Thursday, August 31, 2006

are you rapture ready? ya better be! one nut says, "i'll have the time of my life when my life is over" tell me: how are these people any different than the terrorists who think martyrdom is the high life? when we have people in this world that PRAY and happily anticipate the end of the world, why bother trying to save the planet, or life on it? let's just all lay down and die. or, as one infamous pope once said, "kill them all and let God sought it out". (can't remember the pope but it was a statement made in anticipation of the Albigensian Crusade...when we killed all those heathen, gnostic Cathars.) people who believe that, one day, millions of Christians will just disappear (up to heaven) are nuttier than the terrorists. and what if their relatives are to be Left Behind? do they feel anything for them? no, they only think of themselves. Maniac Mike's mom went all fundo when he was 9 or so and she used to tell him he would be Left Behind because he did not believe in her crap. imagine telling ANY child that they will be Left Behind...that God does not want them or love them or care about them. imagine that. now imagine how many parents are telling their own kids that very thing this very moment. now imagine that any government would also support that notion...hmmm..which government would that be? you know if you're gay, or a democrat, or anti-war, or you burn a flag, you WILL be Left Behind. i'll tell ya...those of us will be having one hell of a party down here without those fundo losers. let's keep on sinnin' cause we'll be winnin'!

wild turkeys

while driving home from work today, 4 wild turkeys crossed my path. would that bring good luck or bad?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

September 23/Mabon/Autumnal Equinox

Mabon falls on september 23rd this year. here is a picture of an alter i found on the web. i thought it was pretty.

giant cow hairball as seen on Coast. the mentions that if you LICK the hairball, it will taste like salt. i am NOT licking anything that has been in a cow's stomach, whether it is the first, second, third or fourth!

something japanes

Maniac Mike sent me this japanese CD from Sound Pollution. have know idea what the title is, there are only 4 songs and everything is written in Kanji so i have no idea what anything says. the music is pretty good, though. hardcore for sure and really, really fast. cannot understand a thing. oh well.

slow, dull day

i have nothing much to bitch about today. it was slow (544), dull and dragged. i mananged to put away all the Large Print and all but 2 books in old Bio's. these are the two tightest areas of the library except sci-fi. really, there is no room for anything anymore and the staff have been weeding like crazy. we are even weeding videocassettes, getting ready to move to all DVD (except the nonfic vids). i don't see that happening too soon, though. we are also on a 'last call' for replacement audiobook cassettes as the company(s) we have a contract with will no longer replace items for free. so the circhead has put in a major order, most of which is in a massive, messy pile around her desk. some replacements have been sitting there for a month now. maybe friday, when she is gone, i will tackle the job. otherwise, it might never get done. we order a book on cassette here and there but we have moved mainly to CD books. there are folks out there who will not buy a CD player or a DVD player and they have already expressed disdane at our weeding (we sell off vids at a buck a piece). well, they are just gonna have to get with the times. i sympathize. i just bought a tv with a DVD player this year, only got this computer a year ago though i have had a CD player for a long time. some of these folks cannot afford a DVD player so i tell them that Mall-Wart had one for $30 at one time. that is a lot of money for some of our patrons.
tonight, yet again, my supervisor failed to unlock the bookdrop. same as last wednesday and the wednesday before. she claims that the wednesday morning crew must not lock it, so when she goes out at night to 'unlock' it, she locks it. i don't buy that at all. the thing that gets me is, all you have to do to test whether or not the drop is open or closed is to pull down the drawer! why doesn't she do that? because she is lazy! so, we all stand around waiting for the library to be opened, run down the hall, get the drawer key, unlock the drawer at circ, take out the bookdrop key run outside and unlock the bookdrop, put the key back in the drawer, lock the drawer and run back down the hall to put the key in it's little holder on her locker. it makes us all wait and the reference librarian was not happy about it. i have asked my supervisor every wednesday "is the bookdrop unlocked?"...she says it is. next time, damn it, i am going out there and checking. this only happens to my supervisor, never anyone else. hmmm.

cereals to remember?

does anyone else remember these two brands of cereal? i have never heard of them in my life. today, Maniac Mike was telling me about them. Puffa Puffa Rice was a sweetened Rice Crispies and had a Hawaiian theme going on. i don't think i would have like d either one of them. but look at the cool toys you could get back them...real toys. do you remember getting cool stuff in a Cracker Jack box? i do. now, you'll be lucky to get a small, teeny sticker and a joke. cheapasses.

prairie dogs!

oh how cute!
edit: i posted this before i went to work. my Queequeg would NEVER wear a leash. he would fling it off himself. and, though, when he was a baby, i tried to dress him in a santa suit, i never did it again when he was older. i felt that he would feel degraded. he had such a high opinion of himself. we do have him in some cool poses, though, and some less than photogenic poses. he was very, very hard to photograph, unless he was asleep. but these two are just adorable and apparently well behaved.
makes me miss Queequeg even more.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

one more Myk

okay, this one is a little posed but just look at those tats and that body. it would be a bummer if he couldn't play. the guitar, i mean.

more Myk

wooooo hooooo!

great hot or not night

ladies in Ft Meyers, keep your eyeballs open for this guy. his name is Myk and i have a couple more pics coming up. he NEEDS to take those clothes OFF like right now! i wasn't even gonna bother playing with hotornot but i though i'd take a pic and this was the first guy on the site. sigh.

are you meant for this job?

