Monday, February 20, 2006

what? you want coffee with that?

i did get to Starbucks today after our visit. i went to one in another town, not the usual one down the street. i was looking at the board, wondering if i should try something different when the cashier lady asked me if she could help me. i said, "i just need one minute, thanks though." she then said, loudly and snottily, "can i help you?!" whoa lady. so, i got flustered and resorted to my regular. i ordered, "a grande cafe latte with extra sugar, please" the cashier said, "a mocha latte with a triple shot. okay." what? WHAT!? i felt like i walked into the twilight zone of Coffeeland. then another lady scooted up and said it was okay and corrected the cashier. that's when i noticed the rather large, clear hearing aid in the cashiers ear. okay. i got it. fine. but then the cashier said to me, "you want sugar? we don't put the sugar in the coffee here." er. the other lady said that she would put in the sugar if i wanted them to. er. yes, please. she mentioned that customers usually put in their own sugar. oh. i didn't realize that. i told her that at MY Starbucks (like i own one) they just add in the sugar and have never said anything to me about it. Jeeeezus. i pay four fucking dollars for a coffee...please don't make a fuss about adding sugar! so then, the cashier piped up and said, "the customers add the sugar." YES. I HEARD THAT THE FIRST TIME and the other lady scooted over and apologized (not that i wanted an apology. no biggie, really. just shut the deaf girl up already.)
so, i'm wondering how many orders potentially get fucked up by the cashier. i can understand that she has trouble hearing but did she also have to be so damned obnoxious? the other lady seems to be the rescuer...or the enabler...correcting her and apologizing to the coffee hounds. i'm going to go there again just to see what happens. it's about time i stirred up some trouble.

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