Thursday, February 23, 2006

how much for Enya?

senior citizen, female, came up to the circ desk and handed my cocircworker an Enya music CD. she said she enjoyed it and wanted to know if we would sell it to her and at what price. er. my coworker said she was sorry, it was not for sale. besides, it was from another library.
this type of thing has happened roughly half a dozen times since i've been at this library. most of the time, patrons want to buy books. often the will say something like, "well, it is old. i thought you might not need it any longer."
so, we are now Rent-To-Own?

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Happy Villain said...

OH YEAH, that happens all the time. I am going to print out little business cards with the and web addresses for these people so they quit asking how much to keep this cool book they found and then fight about the unfair pricing.

At least she didn't offer a book of stamps for the Enya CD.