feeling really weird today like i haven't for a long while (since they upped the dose of Klonipin). been feeling kinda depressed. blah. have no oompf to do anything...would you believe that i still have not finished The Grays? what IS wrong with me?
yesterday, an old, senseless woman mentioned on this blog previously walked into the library in a tizzy. she could not get the key out of the ignition....the car was running in the lot. well, lucky she didn't get me first because i would shrugged and said, "is your car in PARK?" well, she didn't get me, she got my much nicer (to her) coworker who went out to the car. well, Kozahlzheimer could not find her car. she went from one side of the lot to the other. when she found the car, my coworker found that the car was not fully in park. hmmmmm. we all say again and again that this woman should not be driving yet her supposedly wonderful children continue to let her risk her own life and the life of some innocent who is gonna DIE because of her inability to function. i met one of her kids, a daughter, and she treated the mother like dirt. she had no patience with her...just like we have no patience with her.
so, i was explaining all this to Maniac Mike and generally bitching about work....yap, yap, yap. first, he tells me i'm mean. then he asks me if i am in the right line of work. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! clearly this man was jesting. if i was sure they wouldn't take me out in shackles, i woulda smacked him. yes, i am in the right line of work. it is very stressful and sometimes i need to bitch. sometimes i have to bitch A LOT. but 90% of the time, everythin is fine, i have a boring day, no special needs cases. it's just that it is easier to remember the bad days and the bad moments.
also, today i found out our male circworker is leaving for a full time job in Providence. drat. this means we will be short AND we will have to find someone to replace him. he already had the job down pat and was really good with the patrons. now we are gonna have to train another part timer...and it won't be my supervisor who will do the training either. she has been so fucking lazy lately, too. on thursday, i heard all day long that her back hurt. monday her leg hurt. today her shoulder hurt. if i complained about every part of my body that ached everyday, i'd never talk about anything else. GAWD!
was gonna listen to Whitley on Art Bell (sunday's program?) buut i think i am just going to go to bed. blah.

Monday, August 28, 2006

first alien sighting

burning Autumn Leaves, listening to PunkRadioCast and thinking about my first memory of those little gray guys. i lived in a little house in the woods. back then, it was the house built on the highest point in our town at the time.
i was about five or six. my mom was a waitress and worked 3pm to 1 or 2am. i spent a lot of time alone in the house. one evening at dusk, i was looking out the window at the front of the house. i had a view of the end of our very long drive-way, and our mailbox and the woods by the road. it must have been early autumn because it was easy to see through the trees.
i saw several very short people in jumpsuits and helmets. atleast, that's what i saw AT FIRST. they looked like they were pretending to dig. the next thing i knew, the small men in jumpsuits turned into little gray skinned, big black eyed...things. i didn't KNOW what an "alien" was back then. my ideas of aliens came from movies like Day of the Triffids and War of the Worlds. they stared at me from the woods, they stopped all movement and just stared. i was so scared but the only thing i could think to do was yell out the window, "Go Away! This Is MY Property!".. i seemed to scream that phrase over and over. i don't remember anything else. this memory is mixed up with a memory of finding my mom unconscious on the floor (she tried to OD often enough). if they ever got closer to me that night, i can't remember. actually, there is a whole lot of shit missing from my childhood memories. i hear people, like Maniac Mike, tell all these stories from when they were kids and i have only, like, a handful. and MM took A LOT of drugs and i didn't. it was only when i was diagnosed with Posttraumatic Stress later in life that i realized i suffered from PTSD in childhood as well as a kind of OCD. i can't say whether either is because my childhood was stressful or something else was going on.

Hot or Not/Shoutcast

eh...not so hot after i see him here in the blog. you cannot believe how many guys pose with their classic cars and bikes. i like the bikes as long as they're not rice-burners. no need of them, really. lots of guys in golf carts or golfing or with golf paraphenalia. weird pics of guys in front of weird structures. lots of guys with a guitar...most are not playing them. guys with dogs...very cute. some with babies...doesn't really do anything for me. since i look at the guys 40 and over, i'm just looking at a granpa. there anything better out there? i'm looking for a punk station that plays lots of old stuff and some new stuff...i tuned in to one station that was supposed to be punk and all i heard was rap. one kind of music i cannot stand is rap. especially that violent, let's fuck all the girls and kill all the cops shit. okay...not MUCH different than some punk, but at least the Ramones had a MESSAGE!

hot or not

and which is hotter: guy or bike? not a bad night for HOTORNOT. got another one coming up...

Alien Abduction-stopper head gear

i am gonna get me one of these!

kids draw aliens
very, very spooky.

could YOU be an abductee?

Friday, August 25, 2006

slow night on hot or not

well, not the best hotornot guy, looks a little startled, but he's got a tat. listening to Whitley on Coast right now (thursday night replay). he will also be on with Art over the weekend. i read about 100 pages of The Grays last night. while Communion terrified me, this book entertains me.
last night, i had another nightmare about having my car stolen. this is becoming a pattern. this time, i had many people helping me look for my car and when i found it, it was burned to a crisp. i remember crying in my sleep. seems weird and insignificant to cry over a stolen car in the scheme of things, but i think these dreams are expressing the stress of 1) dealing with the brats in the neighborhood who have no boundaries or respect for property and 2) all the crap that has been happening to our cars at work. i don't know what we will be walking out to when we leave the library at night. will it escalate and will we be in any physical danger?
i thought i might have a dream about aliens and my experiences after reading the book, but nothing like that has happened. i did not even have to leave the light on. for several years, i have been thinking that they are done with me and they have 'gotten' whatever they wanted from me and have moved on. i would really like that to be true, but, as anyone who has had an alien experience can tell you, there is also a feeling of loss and abandonment. in some ways, i miss them. give me the choice of interacting with them again and never being bothered by them again, i would take the latter. as i have tried to tell my husband, who probably doesn't believe me...thinking i am a weird dreamer or it was abuse...they are not anything you would ever want to be involved with. they are not warm and fuzzy spacemen who want to enlighten us. they are hard to comunicate with, mysterious, nothing even close to human, and frightening as all Hell. Maniac Mike insists he would not be scared and would very much like to see one which, for his sanity, i hope never happens. infact, if they do bother him, i will try to kill them. when i was very small and thought my mother was being hurt by them, i got my hands around the neck of a tiny, sand colored 'gray' and snapped his neck. then, when i was in my early 20's, i thought they were bothering my son and i swore that, if they ever touched him, i would kill them ALL. that is the first time i ever felt (and it was comunicated to me) that they were afraid of me/us/humans. i was so angry. it was the first time i was more angry with them than scared by them. someday, i will share some stories, but tonight, i am listening to Whitley's.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

hasn't this already been done?

didn't Demi Moore do this, like, 3,000 years ago?

