him for something for the tooth pain explaining that i had taken EVERYTHING (literally, every type of medication i had) and nothing worked. so, he gave me 15 Vicodins . so, with those and some old Ativans i had left over, i finally slept. the next day, the pills did not work as well and after about 6 Vicodins, they just started making me nauseaus. i guess the combo of no food, pain, pills and antibiotics is a good for losing weight because i have dropped one full size since the start of december. YEAH!!!!!
we shall not discuss Christmas, the New Year or the fact that, come January 2nd, i will have to work 3 more hours a week. we WILL mention the massive retro pay i received on the 22nd (well, not MASSIVE, but nice).
i must mention that the weekend weather girl for WJAR has moved on up to Boston which has totally thrown my husband for a loop. if he isn't talking about Dale Jr he is talking about Dylan Dreyer and her hot skirts and tight sweaters.
i must also mention that i have beaten my husband at cards 3 visits in a row and he isn't happy. and if he says, "i will defeat you Ricky Bobby" to me one more time, i will HURT him!
otherwise, my root canal was begun wednesday but i'm still infected so we only went so far. my dentist is Dr Sanciago and he is very nice and never hurts me. i asked him to give me as much novacaine as he could without actually killing me and he said, "shoot her up!" i wish i could say my tooth no longer hurts, but it is sore and tastes awful and the infection is hurting my jawline. next visit is tuesday.
so, that has really been all there has been for the past 20-something days. lots of pain but atleast i lost the weight!

Eye Candy

just a little eye candy. i've moved on from Patrick Stewart to Dirk Benedict. i guess i'm in a cowboy phase.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

jinxed alligator card works!

out of 9 games, i won handily 5-1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!
doctor said i have most likely pulled a muscle on/off/near my chest wall from coughing and that has been what has been hurting me. in case it is something more, he ordered a chest x-ray which i must somehow fit in tomorrow (hopefully) and prescribed Albueterol (sp?) syrup. he didn't tell me when it would STOP hurting but it better be damn soon.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hot or Not

nice smile, nice blue eyes AND he wears a seatbelt!

What is a Yankee?

Maniac Mike and i have had this ongoing argument over who can be officially called "a Yankee" (and we aren't talking about the baseball team). he was born in Ohio. i have insisted that only New Englanders can be called Yankees. he insists that any state that fought on the side of the Union can be called Yankee. am i wrong or is he?????

jinxed alligators, orange slips and doctors

Maniac Mike started this thing: he sent me a picture of a 'lucky alligator' he found in the paper. he said it was lucky because he took it down to the tables to play cards and always won. so, silly him, he sent it to me and i started beating him at cards. so, he put a protection spell around himself and i began losing again, so i sent him a picture of my own of a jinxed alligator and i started winning again. so, he unhexed it an put the jinx on me and i started losing again. today, he received an alligator postcard from me with a double jinx on it and he started losing at cards with his prison buddy. wow! the jinx was only meant to help ME out, not ruin his luck with others. so, tomorrow, we shall see if i can beat him at cards. he has won 3 times in a row now.
i will be late for our visit tomorrow because i have to see the doctor after work. i have pain under, over and around my right breast....sometimes it feels like it is under the chest wall, and always, my lymph nodes hurt like hell. i saw my anemia doc today and i am doing fine on the iron. he said i can stop taking it in 3 weeks but i will not stop. no way. he said i should be feeling really peppy...HAHAHAHAHA! it is hard for some specialists who only treat ONE SMALL THING to see the big picture which is constant pain and fatigue NO MATTER WHAT! like a little iron is gonna help me out.
we started using orange slips at the library again. we date them now and put them in each book to be shelved. our books have been missing or found in weird areas and we thought maybe Waverly was the culprit. nope. it's our new page. she must be dyslexic because we have been finding books with call numbers like 627.3 in the 672's. a LOT of them like that. also, in fiction, we have the BER's mixed up with the BRE's. i still say the pages need a LOT more training than they get but, then again, so does the new circ staff.
Waverly spends an inordinate amount of time IN MY WAY as i am trying to work my ass off. today was particularly bad. he tries really hard but i think he is a little lost on what to do and when to do it. like, we will have a truck full of books, a binfull of items to check-in, holds to process and he will announce that he will go shelve the DVDs. no way Jose. that ain't gonna fly. it is NOT because he is lazy: he isn't lazy AT ALL. it's because, in my opinion, he gets overloaded and can't sort out what to do next. it is overwhelming to work at circ when we are doing so many jobs at once, so i can't blame him, but he HAS to learn to get outta my way or i am gonna MOW HIM DOWN. that's just the way i am while working at top speed.
Hino fixed my printer. it was jammed. seemed i dropped a Tylenol in it. or, maybe it had a headache and swallowed one itself. who knows?

