Saturday, February 25, 2006

listening to...

Cold Fire by Dean Koontz. excellent nailbiter. Jim Ironheart is a Lifeline for strangers that are about to die. he saves certain people from murder, drowning, etc and wants no reward or publicity. a reporter, Holly Thorn, becomes enamoured of this stranger and sets out to find him and find out his secrets. i have also listened to Odd Thomas, another Koontz book that i enjoyed tremendously. he has a sequel out now, Forever Odd, also featuring that most excellent character.

saturday at work

another workday saturday. only one day off, sunday. bummer. today we didn't do anything special. we just ordered out. we got our food from The School Street Cafe in Albion. we all went there for the christmas party. decent food. i got hte Calamari but i forgot that they load all this junk on it (olives, hot peppers, garlic butter). i was not happy. had to eat around the junk and it made the calamari extra hot.

what am i gonna eat next? Benn and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, naturally!


The Loch by Steven Alten. love his novels. this one is about the legend of Loch Ness and a family traditon. the action pumps and the characters are cool. a good, quick, easy interesting read. i love monster books and movies. check out the movie Incident at Loch Ness, too.

and still reading...

Area 51: The Mission by Robert Doherty. still reading the series. this episode takes place in the Bolivian rainforest. earth is being threatened by a resurgence of the Black Death...which, of course, was an alien infliction. everything and everyplace is "alien" made/built in these novels. apparently, we humans accomplished nothing without alien help. some ufologists believe this as well. i, for one, believe humans built the pyramids and were solely responsible for all the beautiful architecture and historical places and lost civilizations. (though, maybe the aliens had a 4 fingered hand at making us "lost). we have lost the technologies we once had. while we have newer technologies now, i don't think we, as a species, are more intelligent. we just have faster, smaller, gizmos and things. we still cannot replicate the Great Pyramid.

another in the queue

Blood Sucking Fiends by Christopher Moore.

coming up next...maybe

Jennifer Government by Max Barry. reviews, anyone?

also reading...going slowly

Vamped by David Sosnowki. slow going...not really into it. world overpopulated with vampires. vampire Martin Kowalski meets 5 year old human girl named Isuzu Trooper Cassidy. at first he wants to eat her, but then they form a relationship...don't know what kind. not that far into the book. so far, i find it boring.

also reading

Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison. I'm up to page 53 and it is excellent so far. Rachel Morgan, a bounty hunter witch tracks down supernatural fugitives...vamps, Weres, leprechauns, trolls, etc. aide by a "living" vamp and a pixie named Jenks. there are a couple more books in the series. loving it!

currently reading

Blue Moon by Laurell K Hamilton. an Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novel. this one begins with Richard (werewolf) being falsely arrested for rape.

more on Aruba

i've been thinking a little more about the Holloway abduction. i wonder how much tourism Aruba has lost due to this crime? Aruban citizens livelihoods are at stake, too. why should they suffer? and how do we KNOW that an Aruban committed the crime? what if Natalee was abducted by a vacationer? what if he is long gone by now? and have the chaperones and fellow students been totally ruled out? i am going to make a prediction. i think Natalee was harmed by someone she knew well...a fellow vacationer. she was harmed, the person freaked and she was either lost at sea or killed. the other scenario...a stranger, also visiting the island, is plausible in my eyes. why else would the abductor/killer be so hard to find?
question: would you still consider vacationing in Aruba? i would.

good news!

the Pope has given his blessing. it is okay to eat corned beef and cabbage on St Patty's Day (also Queequeg's B'day). whew. boy was i worried there...thought it was gonna be tuna for me that friday. um hum. right. and he isn't even Irish!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Aruba, enough already!

