Monday, November 27, 2006


today, i got Mumble the penguin from Happy Feet in the mail from Maniac Mike. he tap dances (the penguin, not MM) and talks and sings a song. very cute. must bring it to work to harass the staff.
MM says his ankles are wicked swollen and his left leg is numb. that's the same leg that was affected by a stroke he had in his 20's or 30's. he also says it's affecting the left scrotum. i just know i will have waited 7 years and we won't be able to have sex. i might as well run away to a nunnery right now because it ain't lookin' too good for me. he is already talking Viagra and he ain't even 50! JHC!
as for me, i am having terrible pain in my RIGHT leg. it has been a few days now. one morning, the pain in my leg woke me up. it starts at the hip and runs all the way down the back of my leg to the top of my foot. when it is really bad, i actually tear up. last night, it hurt very much again and i had to take pain pills and wear pain patches just to get some sleep. i never take pain pills at night. right now, it aches like a son of a bitch. have no idea what it is if it IS something other than fibromyalgia.
one of the ladies on the desk put up the christmas tree in the foyer at the library on saturday and the director, as far as i know, did not even say 'thanks'. she just said (to me), "oh, the tree is up." this lady also spent her own money to buy nicer ornaments and beads and garland. would have been nice to get a pat on the back, eh?

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