where have all my presents gone?

my husband bought me a digital camera for last christmas and Hino borrowed it to take pics to sell stuff on Ebay. my husband bought me an air conditioner in august so i wouldn't sweat, and now Hino has borrowed that, too. let us hope my husband does not send me a present from Victoria's Secret this year. HEH HEH! that would be funny!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

tape flufferer

before i went to work today, i stopped at Job Lot and bought 4 rolls of clear, wide tape at a buck apiece so that we would not run out at the desk. i told my circhead that i bought the rolls for CIRC only because, sooner or later, another department is going to run out of tape and come looking at circ for some. she said that she wouldn't let it out of her sight.
i also had to explain to her who a Fluffer was. she used the word 'flufferer' to describe something and i laughed and asked her if she knew what a Fluffer was. no, but Waverly did, so i whispered it in her ear. she thought it was funny. she also had a call which she thought was a crank. a man called up and said he could not remember the title of the book he placed on hold, and could she tell him. the book was The Sex Starved Marriage. how in the heck could you forget a title like that? so, she thinks it was someone getting his jollies. i just think he was an idiot and the reason why his marriage is sex starved is because he never thinks of having actual sex...he just reads about not having sex.
i had the most God awful pain in my right side today. it felt like a gallbladder attack, but on the wrong side and it radiated down my arm and up into my ear. i have trouble with my spleen becoming enlarged, so that might be it. i feel somewhat better now, but i think sleeping might be tough tonight as it was last night. the pain may also have something to do with eating a pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream.
Hino REALLY has to let us know what he wants for christmas. how about a Visa gift card???? and we will have to go shopping soon. i am hoping he has an idea of what everyone else wants because i have no clue.
i hate christmas. can't we just have Halloween again?

Monday, November 27, 2006

and this one, too

kinda small, though.

something to cheer me

just spreading some cheer.

got tape?

we have run out of wide, clear tape that we use A LOT to wrap fragile items to place in the delivery. we use tape for everything, especially for taping trillions of little notes everywhere. well, we are down to our last 3 rolls and the director said she just sent in a thousand dollar order therefore, she will not be ordering tape anytime soon. so, there is a big note on the tape dispenser to use rubber bands to wrap things up. so, not only must we wipe with one-ply, supply our own Kleenex, but now, we must scrimp on the tape. hell, i'll just go to the dollar store and buy my own fuckin' rolls. folks, we are NOT a poor library. we have the funds! GRRRRRR!


today, i got Mumble the penguin from Happy Feet in the mail from Maniac Mike. he tap dances (the penguin, not MM) and talks and sings a song. very cute. must bring it to work to harass the staff.
MM says his ankles are wicked swollen and his left leg is numb. that's the same leg that was affected by a stroke he had in his 20's or 30's. he also says it's affecting the left scrotum. i just know i will have waited 7 years and we won't be able to have sex. i might as well run away to a nunnery right now because it ain't lookin' too good for me. he is already talking Viagra and he ain't even 50! JHC!
as for me, i am having terrible pain in my RIGHT leg. it has been a few days now. one morning, the pain in my leg woke me up. it starts at the hip and runs all the way down the back of my leg to the top of my foot. when it is really bad, i actually tear up. last night, it hurt very much again and i had to take pain pills and wear pain patches just to get some sleep. i never take pain pills at night. right now, it aches like a son of a bitch. have no idea what it is if it IS something other than fibromyalgia.
one of the ladies on the desk put up the christmas tree in the foyer at the library on saturday and the director, as far as i know, did not even say 'thanks'. she just said (to me), "oh, the tree is up." this lady also spent her own money to buy nicer ornaments and beads and garland. would have been nice to get a pat on the back, eh?