this is going to sound heartless...just thought i'd mention that right off. some may be terribly offended and i certainly don't want to hurt anyone close to this story. here goes...
i am tired of hearing about Natalee Holloway. a teen goes off to a sunny, temping isle, fools around, maybe drinks a little, maybe plays with boys and goes missing. it is a sad story. if i were her parents, i would do just what they are doing. but listen...CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc....there are thousands of missing children in this country! what of them? it seems we only have time for the blue-eyed blondes, the perky, white young women. what about black and hispanic and asian missing kids? what about the runaways that are used and abused daily in this country? what about the prostitutes who are butchered, the welfare mom's that are murdered and dumped and never heard from again? what about missing teenage BOYS? seems we only hear about teen boys when they shoot up a school. why don't you give the parents of the less fortunate a voice?
if your child is missing, i pray that they are young (but not too young), white (the blonder, the better) and from a wealthier (atleast upper middle class) family, otherwise, you will never have Dr Phil in your court. Fox will not show your teary eyes on their news channel. nope. you are on your own and you'll be lucky if Kinkos will even give you a discount for running off Missing Child flyers.
and to Natalee's mom...yes, your daughter might have went off with a boy or two, had a drink, maybe gambled, disobeyed chaperones and generally acted like a teenager without parents around to mess with her fun. IF IF IF she did these things, they are normal. Normal. any of these would not make her a bad person. so, stop trying to tell us she was an ANGEL, practically Laura Ingalls Wilder. she was just an average, normal, curious teenage girl. and not everyone on that island is guilty, either. not every boy was out to get your daughter. my sister has been to Aruba. it is beautiful. the people are friendly. how long can we smeer such a beautiful place and the people who live there?
i just had to write this. CNN was making me crazy!

Quiet Please!

if you have never read Aimee Bender's The Girl in the Flammable Skirt, give it a whirl. there is one story, her first, i think, about a nympho librarian entitled Quiet Please. she has two new collections of short stories out. i am in the Clan queue as we speak.
also, i just found out that my nephew has kidney stones. i'll take gallstones over kidney stones any day! my psychiatrist told me about his kidney stone problem....basically, he said he was attending a doctor's conference and he was in his hotel room when he passed out from pain. scared the crap (and, apparently, a kidney stone) right out of him. he is a totally unflappable guy, too. my nephew has a 2mm sized stone left to pass and we have all been telling him horror stories. he is terrified of doctors and hospitals as it is, so we are not being really helpful. whatever happens, i hope it is soon and quick.
how do i know my doc is unflappable? when i told him i thought i was being visited by aliens, he didn't even blink. he just gave me stronger meds! yay! meds! (okay, the meds aren't JUST for the alien problem...but they sure do work well as a deterrant.)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

how much for Enya?

senior citizen, female, came up to the circ desk and handed my cocircworker an Enya music CD. she said she enjoyed it and wanted to know if we would sell it to her and at what price. er. my coworker said she was sorry, it was not for sale. besides, it was from another library.
this type of thing has happened roughly half a dozen times since i've been at this library. most of the time, patrons want to buy books. often the will say something like, "well, it is old. i thought you might not need it any longer."
so, we are now Rent-To-Own?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


can you believe this? y'know the dog show whippet, ViVi who got loose at the airport in NY? well, she is not the first. she is the fourth THIS MONTH!!! what the hell? why are these airlines losing all theses animals? it is stressful to travel with animals. when we brought cats from here to Hawaii and back again, those were nail biter flights. if they would've lost my cats, we all would have killed somebody. so how can this keep happening?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

postage, anyone?

when i walked into work at 2pm today, i was greated by my frazzled coworkers from every department (except the director, of course). every one of them told me the day was hell. HELL. the director told us all last week we would be 'dead' so start training for the new system. right.
i walked in on a weird transaction. seems this one patron, a female oddball who wears this god awful fur hat with earflaps and a chin tie, wanted to buy a couple of Book Sale books for 25 cents each but she had no money. we have a loose policy about book sale...if you don't have the money with you, we will hold the books for you for 3 days, just like we hold patron's reserved items. we will not 'run a tab' by adding the amount of the books to their library card. one has nothing to do with the other. this woman did not want to come back. she wanted the books NOW. she asked if she could 'put it on my tab' (patrons also try to use this method for printouts and they say the same thing. like we are a bar. i see no liquor here. we took care of that a long time ago. *hic*). so, we tell her, again, that we will be glad to hold the books and then she asks, with a straight face, "will you take a stamp for them?" my cocircworker cocked her head and said, "um...a postage stamp?" so, this is the first thing i hear and i start quietly chuckling. yes, the woman wanted to pay for two books with postage stamps. the answer was NO. when the woman walked away, my coircworker shrugged up her shoulders and said, "what the hell am i supposed to do with a stamp".
now honestly, REALLY. i think this people think these things up and test their wacky ideas on us (before going to Dunkin Donuts, for instance, and trying to buy a bagel with stamps. hey, if it works at the library, it would fly anywhere).

