Friday, August 11, 2006

blah, blah, blah

ho hum. it was just one of those days. had a visit for 1pm. Maniac Mike thinks the Prozac knocked him on his ass. he took his first Prozac at breakfast, then slept til noon...something he has NEVER done. still, fatigue is not on the symptoms list for the drug. he has also been getting cigarettes. since they cannot have matches or lighters, prisoners have to be creative to light a cigarette. apparently, you take two batteries and two staples and somehow get them to connect and spark. it was far too complicated for me. i do wonder why they don't teach Boy Scouts how to light a fire with batteries and staples. not everyone can rub two sticks together successfully.
after the visit, i drove around Warwick for awhile. i found a very nice cotton/soft/thick black sweater that will be perfect for visits (no hood, no pockets) and work (comfy). Homegoods had some really cute Halloween stuff but i didn't buy anything. then i went to DWS...or whatever that shoe store is called. no red sandals and way too expensive. on to Barnes and Nobles. they still do not have the new Fortean Times! aaarrrgh! i bought the 1st book in the Cirque du freak teen series. then i went to Old Navy looking for tanks, Kohl's for tanks (to wear under v-neck shirts which are not allowed at visits). i ended up at Mall-Wart for more iron pills, some hair dye, and markers. then i bought a Homestyle Chicken sandwich at Wendy's and came home. Maniac Mike said he would called around 8:00. he asked me to look up the Nascar race schedule for this weekend. after our talk, i took a shower and lathered on the Origins Ginger body souffle creme. i lit my frankincense and myrrh Yankee Candle and now, here i am, listening to Coast and feeling blah. still, it was better than not working, but you know what? i'm crazy. on my day off, sometimes i MISS being at work. i must have the bird flu...the cuckoo bird flu. it's true, though. sometimes it really messes me up to take a vacation. plus, i spend money. very bad.

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