phone call

today was my day to call the holds. i called one old lady who has some kind of dementia and usually is very weak and tired when she comes in to get her books. another person who should not be driving. anyway, i called her because her book was in and here's how it went:
me: "hi mrs M. this is the library. you requested a book and it is in."
mrs M: "thank you!"
me: "you're welcome. we can hold it for you until thursday, if that's okay."
mrs M: "you'll hold it until my birthday?"
so, of course, i had to tell everyone this story. then one of the ladies looked up mrs M's b-day and it was Dec 2, so, she was not as demented as i thought. conceivably, we COULD hold it until her birthday, but how would she know WE would know when her b-day was.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hinoserm's blog

have you noticed that no one seems to write anything on Hino's blog?

Hot or Not

would have given this guy a 10, but in one pic, he was wearing a Yankee's baseball cap.

i won, i won, i won, i won, i won!

played cards with Maniac Mike during our 1pm visit and I WON! iwon 6 games to 4. HAHAHAHAHA! we used cashews as game markers to keep track of who won a hand and at one point, MM reached over and ate 2 of my winning cashews. the nerve. so, loving wife that i am, i called him a Dirty Bastard and he said, "i love it when you call me a bastard." hmmmmmm. have to think on that one.
he also told me he didn't like my "perfume" which, much to my shame, is Jessica Simpson's Dessert line of coconut, banana and mango spray. i know, but it was only 5 bucks and i LOVE coconut. MM doesn't. i didn't tell him that i also bought Teen Spirit's coconut deodorant either. LOVE it!
by the way, the only way i can remember the spelling of dessert (as opposed to desert) is because we have an embroidered panel in the libary staff room that reads, "Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts".

Happy Turkey Day

yes, it is that time of year; time to wish all our friends in Turkey a wonderful holiday. ahem. er, Turkmenistan, maybe? i know there is something Turkish about this day. and, in a strange coincidence, i ate turkey today. and, in another not so strange coincidence, i am having another gallbladder attack. (Shatner voice) "hurts...sooo...BAD!" so, to cheer myself, i have posted yet another photo of PS.
aahhh. feeling so much better.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

speaking of toilet tissue...

i would really like one of these plush toys from $20.00 it's called Happy Toilet Paper. love it!


i forgot to mention that the director no longer wants us to keep tissue out for the patrons. also, i was told we were moving to one-ply toilet paper. this confused me and the next time i went into the staff bathroom, i had a good look at the paper and it already looked one-ply to me. i tried to peel off a layer. there was nothing to peel. it is literally the thinnest toilet tissue i have ever seen. so, i asked a coworker on the desk how we could possibly get tissue any thinner and she said, "oh, you misunderstood. we already HAVE one-ply." ah. now it makes sense. since i had that bout with bronchitis, i brought in my own, soft two- or three-ply Kleenex (which Hino bought) and we have all been enjoying that. but not the patrons. they must resort to using their sleeves.
can you hear the director's purse squeaking from over there?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

currently burning...

Harvest Yankee Candle alternating with my favorite Midsummer Night.

new glasses and restless legs

Maniac Mike got new glasses that make him look hotter and more intellectual. the glasses, issued in Florida prison, were horrendous.
went to the rheumatologist today and was told i may have restless leg syndrome. yeah. whatevah. just keep adding to the pile. really, i just think i have Fibro flares and some nights are worse than others.

Monday, November 20, 2006

McDumbass, you stupid motherfucker!