Monday, February 20, 2006

dream message

last night, in a dream, i got a message from an alien (not the usual grays) posing as a human. the message was...Lourdes: The Center of the Galaxy. i have no idea what it means. no wait! i think it may mean that i need more medication. yeah. that's it!

what? you want coffee with that?

i did get to Starbucks today after our visit. i went to one in another town, not the usual one down the street. i was looking at the board, wondering if i should try something different when the cashier lady asked me if she could help me. i said, "i just need one minute, thanks though." she then said, loudly and snottily, "can i help you?!" whoa lady. so, i got flustered and resorted to my regular. i ordered, "a grande cafe latte with extra sugar, please" the cashier said, "a mocha latte with a triple shot. okay." what? WHAT!? i felt like i walked into the twilight zone of Coffeeland. then another lady scooted up and said it was okay and corrected the cashier. that's when i noticed the rather large, clear hearing aid in the cashiers ear. okay. i got it. fine. but then the cashier said to me, "you want sugar? we don't put the sugar in the coffee here." er. the other lady said that she would put in the sugar if i wanted them to. er. yes, please. she mentioned that customers usually put in their own sugar. oh. i didn't realize that. i told her that at MY Starbucks (like i own one) they just add in the sugar and have never said anything to me about it. Jeeeezus. i pay four fucking dollars for a coffee...please don't make a fuss about adding sugar! so then, the cashier piped up and said, "the customers add the sugar." YES. I HEARD THAT THE FIRST TIME and the other lady scooted over and apologized (not that i wanted an apology. no biggie, really. just shut the deaf girl up already.)
so, i'm wondering how many orders potentially get fucked up by the cashier. i can understand that she has trouble hearing but did she also have to be so damned obnoxious? the other lady seems to be the rescuer...or the enabler...correcting her and apologizing to the coffee hounds. i'm going to go there again just to see what happens. it's about time i stirred up some trouble.

Professor Quirrell

not quite right...if his head were smaller, balder and creepier, he's look more like the inmate version. also, the inmate as thinner lips.

either one or the other

Karen Allen

crazy Lois Lane looked more like Karen Allen.

Margo Kidder (in better days)

underpants gnome

this is the Underpants Gnome from South Park. the Underwear Gnome looks just like this, only scuzzier and minus the beard. actually, put the beard on his head, then he'd look more like the Underwear Gnome.


short visit. Maniac Mike has been back on his Poptart kick for over a week (of visits) now. today, i ate one. a whole one. it was gross but oddly pleasing. easy on the teeth.
well, i finally saw the Underwear Gnome (convicted of kiddie porn) stand up against the board (where inmates hang their badges) today. he is not quite a midget, but not tall enough to be called short, either. when the inmates were being patted down before joining the visitors, MM heard a guard ask the Gnome if he jsut rolled out of bed. he looked like he had never washed his hair, ever, and his clothes were way more wrinkled than anything i have ever worn to work. he is just so creepy. all the Chesters are creepy...every single one LOOKS like what you would expect a Chester to look like. now i know child molesters can be found anywhere in the population and they can be anybody and not every one of them looks odd or scuzzy or creepy. but, it just seems like all these Chesters who get visits ARE odd, scuzzy or creepy.
we also saw Professor Quirrell. his mullet headed girlfriend is always visiting. really, he looks more like Voldemort's bald head that writhed out of the back of Quirrell's own head. this guy had a tiny bald head. really small, totally hairless. no eyebrows that i can see. his head is so small that i wonder if he might've ran into some headhunters. his girlfriend's head is twice as large as his. weird.
then Lois Lane showed up. she's new. she came to see The-Guy-Who-Talks-To-Himself. he is a total wack job. he will sit at one of the tables in the rec room all by himself and carry on long, detailed conversations. he'll even ask questions, then answer himself. i saw him for the first time today, though i have been hearing about him for a long time. when he was sitting alone while Lois Lane got up to get something out of the vending machines, he started talking to himself. when she left and he sat alone, he talked to himself. Lois Lane looked exactly like Karen Allen...the woman who played Lois in the Superman movies with Christopher Reeves. i think that's her name. she's crazy now...didn't they find her naked in some bushes once, with no teeth or something? well, this woman was the spitting image of the crazy Karen Allen.
it's always a party in the visiting room. you never know who will show up!
Edit: i think Margo Kidder is the actress i'm thinking of. they look exactly the same. which one went crazy? now i think it must be Kidder. any info would help.

fuck off, Dr Howdy!