Pluto news our solar system has dwarves. did anyone tell Snow White?

i have it!

i have it, i have it! The Grays novel is in my hands! it came with the staff order today which was great luck because i am off tomorrow. i am going to start reading it in about 20 minutes, after i hear about losing Pluto as a planet and gaining that piece of shit Ceres as a planet. fuckin' Ceres. it's just an ASSteroid! so now we have 12 planets and Pluto is not one of them. next, they'll try to tell us Vesta is a friggin' supernova. i can't believe i once wanted to be an ASStronomer. what could i have been thinking? goddamn nerds...get a life.

People for the Planet Pluto Unite!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In the Company of Ogres

keep your eyes open for this book. it is A Lee Martinez' latest. i can only hope it is as good as his last one! so far, our CLAN system only has one on order but i'm sure our own library will purchase one.

hot or not

kinda cute!

planet comparisons

i thought this graphic was pretty interesting. our moon is an anomaly. we know so little about it. we have only theories as to how it was formed and how it was captured IF it was captured by our earth. it is "too big" for a moon and the earth and the moon act more like a binary system. with this new recatergorizing of planets and planetoids, we may have to record our moon as a sister planet. that, i would not object to but damn it! Pluto IS A PLANET!

good reviews

it appears that The Grays is getting good reviews. i cannot wait for my copy. we put in a staff order last week and i am hoping it will arrive soon!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


we have a deaf patron that uses the internet and at times she can be very trying. like tonight.
she was using the internet in the back by reference, so we didn't have to deal with her until she came up to the circ desk and showed J and i a paper with 'seagullorama' written on it. she wanted to know what 'orama' meant. we tried like hell to explain it, but it was very difficult (think about it) and even Ask Jeeves wouldn't give us an answer. the only way i could think to explain it was to call it 'like a party', 'a big gathering', a 'festival atmosphere with lots and lots of sea gulls'. sheesh.
quarter to 8 comes around and we announce (after a previous 'you have 15 minutes' announcement) that the workstations need to be shut down...she was the only one on the computer and we said it nice and loud. we also added, "so, please come and pick up your library cards". the lady runs over and tells us she has "her Visa in the computer" and she will be done in a minute. at 5 til 8, we make another computer announcement. she finally picks up her card. we make the announcement at 8 that the library is closed. this patron is now in the lobby using a cell phone. we find out that she is calling a cab. the staff shut down all the lights and step out into the lobby for final lockup and the woman goes into the bathroom. grrrrrrr. the reference librarian them asks me if the lady paid for her printouts and i told her 'no'. she KNOWS she must pay for prints. grrrrrr. now, it is 5 past 8 and the patron comes out of the bathroom to find us all glaring at her. she then tells us that she made a mistake and told the cab to pick her up at 8:30 and she makes no move towards the doors where we are all gathered, with them open, to leave. we tell her again that the library must be closed. she asks what she should do. WTF? she's a GROWN 40-something women with a cell phone. bitch. call the cab back and tell them to pick you up EARLIER! duh! like we were going to wait for her ride to show? puh-leeze.
why is it so hard for people to make their own decisions? why is it so hard for people to understand that the staff worked all day and wants to GO HOME?! it's like they are stunned that we don't want to hang around to keep them company until they do whatever they want to do. they fail to realize, that, what it all really boils down to is, we. don't. care. we just want to go home. we'll start caring again at nine in the morning (if you're lucky). come back then.

won't you come home Bill W. ?

tonight, miss m had a patron from another city ask for the movie My Name is Bill W. we had it and the woman was gleefully excited about it. because she was from another district, we had to go over our video lending policy with her and have her sign a contract. basically, miss m told the patron that she could return the video to any public library within the 7 day loan period and the fine would be a buck a day if it is late. easy. the patron asks miss m where she might be able to buy her own copy of the movie. miss m mentioned that she would probably not be able to find it on video and should try for a DVD on the internet. the patron asked miss m what would happen if the video she made quote signs in the air with her fingers..."lost". miss m told her she would be charged for the full cost of the movie. the patron asked how much the movie would cost if it were "lost" (again with the finger quotes) and miss m told her it would be $25.99 BUT we would rather have our movie back! the patron repeated, "so, if i "lost" the movie, i would have to pay you $26.00?" AAARRGGH! so, we believe this movie will not be seen by us ever again. in a week, we will see if it is returned and if it is overdue, we will personally call the patron (something we rarely do) and ask for it back.
what we probably should have done is LIED and told her it would affect her credit if the movie doesn't come back and she is billed for it. some people!

Ginko Radio

i cannot get Ginko Radio nor can i access the Ginko request section. what's up?

The Pink Spiders

pretty cool. i like their sound. poppy/punky. worth 10 bucks.

Cirque Du Freak

the other night i started reading the Cirque Du Freak series. it's a Young Adult vampire series. the first book was lame, yet it held my interest enough to wonder how it will progress through the series. i now have book 2 and 3. JK Rowling gave it a good review as well as Booklist and PW. it's also a very easy read on the nights when i cannot do very much thinking or concentrating.
i also have a copy of Wolfen, an old Strieber novel i have never read. his book, The Grays, came out today. i ordered my copy through the library account and it should be in soon. we get a 40% discount on hardcovers. i am also getting a free, signed bookplate from Strieber for being a Dreamland member. pretty cool. The Grays got decent reviews, too.

what is this?

for 20 minutes tonight, a little boy kept asking his nonparentable mother "what is this?" what is THIS? whatisthiswhatisthiswhatisthiswhatisthis...on and on and on. did not hear the mom make a peep. it was driving us at circ crazy, so i couldn't imagine how Mrs G was handling it over in the kid's room, right near the kid. finally, the kid leaves. i call the extension for the kid's room (which is five steps away from circ) and ask Mrs G, "just what the fuck WAS it?" i couldn't help it. i just had to.