sometimes, if i get up early enough, i go to McDonald's drive-thru and order a deluxe breakfast which comes with hash browns and a biscuit (which i throw away), scrambled eggs, sausage patties and pancakes. then i ask for an additional side of bacon. they charge me for the breakfast and an added charge for the bacon. for the past 4 or 5 times i have been to McDonald's and ordered this breakfast, they have NEVER given me sausage. NEVER. they give me the bacon, but no sausage. even when i said, "i want the sausage AND the bacon", they do not give me the sausage.
this morning, i got up early because i was hungry since i ate only crackers and tea saturday and sunday. i went to McDonald's and proceeded to order as always but with a lengthy explanation to the order taker, The Idiot. i said very clearly that i wanted the Deluxe Breakfast AS IT IS ADVERTISED WITH THE SAUSAGE and add a side of bacon. when i got to the window, i reiterated what i said and asked, "this time, will you be SURE to include the sausage?" The Idiot calls over to someone and then charges me 50 cents for sausage which should come FREE with the meal. okay, i thought, so what. i'll deal with this issue another day, atleast i'll get sausage.
like a complete and utter idiot myself, i did not check the order, confident that this was not an issue that required a brain surgeon, a cosmologist or a degree in ANY field. they charged for something, so i should have gotten it. riiiiigggghhhhhhhht.
so, i get to work early enough to eat a bite. i open up the breakfast and SURPRISE! there is not one motherfuckin' sausage pattie. not one! there was bacon, but no sausage. so, i flipped out. totally and completely flipped out so bad, the two coworkers there were worried i might actually "hurt" something. instead, i called the toll free McDumbass phone number and spoke to a nice lady named Gillette and explained my on-going issue with this one McDonald's. i asked her if i might be wrong. if i order a Deluxe Breakfast and ask for an additional side of bacon, should i also get the sausage as advertised? she sais, "yes, absolutely." then i told her that today i was even charged for the sausage and she said that was a big no-no. so, she took down all my information (which she will probably give to the CIA or the FBI or Homeland Security as a "complainer" and possible Socialist). i expect coupons and a letter or email or something. she said she would notify the store. she told me to speak to management.
so, the next time i want a Deluxe Breakfast, i will get up even earlier so i can walk in the store, go up to the counter and ask to speak to a manager. i will order the food, with a side of bacon and see what i get. if i do not get my sausage, i will go ballistic, rip off Ronald McDonald's nose, fling it at the nearest McIdiot, and swear (possibly using Motherfuckin' McDumbass several times until i get my damn sausage which i will then be eating in the ACI, hopefully in a cell next door to my husband).
seriously, people, it shouldn't be this hard to get sausage!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


since there were no hotties, i posted another of PS.

one good thing

i beat MM at cards tonight! six games to his five but he was feeling so sick, i did not gloat as much as i would have if he was well. damn. i finally win and can't call him a LOSER. drat.

Not ONE single hottie

not one single hottie on Hot or Not, a bummer to end a bummy day. it started off okay. then a coworker fell and hurt her face badly (while out shopping) but tried to work anyway but she was really too hurt and experiencing vertigo. she really neede to go home and take care of her face. so, we worked out a plan for coverage since another circ person is on vacation and that would have left Waverly alone. so, one girl stayed until 6 with the director, i went for a visit and then came back at 6 to work until 8pm.
first, Maniac Mike is sick again with the same thing he had last time. tomorrow he sees a doctor. his ear is twice it's size, he had a 102 fever and a big swelling on his face. i am soooo pissed that they never let him see a doctor before and now this could be serious. so, that was strike one.
strike two was the fact that, while i was running around gettting ready to close, Waverly stands around while there are things to be packed, and books to be checked in and carted off. i have to keep reminding him to MOVE HIS ASS.
strike three was the fact that several problem patrons needed help at 10 til 8. at 7:57 a woman finally asks for help from us and i had to BEG the children's assistant to get the book FOR THE PATRON so i could check her out because the woman had no idea what she was doing. at first, the CA just gave her a section and call number when i asked her to PLEASE just get the book...PLEASE. damn, i was still trying to count the damn drawer. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Patrick Stewart is much sexier than Clooney!

Maniac Mike thinks i'm crazy because i think Patrick Stewart is H.O.T! he said that i might as well have a thing for Murray from the Mary Tyler Moore show. i see NO similarity and i had to remind him that i found bald men attractive, because, after all, MM is ALSO bald. dingaling.
i have also found that we both get rather nasty playing cards and take it way too seriously. we play Gin. he gets pissed off if i look in the discard pile which he claims is 'sacred'. he said we should have a new rule that if anyone (meaning ME) should be caught looking in the dicard pile, a finger should be broken. so i said, "okay. how about THIS one" and flashed him the bird. then i said that if someone should make up stupid rules about a game of cards, they should take one up the ass. i know, not very feminine of me but that's how rowdy we get. shameful.
anyway, the sexiest man alive is NOT George Clooney, sorry. yuck. Stewart is much HOTTER and even MM could beat him...but he thinks Clooney is a cool guy because he has a pig as a pet.

