Saturday, February 25, 2006

more on Aruba

i've been thinking a little more about the Holloway abduction. i wonder how much tourism Aruba has lost due to this crime? Aruban citizens livelihoods are at stake, too. why should they suffer? and how do we KNOW that an Aruban committed the crime? what if Natalee was abducted by a vacationer? what if he is long gone by now? and have the chaperones and fellow students been totally ruled out? i am going to make a prediction. i think Natalee was harmed by someone she knew well...a fellow vacationer. she was harmed, the person freaked and she was either lost at sea or killed. the other scenario...a stranger, also visiting the island, is plausible in my eyes. why else would the abductor/killer be so hard to find?
question: would you still consider vacationing in Aruba? i would.

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