someone signed me up for the totally asinine Thoughts and Humour by Howdy newsletter. who ever did this, you had better NEVER sign me up for ANYTHING ever again! the freakin' moron, Dr Howdy, left a weird poem-thing as a comment on one of my blog posts. do not click on his profile...this may have automatically signed me up, if someone else didn't do it. i don't know how these things work, but this is totally unwanted. what can i do about it other than unsubscribing? and who the hell calls ITself Dr Howdy? listenening to too much Twisted Sister? watched the Exorcist one too many times? this has really fucked up my afternoon.
okay, so now i HATE:
James Frey
Ulli Lommel
Dr Howdy
sending waves of hatred....oooooo....aaaaaaa......wwwwhhhhaaaaammmmooooooo!
getting some really good hate here.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

what i have vs what i want

what i want is a Grande Cafe Latte with extra sugar from Starbucks. what i have is a store-brand suisse mocha naturally and artificially flavored instant coffee beverage. i could have the Starbucks coffee if i wasn't too lazy to go out on my one day off (off work/no visits). and it's cold outside. and i'd have to get out of my pj's.
what i want is a baked chicken dinner with all the fixin's. what i have is a can of Bush's Maple Cured Bacon baked beans. oh, wait. i can't have the beans because my hand held can opener broke. damn. guess i'll have to settle for the Bagel Bites. but i really wanted the beans.
have you ever been hungry for something decent to eat, but all you have in the house is weird canned goods, old hard candy and fudgicles? have you ever just stood around in your kitchen hoping that by some crazy magic, the food you are craving will appear out of thin air? have you ever opened and reopened your cupboards and fridge a thousand times looking for the one thing you want that you just might have missed the 40th time you looked? well, that's what i have been doing.
i really should go out and get some food.

good movie, Great Saint

here is a movie endorsed by the Vatican, no less! Therese: the true story of Saint Therese of Lisieux. beautifully filmed, lovely score and the sets and costumes were fantastic. the acting was so-so. if i had not already read The Story of a Soul, St Therese's autobiography, i would not have really known what was going on. this movie was made for Catholics, so i presume the filmaker believed his audience would already be familiar with St Therese.
i would recommend reading A Story of a Soul to Catholics and all people looking for a closer relationship with God. Therese believed in the Little Way, becoming a saint through small and lovingly given sacrifices. she truly is a marvelous person and powerful saint. she promised to send a shower of roses from heaven and she has and continues to do so. this is why she is called The Little Flower. she is the most popular saint of our times, canonized in 1925 and made a Doctor of the Church in 1997 by Pope John Paul in a beautiful Vatican ceremony a few years ago. for movie info.

awful movie

Ulli Lommel's Green River Killer is probably the worst movie i have ever seen. the film quality is no better than my didital camera, the cast is scuzzy, the lead actor cannot act his way out of a paper bag, the locations are crap, and i actually WANT the slutty actresses to die...quickly. if you are into very soft s&m porn then you might find this film a tad bit interesting...if you don't fall asleep first.
in the first kill scene, you can watch an ugly woman (soon to be a victim) take a dump. *yawn*
Ulli Lommel not only directed but wrote this piece of trash. there is barely any he didn't have to write much.
now i have someone to hate more that James is Ulli Lommel!

Gil's All Fright Night Diner

"GIL'S ALL FRIGHT DINER is one of the funniest books I've ever read and I was truly sorry to see it end. My one solace is that with this review I might share some of that wonderful experience with others. Pick this one and I guarantee by the time you finish it, you'll be writing to thank me. So ahead of time, you're welcome."
i finished the book this morning. an excellent, quick (too quick), enjoyable read. i recommend it to anyone who likes the comically absurd. my favorite part of the book (and there are many) is the evil spirit possessed Magic 8 Ball that likes to watch Bonanza. oh, and the spectral little dog was cute. Earl may be a skinny, shy vamp but i think he is adorable. this is my first edition to the:
punk penguin book club
oprah, eat your heart out!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

my new blog

a certain Cute website has not been so cute recently choosing to publish pictures of *gasp* humans. so, i have a little blog with pictures of cute animals. you will NEVER see a human being on this cute blog.