men-plants, men-plants? hmmmm

monday morning a man from the fire department walks in with another man who is wearing a green shirt. we talk with the fireman who wants to know why our cable line is on the asphalt and why hadn't we called Parks and Recs. well, the director did call P&R and she told the fireman that they never respond in anything near a timely fashion. last time the line was down, it took 3 days for them to decide what to do.
anyway, the fireman called, the cable company came and the fireman left but without his buddy (who came in with him) in the green shirt. this guy is just hanging out by the door next to a green plant. the three of us working the desk smile at him and continue working, helping other patrons, answering the phone, etc for about 15 minutes easily. eventually, my coworker asks the man if he was waiting for his buddy and the guy said' "no, i'm here for the Armchair Travelers Program." so now we ALL feel like asses for thinking this guy was with the fireman. he was just a patron and we totally ignored him for forever! so, my circhead apologizes profusely, i apologize, the other circworker apologizes. we tell the man that the program room will open at ten and there will be an announcement made and he'll know when to go in. well, 10:15 comes around and the guy comes up to the desk, stands near the same damn plant, says nothing. this time we catch him right away and he asks if the program started. well, it sure did and no one made an announcement and he's 15 minutes late. so, once again, we all apologize profusely and we feel like dolts. we feel like dolts until we realize that the guy just stood there, all that time, without saying a word. no "excuse me", no "can you help me?", no nothing. he just stood there, half hidden by a green plant in his green shirt. camouflaged.
the next crew comes in and we are telling one of the girls the story of this man we didn't help, and how strange it was that he didn't think to speak up. we tell her how he just stood by the plant. so, my coworker weighs her hands and says, "man, plant. man, plant. same species, what do you expect?" for some reason that just cracked us all up. i know it's sexist but geez Louise...he could have said something to us and not stood there like a plant. so, now we don't feel guilty anymore. we also discussed how working men come in pairs. no sooner had we said that than the cable guys showed up...two of them. this time we made sure they WERE together. they asked us how to get to the basement and my supervisor said, "the same way you get to the second floor...we have neither." new patrons (and sometimes longer term patrons!) ask us how to get to the second floor. they can see the building from the parking lot when they pull in and it is clearly a single floor structure. do they think we have a magic building that will grow another floor just for them? some people have walked into the library and have sad, "is this it?" we'd like to wring their necks.
if we ever do get another library, i think the second floor should be reserved entirely for staff, 2 full baths and a couple of bedrooms, a jacuzzi and a huge kitchen with TWO microwaves and a fifty gallon coffee pot. in the basement, we'll keep either the inernet crowd or the children. that is a tough call.

Veronica's Veil i chose my confirmation name because of the story of St Veronica and the veil.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Gel Bras

i was listening to Art Bell and he mentioned that a caller had asked him a question: since all gel products were being banned from planes, were gel bras included? he didn't know. well, someone called an airlines and asked and reported that the airline said, "huh?!" then they said that gel bras were not being banned. then, someone, a spokesperson from somewhere called Coast and said that, indeed, after some thought, gel bras were banned.
the scene: airport security check point
a young, voluptuous woman passes through the security gate successfully. still, she is pulled aside by a let's-make-him-male security screener.
Security: excuse me ma'am but i noticed that your breasts were particularly full and bouncy.
Woman: !!!????!!!!
S: i have to ask, are you wearing a gel bra?
W: no
S: i'm sorry ma'am but the new security procedures require that i check that your bra complies with Homeland Security Rules and Regulation 999.55-693 which states, "particularly jiggly breast matter must be hand inspected to insure that not a single gel bra manage to get on any aircraft." this will only take a moment. :professionally feels up woman's breasts:
S: haha. well. sorry. regulations! seems like you're not wearing a bra at all. it is now safe for you to board. have a nice flight on Fuck 'Yall Airlines!
okay, being an American (shhh! don't tell anyone!) i probably shouldn't be writing this knowing that terrorists, at some point, are bound to read this blog. that is, when they are not writing their own. but here is a good idea for a really determined terrorist. let's call him Ali.
Ali goes to Thailand where he can get a sex change operation for much less than it would cost him in America. he has very large breast implants and that operation where they split the penis and turn it inside out to make a vagina. Ali takes lots and lots of estrogen, shaves the beard (duh!) and finds the perfect blonde wig. then he meets up with his fellow terrorists, who, at first, not realizing it's their cohort Ali, hit on him. when they realize their mistake, they praise Ali for the great lengths he has gone to to please Allah. now the terrorists pump up Ali's fake breasts with nitro, stick a trigger in his fake vagina and send him off to blow something up. maybe a plane, maybe just Ali. of course, if Ali does succeed, whatever will he do with 70 virgins?

Stuff U Can Use fun site.

the butt of jokes? warning! very strange and disturbing!

you get three chances

Maniac Mike was also telling me about three times he got shot at, twice with a shotgun, once with a pistol.
when he was in high school, he and a few kids had dirtbikes. MM would take his dirtbike and rut up the local golf course. he's trench it up, do doughnuts on the putting green. sometimes, the old man who owned the golf course would be out there with a shotgun, and sometimes, he fired it. he never figured out who was wrecking his course. one day, the old owner hanged himself in his golf cart barn.
again, in highschool, MM and some friends robbed a milk truck. they stole eggs, milk and big wheels of cheese. as they were scattering to the four winds, the milkman got out his shotgun and began firing! he fired in a neighborhood, during the day, at any kid that was moving. i'm telling you, Ohioans are fucked up. anyway, since they couldn't possibly eat all that they had stolen, they went down to the Salvation Army food pantry and gave them most of the stuff. when i asked MM WHY IN GOD'S NAME he would wreck up a golf course or steal from a milkman, he said it was an "us vs them" kind of thing. the adults vs the kids/society vs the punks. whatever. it's still stealing to me.
the third time he got shot at was in a bar in the black section of town. MM lived there for awhile and had black friends and they went to the all black bar. one of the guys there took offense to having a white punk in the bar. words were exchanged and the angry dude started shooting. MM dived under a table and then somehow scooted out with his friends. i didn't ask him if he ever went back.
and, although MM has owned several guns over the years (guns ar BAD kids. very, very bad!) he has never shot one at anyone. pointed, yes, but has not pulled the trigger. he spent a lot of time robbing drug dealer's. that was his 'thing'.
now, apparently, older and wiser, his 'thing' is Nascar and goats. remember people...Goats NOT guns!