Hot or Not

"crazy in the head, bounce like a rubber ball, been lucky this far and can't find my straight jacket."

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hot or Not

sees the glass as 1/2 full.

Hot or Not

haha! Swedish guy in St Louis. he loves kids (BLECH!), 70's pop music (double BLECH) and stinky french cheeses (triple BLECH).
maybe he could understand my car.

i don't speak Swedish... it is sometimes difficult to communicate with my car (a SAAB). the other day, i bright red light flashed on my dash "CHECK GEARBOX". you mean like a fishing gear box? where IS this gearbox? so, out comes the manual which is not for my model but for the model just below mine so the manual doesn't include everything. basically, Hino and i found out check gearbox means to check the oil and the transmission fluid. well, the oil was fine...i check it all the time, but checking the transmission fluid was a whole nothing ballgame. first, the dipstick is a strange medieval-esque item that requires just the right pop-and-tug motion. well, i had one drop of transmission fluid. then we tried to figure out where to add the transmission fluid as the manual lists Transmission Fluid as #5 and then fails to point to it on the engine graphic like all the rest of the items on there. anyway, i went to the garage across the street and the nice Iranian guy figured it all out. boy, sometimes i feel so stupid. now, if my car will spell out "low coolant" and "time for service" when i need an oil change, why can't the damn computer just spell out "you need transmission fluid and you need it NOW".
damn Swedes. nothing but trouble!

Reasons why i haven't been posting

1. still sick
2. don't feel like it
3. still pissed at Blogger
4. been sleeping
5. confused about this new veraion of BloggerBeta they keep trying to push on us. is it any good? why do i need a Google account?

Monday, November 06, 2006

phone calls

during our visit sunday (missed friday and saturday visits because i was sick and probably should not have gone out sunday but we were lonely) i told my husband that i had gotten a phone call from Bill Clinton AND Patrick Kennedy, so he's better watch out!
today, i told the circhead that i got a call from Bill Clinton and she asked me what he had said and i couldn't remember. she said, "did he ask 'whatcha wearing?'" and i busted out laughing and coughed myself into the staff bathroom. when i got back, i told her he actually asked if Monica was in.


well, Hinoserm was a little late wishing you all a Happy Halloween (Merry Samhain) but he did it like i had asked. plus, he fixed my sidebar and brought me chicken soup, Kleenex and crackers which i was in dire need of. i did throw up the first half bowl of soup (from coughing) but i got the second half down.
i woke up sick, of all days, on Halloween, my vacation day. very sick. went to Urgent Care, got an unspecific diagnosis (not strep, though), got an EKG and bloodwork, was told my thyroid and spleen were huge and my gallbladder was painful. ended up with a Z-Pac of antibiotics, Zicam, Musenex and Tylenol. now i am pretty sure it is bronchitis, having had it once before. so i missed work for 2 days and had the weekend off (thank God!) and went to work today to be told i looked and sounded terrible and should go right home. but, i stayed until 2pm and was coughing only when i talked louder or laughed. my ears are still blocked, i still have a sore throat and my chest feels like it's full of concrete. blah. i have lost quite a bit of weight (YAY!) and i am actually able to stand and sit up without feeling like i am going to fall down. so, i'm pretty sure things are going to get better slowly and i will be able to vote tomorrow! finally! i am damn sick of all the leaflets, mailing, pamphlets and phone calls.
thanks Hino. i may vote before work (around 1:30) or, if you want, i can pick you up and we can vote after work. let me know.

Hot or Not

environmental scientist

Friday, November 03, 2006

Merry Halloween

Hey, so, I was supposed to tell everyone Merry Halloween, and let you all know my mother's not feeling well and might not blog for a little while.

But I forgot. -Hinoserm

(Also, I repaired the sidebar.)

Friday, October 27, 2006

i am so pissed

i don't know what happened during "maintenance" but my blog has lost the counter, some of the sidebar and paragraphs and the archives are all fucked up. this is an improvement? i did not need this today. have you also had problems?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hot or Not

a younger Sirius before Azkhaban?

Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments II - Trailer

EepyBird's "Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments II" is coming soon! Here's a sneak peek at what we just finished filming. The full video will be at on October 30, 2006.

Keywords: eepybird eepy bird mentos coke diet coke mentos experiment fountain soda science geyser experiments fountains geysers

Hot or Not

older sane gay guy wants to find a younger sane gay guy to help him find his kinkier side. yep. the hottest guy on Hot or Not tonight is gay (even though i have listed only straight men over 40). drat.

Wednesday with Waverly and the director

felt weird today...that weird feeling i haven't really had in a long tome. the feeling that says , "hide!" but i went to work because the circhead is on vacation again (did i mention that?) and it would be only Waverly and i on the desk. (Waverly and me?) the director actually came in AT NIGHT to relieve me so i could have a break and not have to worry about the new guy being alone. actually, he handles himself just fine and, if it was a regular night and not a crazy wednesday Book Buddies/Reading Group night he would have been fine all alone. we had lots of people, though (810) and it really called for some help. it will be nice when we finally have 3 people on wednesday night again.
Hino borrowed my digital camera to take pics to sell stuff on Ebay. i wonder what happened to his camera? i wonder what he is selling and i wonder if he paid his car insurance? also, did auntie buy any Hallowen candy because i am getting some and i can pick some up on sale at CVS.
i let it spill to our mother-to-be that we are having pizza for her on monday (but she still doesn't know about cake on Halloween, her last day). so, i begged her to act surprised and she said she would. duh on me!

Halloween Pic of the Day

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


a trustee meeting tonight. i despise them. they are lazy. they could be doing a lot more for the library but all they do it talk, talk, talk. they are not 'good' to the staff as we are not a physical part of the building therefore we do not matter. i especially despise the Loud Pig. she is a big bully of a 'woman'...very Butchy, Loud and Onerous. i was crocheting at the staff table on my break as she and the other trustees were leaving. Loud Pig is talking to the director about the candy that is on the candy table. then she proceeds to TAKE food from our circheads desk (granola bars and snack bars she eats and leaves open in case one of us needs a boost). the director had to TELL HER that that was someone's PERSONAL DESK and it was their food. bitch. luckily, she did not see the Hallmark Spellbook full of candy that i brought in tonight. the Spellbook was from last year (buy 3 cards get the candy holder for $9.99). when the Spellbook is opened, it says one of several things in a witchy voice and holds a LOT of candy. by the way, according to Maniac Mike, candy at CVS it the cheapest at $1.88 a bag. the director says Target has bags at 3 for $5 but not a good selection.
anyway, the Loud Pig comes into the staff room and proceeds to question me about what i was making. i told her that i was making a scarf and she said "that's too wide. maybe you're making a shawl." fuck you. i can make my scarves as wide and as long as i want, with or without fringe. then she tells me she crochets but only uses metal hooks and can't believe they now make plastic hooks to which i reply, "metal is too heavy for me. i use bone or plastic". asshole. and it is true. the metal hooks are too heavy and i do not have good control over the yarn with them. ya 'know. too each his own. plus, she reeked of garlic. then, another trustee, who was a former children's librarian, whom i also despise, came in and put her 2 cents in and SHE reeked of "unwashed food smelly" clothes. she usually does.
are the Trustees at ANY library ever any good? all i here are horror stories about them. and our Friends of the library are another big joke. they do so very little in a wealthy town. they should be pulling in the money. whenever they do anything, circ usually has to do the work...selling shirts and bags, selling tickets and keeping track of all of it. when i was in Cape Coral Florida, in their refurbished and expanded library, the director told me the Friends raised $90,000!!!!. yep. i typed it correctly. they raised the money for the beautiful marble fountain on a beautiful terrace for patrons to sit and read, for leather chairs and real mahogany wood trim. they went ALL out. it was a beautiful library AND they had a huge, sunny staff room with mucho counter space and two full size refridgerators! and a COUCH that was comfy and lots of tables and chairs.
that was my night. blah, blah, blah.

Hot or Not Monsters

great make-up job!

Hot or Not

Kevin, an animal lover.

Haunted House made of Balloons

Halloween Pic of the Day


Monday, October 23, 2006

salivary hell and this, too.

