Saturday, February 04, 2006

call home

Hinoserm, call home. i got your flight info in my email. will probably leave work around 6pm on that wednesday.
been spending too much time watching season one of Lost, South Park and thinking about the aliens. no, they are not back, but i have been sleeping with the lights on for a couple of nights now. and the dreams i have been having are long and aliens though. last night i dreamed the library was moved to a Victorian mansion which just happened to be next to my deceased sister's father's store. i dreamed of having another prairie dog in this house and i dreamed of secret passages and i hoped to see Dzadziu again. i liked living in the same house as my place of life, i would hate it. it was a very dark dream full of weirdness and dark thoughts.
the other night, i dreamed my husband adopted a camel and he spent more time with the camel than me. my feelings were hurt. lots of aimless driving in an orange pickup truck.
before that, i dreamed the library was moved to a bowling alley.
i am dead tired!

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