did i mention that our Children's librarian had her tire slashed this week? in the library parking lot. she has a brand new Honda Prius (one of the hybrids). her husband bought it because she drives and hour to and from work and the gas prices were killing them. i had a ride in the car and it was really cool. when the car stops, you cannot hear a single sound. it's as if the car just dies. there is no key. the key is a little box that you fit into a rectagular hole. then, to start the car, you just press a button. weird AND cool.
so, we now believe the staff is being targeted in some way. 1) my shot windshield, 2) the guy's dead goose and now 3) the librarian's tire. and do you know what the director is doing about it?
but, we have documented everything and the police and town hall have been notified. we are all hoping that the next car to get it is the director's. that's the only way we will get security cameras installed.

disturbing story

today, at our visit, Maniac Mike told me a very disturbing story that took place when he was in the eleventh grade. he had a, er, customer (pot) and somewhat friend that he sometimes hung around with. this guy's name was Simmy. he was black, 17, still in school, living with his white girlfriend and their baby in a shack. Simmy raised pit bulls as fighting dogs. this was way back in the 70's. Simmy's dad was well respected, owned a construction company and did his best to help African Americans in his community. Simmy's family were good people, which makes this story all the more sick.
Simmy and his girlfriend both worked, so they needed a baby sitter. their next door neighbor was an 8 year old honor student and sweet kid. she babysat for them. one day, the girl went missing and for two weeks, could not be found.
one day, MM and another guy went over to Simmy's shack of a house where Simmy and Grant were washing and waxing Simmy's van. MM and his friend sat on a concrete cistern while they talked to the other guys. the cistern was basically a rectangular box with a big, heavy concrete lid that held water and chemicals.
you can see where this is going, right?
a couple of day's later, MM's mom wakes him up to tell him his friend, Simmy was on the news. he was arrested for the murder of the honor student. she had been stabbed with an object that they could not find or figure out, other than saying it was 'like a screwdriver'. she was stabbed more than EIGHTY times! they found her body IN THE CISTERN.
Simmy told his best friend, Grant what he had done...but not why he had done it, and Grant, not able to live with something like that (who could?) went to the cops.
Simmy was sentenced to death a year before Ohio banned the death penalty. he was on Death Row for one year. lucky him.
yet another gruesome story brought to by Maniac Mike.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


these two spheres represent the size of Pluto (larger) and Charon as related to the US. astronomers are considering renaming Pluto, Charon and "Xena", another sphere near Pluto, and any others to be found, Plutons, AND they are considering taking away Pluto's planet status. i say that is WRONG. i want my planet Pluto! i learned about the planets in the second grade, even made models of with Play-Doh and a LOT of string, and Pluto was a planet. let's not mess with our solar system, guys. don't you have better things to do, like, maybe, shop for pocket protectors and slide rules?

Monday, August 14, 2006


awesome music. power pop with a punky sound. checkout their to hear some tunes (esp Jetsettter)

pictures and audioblogging

Hino has installed my Kodak Easy Share camera and printing dock, attached my inkjet printer, helped me figure out audioblogging and also showed me how to grab CD's. oh, i can also post some YouTube stuff, too. i am moving up in the world. now, if any of this should stop working, i would have no idea what to do. because, as i said before, when it comes to computers i am....lalalalalalalallallalah.
the only pics i have to share now are Christmas pics and none of us were wearing make-up (including Hino) so i don't think i'll be posting any of those. but, atleast you can gaze at our love staff room stove. see the mess? i didn't make it!


just a pic of my computer from the Halloween Bedroom.

Lame ass test

this is an audio post - click to play

staff kitchen

this is a test. notice ugly orange 70's style chair!

egg jokes=too funny

check it out.
or not.


good music, guitars, Veruca Salt-y. female vocals. no lyrics on the insert though. check out their myspace to listen.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


i'm sorry, but this is BULLSHIT! Maniac Mike and i had a rousing talk about the 'new' airlines security. are we now so fucking terrorized that we cannot bring a bottle of water on a plane? even if we bought the bottle AFTER we went through the security checkpoint? are terrorists working the gift and food kiosks in the secure area of the airport, passing nitro to accomlices in Dasani bottles? shit...THEY ARE NOT THAT SMART! for Christ sake, they are still thinking of ways to bring down did that already. move on! now you are just fucking pissing us off.

now, on a transatlantic flight, you can't even bring on a paperback "because the terrorist could use the cellulose in the paper". that according to Linda Moulton Howe (interviewed on unkowncountry).

ok, so the passenger with the baby has to drink the milk. will they also have to eat the diaper cream? what about the asthmatic with her inhaler? will the diabetic have to inject himself, whether it is time for the injection or not to "prove" it is medicine. if the terrorists were smart, they WOULD bring a baby onboard, posing as a family, fix the milk bottle up, take a swig and get right on the plane. do you think they'll cry over killing that baby along with the rest of the plane. shit, no.

but they wouldn't do that because terrorists are RETARDS. how smart do you have to be to fly a big ol' plane into a big ol' building? hiding a bomb in a shoe and trying to light your foot on fire in front of a shitload of people is retarded. we are JUST as stupid. we buy into the fear. we agree to nonsense security measures that will only make air travel even more miserable. we pull grandmas out of boarding lines to practically strip search them, but we let the dark man with a full beard walk right in because we must be "politically correct".
we must not target the group of individuals who are targeting US. right. that makes no sense at all.

i am soooo sick of this shit. we don't have to live this way. we live this way because 50million plus imbeciles reelected a warmonger, a fearmonger and an eschatologist as the President, again. the same man who has and will continue to use 911 to take away all our freedom, start wars and let Osama go because his daddy is buddy buddy with the Saudis. the only reason Osama has not been captured or killed is because of the Bin Laden family and their connection to the Bushes. there. i said it.

oh no, there goes Tokyo...