Salivary Gland

Maniac Mike supposedly has a salivary gland infection. he was 'diagnosed' by a nurse and put on an antibiotic but has not yet seen the doctor. i have seen some pretty awful pictures of salivary gland diseases and they are among the worst i have seen. MM had hisleft ear blow up and turn red, the side of his face was slightly raised and he had a lump that i could feel behind his jaw. this has scared me quite a bit, so i have been in bed all weekend hence the late Halloween Pics and no-blogging. i'll post some pics. see if they scare you.

Hot or Not

he likes pretending to be an ex rock star

Halloween Pic for Yesterday

Halloween Pic of the Day Before Yesterday

Halloween Pic of the Day

Friday, October 20, 2006

Hot or....wait a minute!

John Kerry on Hot or Not?!

Halloween Pic of the Day

an old fashioned Halloween scene

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


nothing going on. apparently Waverly will be working with us wednesday nights after he leaves his job at Blockbuster. the night was relatively slow, though i had to hear about the circheads little toe hurting her because she stubbed it and i guess someone told her she may have a hairline fracture or something. i don't know where she went to find this out but she was late to work and had a bandaid on the toe. she said it was swollen but it was hard to tell. i know when my mother dropped a table on my big toe, it broke and hurt like HELL. ballooned up immediately and i went to the hospital where they took X-rays and told me it was broken. of course, there is nothing you can do about a broken toe but try and stay off it.
working tomorrow morning, leaving at 4pm for a visit and returning to work for some overtime at 6pm because we are one person down.
ho hum. that's all for today.

Hot or Not

a six-footer

Halloween Pic of the Day

just what the hell is this?

Virtual Bubble Wrap

you know you love it...popping bubble wrap. we have tons at work and it is always hard to resist poppage.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hot or Not

same guy as below and before

Hot or Not

the sensous dancer is back.


tired, sore.
worked only a little with Waverly today. helped him with a search. he was as happy as ever. he went off to do other things while i was there. the girls said he did well. he checked in and checked out. he did some holds.
we also met Gina, the lady who will replace our soon-to-be-mom while she is out. she seems really nice, too.
one of the girls thinks Waverly is nervous and that's why he smiles a lot.
saw the psych. no new meds. spoke about Maniac Mike. my psych once worked for or with the ACI so he had to sign a release and cannot do anything to help MM but he gave me some advice and told me that he worked with MM's counselor and she is really positive and she is a good advocate. i think i will write her a letter for MM to bring to her. my psych thinks MM will also benefit by Seroquel but he doubts the ACI will pay for it.
the guy needs to get some sleep and anxiety relief.
Hino, you had better think of what you want for christmas. i was thinking i would like a couple of shirts from

Halloween Pic of the Day

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hot or Not

"laid back dude" was posted here before in a straw texas hat.

Meeting Waverly

briefly met the new guy, Waverly. he has been a patron before. he has been the perpetually happy and enthusiastic patron before and it does not look like he has changed. this guy is always smiling which makes me wonder if he has better medication than i do, or if he is just odd. NO ONE can be happy ALL the time. i am going to have to sudy this guy and see what his secret is. i think i will first work with him thursday morning.
good news! i beat my husband at cards 5-4! he was NOT happy.
he also got a letter from a sister he never knew he had. this is a long story that i will post some other time but i'll just say for now that it was quite an enlightening letter and MM has gotten to know a little bit about his natural family. his biological mother was a real piece of work and as of right now, i hate her. that's terrible because i know so little about her, but from his half-sister's letter, the woman was a whore and a liar. the good news is his half-sister seems normal and well adjusted and is interested in hearing more from MM, so MM wrote a 10 page letter back to her tonight. apparently, his first letter to his uncle caused a firestorm in that family as no one but his biological mother and grandmother knew of either MM's birth or his older brother also given up for adoption. well, someone knew about the first brother but nothing about MM. i hope MM does not get hurt by all of this. apparently, he also had another half-brother who died of leukemia in 1996 and another half sister who is well.
got to get a shower in and watch a movie called Hard Candy because it is due back to Hollywood Video tomorrow. i amy do Hot or Not....or not. 'night!