we haven't much felt like making fun of people in the visiting room for awhile. we are both a little depressed and achey and just not much fun. it's weird how we often feel exactly the same. we tried to make fun of the 400 pound Xena Warrior princess and Fred Mertz's evil twin. he's an old man who wears the exact same clothes to every visit. he wears his pants up as high as his chest, like Fred Mertz. he has the most god awful ugly bright blue and white sneakers ever made. he's a strange little troll of man, but quiet and harmless enough. he visits a sex offender. we had sat behind them and the damn inmate talked loudly throughout the entire visit. some of the stuff he talked about was creepy. first, he told Fred about the crazy pedophiles who had all sorts of mental problems and were on all sorts of mental drugs and had classes and on and on. he said that they needed the drugs (which he named) because they kept them from going after little kids. er. so, i think this guy knows a little too much about Chesters. then he begins to talk about polygamy and how it is legal in Utah and how young thirteen year old girls were forced to marry older men. i looked at him and he was GLEEFUL. totally having a grand time talking about this in great detail. then he starts to talk about men in the bible and how they had multiple wives and then he began talking about Muslim men being promised 21 Virgins when they die (i thought it was 70 but i could be wrong). so, the entire time this supposed non Chester was talking to Fred, it involved girls and women and men who 'own' them. fucker.
the other thing we thought was pretty sad was all the young children who come in to visit dads or uncles. what really freaks me out is that these kids know their dad's inmate number. when they step up to the guard at check-in, the mom will say something like, "go ahead, tell them daddy's number". the kid rattles it off in a proud voice. how sad is that? what kind of life must they have?
anyway, that's all i have. oh yeah...Hino, call home!


i have had a couple of co-alien dreams. these are the kinds of dreams i had when i was having my alien experience(s) several years ago. they involve dinosaurs and phones.
the the night before yesterday, i dreamed i was being chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. then, i believed that the T Rex was actually my mother transformed. then i saw that my mother was actually in a compartment in the leg of the beast. then, i woke up feeling both scared and stupid.
last night, i had one of the most frightening reoccurring dreams...not being able to use the phone to call for help. last night, it was a cell phone. i don't know why i was trying to get help. i just knew i was terrified and needed help. at first, the phone was normal but i couldn't get my fingers to work the numbers. then, i could press the numbers, but they fell off when i pressed them. then i got a signal but no one was there. then the phone broke open and then it began to disintergrate in my hand. i woke up in a sweat and slept with the light on the rest of the night. i don't know what it will be tonight but fluffy little bunnies would be nice!

Friday, February 17, 2006

why can't i read

currently listening to Black Creek Crossing by John Saul. i do not like the performer, but the story is good. features a haunted house, a mysterious cat and a grimoire (so far). the story revolves around two misfit teens, Seth and Angel. Angel and her pious mom and alcoholic, no good dad move in to a haunted house and weird things start happening to Angel.
also on the third book in the Area 51 series. they are soooo poorly written but they are an easy, quick read and, of course, they feature UFO's and alien stuff.
i have been forcing myself to read. i have been really depressed lately and i've been shaking every day and i feel like a load of shit is bearing down on me. i think i am having exhaust issues with the car, i am going to owe money this tax season, Hino is away and i am worried, and i can't seem to save any money. three of my teeth have been hurting so bad, i can only eat soft, lukewarm food and i am petrified of going to the dentist. i have dream after exhausting dream and i have woken up with that awful foreboding feeling that someone is in my room. i sleep with the lights on half the night. on top of it all is this empty feeling of inadequacy. i don't know how to do things and i don't know how to handle things. the only place i feel adequate is at work but i need to tranquilizers to even get to work.
anyway, about reading. reading is my most favorite thing to do...or, it used to be. it relaxed me and made me forget for awhile. i love bios, memoirs and nonfiction, but i will read my favorite novelists, too. i used to be able to read 3 or 4 books a week, easily and remember what i read. now, it is a struggle to get through one book a month. i remember telling my psychiatrist that the day i can no longer read is the day i die. i meant it. i still mean it. so much has been taken away from me because of illness and craziness. if i'm not at work, or visiting my husband, i am sleeping. i hate it. i hate that i cannot read a damn book without falling asleep. i hate it that i can't follow a simple plotline and i hate the fact that i can now read a book, completely forget it so that i can read it again and not remember a damn thing about it. so, i am forcing myself to read something. it is difficult and damn depressing.
think of your most favorite thing to do. now imagine your ability to do that is slowly taken away from you over years. know that it will never be fun for you again. know that it will never get better. now, deal with it.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