"A spokesman for Tokyo Electric Power Co. Inc. (TEPCO) said it was not immediately clear what had caused the power outages." oh, could it be.....Godzilla!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

educated horses

this weekend is taxfree in Massachusetts. Maniac Mike mentioned two girl bands he saw on some late night show...Kimmel??? i haven't watched tv in a long time...weeks if not months. MM knows all the shows, their air times, their affiliates and all the commercials, too. he was telling me about the Chocostix commercial which i thought was just damn silly. the guy in the commercial has a pack of Chocostix in front of him and he wonders what flavor it will be. read. the. package. duh!
anyway, he told me of two bands that reminded him of Veruca Salt...Damone and Morning Wood. so, i went over to the Newbury Comics in Attleboro and found them. i also found a few more CDs...Blue Oyster Cult and the Soviettes II, plus others i'll post about later.
i found a used copy of Rob Zombie's Educated Horses and it ROCKS. great grinding guitar and no weird White Zombie funny stuff. really good. several cool songs...American Witch, the Devil's Rejects, Let it All Bleed out, Lords of Salem. very happy i bought it and for $11.99!
and even though i couldn't print out the Newbury Comics coupon, the guy at the register still took 2 bucks off my purchase.


you know how you can know someone who knows someone who was the cousin of someone? well, tonight, at our visit, i learned that Maniac Mike has a link to Jeffrey Dahmer. no shit. this is how he told me the story:
when MM was just a kid, he knew a retarded girl who lived on his street. (it was her brother and MM that once blew up a dumptruck.) in the day, miniskirts were the norm but this girl had a longer skirt that would just expose her knees. so MM and the kids would semi tease her by saying, "i see Suzie's knees!" and the girl would kinda laugh, blush and try like hell to cover her knees with her skirt.
anyway, Suzie's brother went off to college (can't remember which...MM told me...maybe Ohio State...duh) and guess who he had as a roommate? Jeffrey Dahmer. creepy or what!?

Friday, August 11, 2006


i started reading this book last night and i got halfway through it. i am really enjoying it. it is funny and a little sad. a great commentary on what is going on in our world only presented in a weird (unique) way.
basically, i little teddy bear, who has willed himself to be real, is mistaken for a terrorist, is arrested and goes through all kinds of hell. we also learn about his life from the beginning. this is NOT a book for children.
this is my second Punk Penguin Book Club selection.
you can find more about winkie at

blah, blah, blah

ho hum. it was just one of those days. had a visit for 1pm. Maniac Mike thinks the Prozac knocked him on his ass. he took his first Prozac at breakfast, then slept til noon...something he has NEVER done. still, fatigue is not on the symptoms list for the drug. he has also been getting cigarettes. since they cannot have matches or lighters, prisoners have to be creative to light a cigarette. apparently, you take two batteries and two staples and somehow get them to connect and spark. it was far too complicated for me. i do wonder why they don't teach Boy Scouts how to light a fire with batteries and staples. not everyone can rub two sticks together successfully.
after the visit, i drove around Warwick for awhile. i found a very nice cotton/soft/thick black sweater that will be perfect for visits (no hood, no pockets) and work (comfy). Homegoods had some really cute Halloween stuff but i didn't buy anything. then i went to DWS...or whatever that shoe store is called. no red sandals and way too expensive. on to Barnes and Nobles. they still do not have the new Fortean Times! aaarrrgh! i bought the 1st book in the Cirque du freak teen series. then i went to Old Navy looking for tanks, Kohl's for tanks (to wear under v-neck shirts which are not allowed at visits). i ended up at Mall-Wart for more iron pills, some hair dye, and markers. then i bought a Homestyle Chicken sandwich at Wendy's and came home. Maniac Mike said he would called around 8:00. he asked me to look up the Nascar race schedule for this weekend. after our talk, i took a shower and lathered on the Origins Ginger body souffle creme. i lit my frankincense and myrrh Yankee Candle and now, here i am, listening to Coast and feeling blah. still, it was better than not working, but you know what? i'm crazy. on my day off, sometimes i MISS being at work. i must have the bird flu...the cuckoo bird flu. it's true, though. sometimes it really messes me up to take a vacation. plus, i spend money. very bad.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

tiny kitty

this teeny kitty may be a record winner


check out this weird site


today marks the one year anniversary of the passing of our beloved prairie dog, Queequeg. he died at noon on the 10th and today, both my sister and i woke up at noon and could not go back to sleep. we both have chronic fatigue so we sleep when we can. even though i had the day off work, i could not even think of staying in bed. so, i took my mom to the Wrentham Outlets and we spent a few hours shopping. the only thing my mother wanted was candy. i bought two shirts and a skirt and a wooden sign for the library that reads "overworked and undermedicated". my mom bought me a pair of neat 'halloween' shoes...sandals with a crisscross pattern of black, orange and yellow. i have a lot of orange and black to wear. i wanted low heeled red shoes really bad but could not find a pair anywhere. mom also bought me a perfume set of Desire. it had a huge bottle of perfume and body lotion (which is impossible to find) in a set for the incredibly low price of $18.84! so, maybe Hino won't have to make himself crazy this christmas trying to find this perfume. they do have more at the same store but the prices were sky high. if i bought the same size bottle from the set, it would have cost $28.00. go figure.
we bought my sister a present for Queequeg's anniversary because even though he is in heaven, he still likes to shop. we got a Swarovski crystal black lamb named Shadey. it's from a new line of animals called Lovlots. the lamb is all black and has little hematite eyes. my sister collects crystal and blown glass. this poor black lamb was perfect for today. we sure do miss Queequeg. i can't even look at tissue paper without my heart hurting.

chain reading

check out my reading list on

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

one more hottie and i swear i'll stop

a strange angle for a picture. i really should get a life.

aw, shit! it's Prozac!