Halloween Pic of the Day

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hot or Not

love the angry 'bad boy' look

Hot or Not

he said he cut his hair off and donated it. in his hairless pics, he isn't as hot but close.

saturday Take-Out

on saturdays, at the library, we usually order out. either the place we order from delivers or one of us goes to pick it up. i decided to pick up the order this time. i went to the deli and asked if the order for the library was ready. the guy behind the counter (who had a very heavy RI accent and thought he was hot) said, "eh, you're from da libarry? i'm illiterate! HA HA." WTF? so, i gave him i look that i hope conveyed the fact that he was not funny. so, he packed the order and, trying to be an asshole said, "yous guys must not have any fun dere at da libarry." so i smile and said, "oh, we have a LOT of fun, especially on saturdays." and i hope i gave him a look that said 'you are an ass. give me the food and i'll let you live'. some guys think they are soooo funny telling a 'librarian' that they are illiterate. can't think of how many times i have heard that. it's not funny in any way. you might as well say you have erectile disfunction because that is just as funny as telling someone you are STUPID! maybe funnier!

withdrawal, meth, visit, casino

well, it has been 4 days now without a Starbucks and i am just not doing well. migraine, tired, achey, shaky...some serious withdrawal going on. so, tomorrow AM i am getting up early enough so that i can stop for coffee on my way to work.
apparently, we have a meth lab in the backroom at the library. saturday, one staff member kept going back their, used bottles of distilled water and created all kinds of noises. nah, it's just the DVD cleaner/grinder. she has been grinding them out all week. i usually pick up distilled water when i'm at MallWart for 59 cents a gallon. she bought distilled water from God knows where for $1.49 a gallon and she saved the receipt so the library will pay her back! at a buck forty-nine a gallon! what, is it Holy water?
anyway, the visit today was awful. both of us felt crappy, the heat was turned on full blast so that it was like sitting in a Swedish sauna and NONE of the vending machines worked. no drinks and no snacks. them, i lost at cards again 6-4. there was no interesting people to talk about or make fun of. Maniac Mike asked how i was voting on the Indian Casino question and, natch, i am voting YES. it's about time our own Native tribe got a chance to make money to support their people. hell, half of RI migrates to Connecticut each weekend to play why shouldn't WE have that money. so what if some people get displaced...maybe then they'll know how the Palestinians feel and how it was to be Native American when the white man came to town.

don't knock!

yesterday, i had just gotten out of the shower and there was a loud knock on my door. at first i thought it was Hino and he was having trouble getting in because the bottom lock is broken. so, i yelled downstairs, "who is it?" and got no answer. another knock and i yelled again and some guy asked "who are you voting for this election?" WTF? so, i yell down, "sorry, i'm busy" to which the guy shouts, "are you voting Democrat?"
FUCK YOU BUDDY and all you assholes calling my house with polls and ads and nonsense. like YOUR phone call is going to be MY deciding factor. DO NOT bother me at home, at work, on my cell, in my mail, on a street corner or anywhere else. i read the paper and follow the candidates and i don't need your "influence". besides, it is NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS who i am voting for just like it is no business of the Jesus Freaks who knock on my door and ask if "i know Jesus". yeah, i know Jesus. for a time, He was my next door neighbor. we got on pretty well except my tap water was always wine and He kept asking me if i wanted to stick my finger in His side. oh, and he wore socks with His sandals. no fashion sense, poor Guy.
besides, i have a big Labor Party Union sticker in my window, so that should have given the guy some clue.

Halloween Pic of the Day

stupid fruitcake grandma

Grannie tries to sue USPS because a clerk made a joke. pooooooooor little thing!
And i'll bet not one person likes her crappy fruitcakes.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hot or Not

describes himself as an OLD PUNK ROCKER and he has his own label.

Hot or Not

this guy was on this blog before. too bad he likes other guys.

Halloween Pic of the Day

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hot or Not

seems a little puzzled to be on Hot or Not

Halloween Pic of the Day

Double, double,
Toil and trouble,
Fire burn and Cauldron bubble!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

the same Hot guy 3 times in a row!

"a cat lover, a gift giver, a poet"

Hot or Not

"a builder, a sculptor, a martial artist"

Hot or Not

"an explorer, a philosopher and a sensuous dancer"

Hot or Not

love the bald/shaved guys