torture for Americans only

there are new pictures from Abu Ghraib (from 2003) that have just been released. i would like to say, for the record, i am against torture and the mistreatment of prisoners, especially political prisoners. we do not know what these Iraqi men have been accused of. we do not know why they are being mistreated (for information or for show or for some sick fun?).
i would like to say that NO ONE deserves that kind of treatment, but i honestly don't believe it. some men deserve that kind of treatment and worse. child molesters, rapists and husbands and boyfriends that abuse their wives and girlfriends. people that torture animals. serial killers. no amount of jail time will take away the pedophiles sick desires but jail time with a little something thrown in....maybe. scare the living shit out of them and maybe they'll get it. treat them as badly as they have treated their victims. chemical castration and a little vacation to Bruno the Sodomites secluded cell just might make them see the error of their ways.
just a thought.

Monday, February 13, 2006

in preparation.....

for Valentine's Day, here is some info on St


just cracked open Gil's All Fright Diner. found it while shelving new fiction. includes Earl the vampire, Duke the werewolf and Gil the obese female owner of a diner. she has trouble with zombies, rising from the cemetery next door, scaring off her customers. (seems like a little necromancer can't get enough zombies.) so, Earl and Duke are hired to find out what's up.
also reading Area 51 by Robert Doherty. it's an 10 year old novel, part of a series. had this book for ages! deals with Area 51, UFO's and the Great Pyramid. a little slow, but these are my interests.


currently listening to Predator. i really haven't liked Cornwell's last couple of books and this one is not winning me over either. she has too many plotlines and not enough MEAT. i won't tell you what is wrong with Lucy, but she is sick and it is a STUPID thing. Lucy is just a whiney, self-absorbed bitch. i used to really enjoy Marino, but now he is just a stupid hard ass. never cared for Benton and, well, what a surprise, he and Scarpetta are having love life issues. the killer is dull. hard to follow. why can't she write like she used to?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

snow, how i hate thee

we had snow. no, i'm sorry. i should have said, we had snow. lots of it. i think we have just over 12 inches here in northern RI. i wonder if the library lot will be plowed out. the town is notorious for 'forgetting' to plow the library lot. hey, i know staff doesn't count but think of the patrons...the reason why we will be open. plow the damn lot!

i had to shovel. the snow was light and fluffy which made it easier. still, i had a minor asthma event and now i also have a migraine from all the coughing and hacking. and wheezing.

i actually used Instant Messenger for the first time last night to IM Hinoserm. i guess his phone is running out of minutes ( i think that is just an excuse not to call) and Blobbus doesn't have a phone (also an excuse). how can you not have a phone? dude, even Gilligan had a phone...two coconut halves and hemp rope.

i'm going to watch a movie...Evil Enko. it's about Russia's worst serial killer. he killed maybe 50 kids and i think he ate some of them. i'll never understand cannabalism. hey. Stop and Shop does sell meat, people. no need to eat each other. find a damn cow, would ya?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

mouse died

Hinoserm would be very proud of me. my cordless optical mouse died. took me about 5 minutes to figure this out. not too swift. i replaced the batteries, all on my own, and tried to use the mouse. nothing. then i remembered there were a couple of buttons i had to push. well, in five more minutes, i found them and now the mouse works again! yeah.
been sleeping a lot. feeling weird lately. still having crazy as dreams. some are very dark.
hino....if you are changing your flight again, please let me know ASAP because i am asking for time off for this coming wednesday the 15th. hope you are having a good time and have made it down to SF. call auntie when you get the time and please pick up a few postcards for me! love, mom.
in June, i will get seniority at work, a small pay raise and 3 whole weeks (96 hours) vacation! yeee-haaaa!

super cute

Saturday, February 04, 2006

call home

Hinoserm, call home. i got your flight info in my email. will probably leave work around 6pm on that wednesday.
been spending too much time watching season one of Lost, South Park and thinking about the aliens. no, they are not back, but i have been sleeping with the lights on for a couple of nights now. and the dreams i have been having are long and aliens though. last night i dreamed the library was moved to a Victorian mansion which just happened to be next to my deceased sister's father's store. i dreamed of having another prairie dog in this house and i dreamed of secret passages and i hoped to see Dzadziu again. i liked living in the same house as my place of life, i would hate it. it was a very dark dream full of weirdness and dark thoughts.
the other night, i dreamed my husband adopted a camel and he spent more time with the camel than me. my feelings were hurt. lots of aimless driving in an orange pickup truck.
before that, i dreamed the library was moved to a bowling alley.
i am dead tired!