Maniac Mike is now on 100 mgs of Trazadone to help him sleep and the psych has switched Celexa for Prozac. Prozac is the drug from hell! i was on the stuff for a week and i thought i would lose my mind. it made me feel wired and as useless as a dishrag. so, neither of us is happy about this but what can he do? if he refuses medicine outright, it goes in his medical file and may cause him problems down the road. would you believe his main worry is 'loss of appetite'? hell, i love the fact that i hardly have any appetite. the one thing that Prozac will do is kill your sex life. not that we have one, but STILL...

bras are the new shoes

monday afternoon, i went to AJ Wright and bought me a slew of bras in colors that i needed but didn't own. i like to coordinate my bra to my outfit. it's like wearing just the right pair of shoes. so, i've got a new red bra and a new black bra, pink, yellow, and brown. they were all $3.99. how could i pass that up? someday, i am going to match my panties to my bras but i am just not now coordinated enough to do that. not yet.
i hate shopping. it's tiring and taxing but when i do feel up to it, i like to shop for shoes, underwear/bras, hair scrunchies and ties and shirts, in that order. i hate shopping for pants and can only tolerate shopping for skirts on a good day. oh, i also have a nail polish fetish but i am very proud of myself. i have not bought a new color in many weeks (because i own every color there is). i cannot leave the house without having my toenails painted. i used to be so obsessive about matching my polish to my outfit, i would plan what i was going to wear for the week around the polish i wanted to wear.
i also LOVE jewelry but i no longer shop for it since QVC cut me off. they have fantastic jewelry. my poor prairie dog used to buy me beautiful white gold or silver items...earrings mostly. he had such good taste and, apparently, access to my sister's credit card!

a little lower with the jeans, please

another photo. yes, sir, i would sure like some of that (spoken in a Texas twang).

don't follow us home!

i hadn't heard about this yesterday because i was on my break but the know it all had a run-in with a patron. we had a program last night...a sing-a-long to the Sound of Music (next one will be the Little Mermaid). the patron went up to KIA at 4:20 and asked why the door to the program room was locked. KIA told her the movie did not start until 5:00 and the staff will make an announcement. meanwhile, KIA suggested, the patron could look around the library or have a seat anywhere. well, the librarian who was running the program was a few minutes behind schedule because she had to call another library and beg them to fax over some part of a CD ROM booklet with codes that a patron thoughtlessly lost (the very first patron to borrow the item). so, it was just after 5:00 and KIA left the building for the night and that same patron FOLLOWED KIA to her car and started cussing her out because the movie hadn't started, the door still wasn't open and there was no announcement. so, KIA, being off the clock and a big mouth to boot, told her off. so, KIA was wondering if anyone had called today to report her rudeness. hell, i'd have been rude to the patron, too. do NOT ever follow me to my car. do not even talk to me if i am off the clock. i stop being a civil servant when i clock out and the money stops rolling (er, trickling) in.
i think i mentioned the time that KIA was called 'that Nazi librarian' by a woman in a bakery. i wish i were there to see that one.
i can understand being nice to anybody, including patrons, whomt we run into on our own time but many of these patrons think WE ARE STILL WORKING even if they see us in the market. one lady, who has since died, once asked me if we had such and such book in while i was grocery shopping. WTF? i told her nicely that she could call the library tomorrow and i then not so nicely turned on my heels and walked away (this one was a gossiper and i wanted to get away). next, they'll be following us home.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


from most assuredly, HOT!


today, our circ head had a mini meeting with us all at the desk as we were switching shifts. first, she asked us not to use the internet (unless it is to help a patron) while we are on the desk. this came about because the other day, the children's librarian mentioned the Hitler's cats website and most of the staff rushed to get online. i already knew about it so i stepped away. i totally understand why she has asked us to refrain for surfing. it is not professional. besides, we can go into any back room and check out the sites on a computer away from the public or pick any computer on the floor during our breaks.
in the last library where i worked, the director always told us that we work in a fishbowl. even when we think no one is watching us, they are. it is amazing what the patrons pick up on and just how much they DO watch us. we can have fun on the desk, and we do a lot of laughing (when one or another of us isn't pissed at someone) but we are always professional...or try to be.
i hate to sound like a PATRON, but the public does pay our salary. we are paid with tax dollars. this does not mean we have to take abuse and bullshit, but it does mean that we have to act, dress and deal with the public in a professional manner...or what i call casual/ professional.
one of our patrons was the govenor of our state. if he caught me giggling over a website (ie JibJab), i would have died of embarrassment.
the other thing she mentioned was something she made up off the top of her head...the 20 second rule. this was made up for one particular circworker, the-know-it-all. basically, we should try to wait on a patron within 20 seconds (which is an AWFULLY long time, really). that one circworker would walk away from waiting patrons if she were doing a project and let someone else deal with the patron without a second thought. it has pissed a few of us off, especially since we drop our own projects or whatever we are carting off, to help that patron. let's see if she 'gets the message'.
although we have a dress code, we all dress casually and comfortably. jeans only on saturdays but we can wear jean skirts any day. the one rule i objected to was the 'no thong sandals' rule. i had some really cool and costly thong sandals. the director explained that it would appear to be too much like beachwear and winked. oh. i got it. a certain employee wore 99 cent flip-flops to work and yes, i cringed every time i saw them. still, we can wear non-thong sandals but someone has to tell the know-it-all that those plastic Adidas velcro pieces of shit on her feet are NOT appropriate. and they are GOD UGLY!
i am the sort of person who likes order and some rules to work around. so i can't wear jeans on a monday. is that really so important? nope. i don't feel restricted at all in what i say or do. i don't feel limited in what i can wear and i sure as hell do not need to check stuff-on-my-cat every 20 seconds. i have a computer at HOME for that.
the only thing i would like to be able to do on the desk is crochet, but the boss won't go for it.

penguin crash oh, the snakes and alligators are fine, sure. right. poor little penguins!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Summer Knight

getting ready to read book four of the Dresden Files. Grave Peril was pretty good and i am getting into the characters more...especially since one character was turned into a vampire. i hope that fart head jesus freak Michael (and his bitchy wife Charity) are not in this one.

The Jesus Papers

i am a terrible book reviewer because i forget what i read as soon as i read it. it has been this way since i was diagnosed with CFIDS a long time ago. i think my brain just does not have the capacity it once had. also, it has been shown though not proven that folks diagnosed with CFIDS can drop as much as 10 IQ points and i know i dropped more than that.
however, this was a very interesting book though not as explosive as i thought it would be. if you like bible conspiracy, archaeology, history and wild theory, you'll like this book. i'm not so sure Pontius Pilate conspired with Joseph of Arimathea to remove a living Jesus from the cross, but i am open to the theory that Jesus did not die on the cross. there are hints here and there. why weren't his legs broken? an observant Jew would not ready a dead body on passover.
if you can read one book this week, try this one.


new CD's. this one is from Sweden. love the music, not the vocals.

Mind of Asian

girl group from Japan. disappointing.

Head Hits Concrete

great music, can't deal with the vocals. i don't know why Maniac Mike buys me this kind of fast, loud, garbled punk. i prefer OI, girl bands, asian bands and vocals I CAN UNDERSTAND!

no conch for you!

a retired circworker, the library Nazi, went to Hawaii last week. her pal and fiend in the perverse treatment of patrons requested a conch shell. well, the (cheap) retiree found a conch but the label said that it was from the Phillipines and besides, she said, it cost $15.00! they are supposed to be close friends though the know-it-all seems to be brushing the retiree away, especially now that she didn't get her lousy shell. and the retiree has a buncha bucks, believe you me!
I have a nice conch shell that is cut so that it can be blown and make a loud noise. i think that is what she wanted. maybe i'll bring mine in.
anyway, today was another furiously busy morning. it began at 8:59am and still had not stopped when i left at 4:06pm. atleast we had someone in the kid's room this morning. usually, there is no kid's librarian on mondays until 1:pm which makes us at circ crazy especially when the library announces in all the local papers that registration for kid's programs begin on a monday morning!

Connecticut apologizes, finally


this is just a test. has anyone else been having trouble loading pics on blogger?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Friday, August 04, 2006

fashion police

i was standing in the bank line after work. there was a large woman in front of me. she must have weighed 270 lbs easily. she was large breasted and had many rolls. she was about 24. she had on a mini jean skirt with a slit in spite of her flabby thighs. her top half was larger than her bottom half. she wore a WHITE tube top with diagonal brown, pink and green stripes. underneath the tube top, she wore a brown bra, so that the straps of the bra went over her shoulders. under her third roll, she wore a gold sequined belt. the outfit was so ludicrous, i just had to stare...kinda like we all have to stare at a traffic accident. we don't really want to look, but we just do. i wish i had a camera phone.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

air conditioner

Maniac Mike is sending me $500 to get an air conditioner for the bedroom. i resisted but he said it was wrong for him to have air conditioning in prison when i had to suffer with the heat. so, maybe Hino can scout out the stores and sales online. i would like to have a portable one, a small one just for the bedroom. i just need it to sleep. i haven't slept these last two nights and today, for the first time (luckily) this summer, i am having redness and swelling in my hands and feet...erythromelalgia. my hands feel like they are experiencing sunburn from the inside out and they are puffy. i've been icing them. so, i'm sure i will be very happy with the air conditioner.
so, Hino, if you have any ideas let me know.
*these are not my hands but it does show what they look like.

flies, spider and mosquito

for the first time in a LONG time, we have flies in the library and they are driving us nuts. we originally had three flies. a page killed one. now the two that are left are determined to make us crazy. every department has had a run in with them. last night, a parttime ref librarian swore she would bring in a flyswatter and kill them herself. she forgot the flyswatter, so she was livid today. now she has a vendetta.
a very large mosquito was also killed by the same page who killed the fly: she's our hero.
yesterday, at lunch, a circworker slapped a big spider out of the hair of the childrens' librarian and the CL got royally creeped out. she was greatful for the swat but today she said she washed her hair twice last night and could only imagine that the spider laid some eggs in her hair. eek!
the other day, the same circworker that swatted the spider said to me, "stand still!" and whacked me pretty hard on the shoulder. i said, "OW! what are you doing?!" she said that the fly had landed on me and she was determined to 'get it'. gross. if she did squash it, it would have splatted on ME!

we dare ya!

i can't remember if i wrote about the scorpion. this summer reading program has been a blast. i have never seen so many kids and so many programs. the childrens' librarian planned on having 240 kids in the program but i think she has surpassed that number. the CL is fabulous. i don't know how she does it. she has several storytimes a week from babies to 5 year olds plus all the special summer reading events. tomorrow, Ronald McDonald ( a summer reading staple) is coming in and i am so glad i will not be there in the morning to see him. i don't go in until 11:30. i don't do clowns.
we've had 5 "animal" programs so far. the only presentation that did not feature live animals was the bat program. drat. we've had a bird program, 2 reptile programs, a sea creature program and the bat program. during one of the reptile shows, a HUGE brown scorpion was presented. i happened to be in the room sneaking a peek with the CL and my circhead. they both dared me to follow the kids and go up to the front and have the reptile lady put the scorpion on my chest. this awesome creature was bigger than my hand and had a huge tail with the stinger still intact. a few very brave kids had the scorpion put on them. well, i cannot turn down a dare, so i did it. i wasn't a bit scared. it was too cool. i also got to pet the bearded lizard but not the alligator. we at circ were taking turns running in and out of the program room to take a peek at the animals. the presenter was a very knowledgable young lady. if she was 18, i'd be surprised. she had the kids in the palm of her hand (except for one girl who can always be counted on to be the brat) and the adults, too.
i've never even seen a live scorpion before. i liked it but i would not want to find one crawling around in my house or hiding in my shoe!

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