Sunday, February 19, 2006

what i have vs what i want

what i want is a Grande Cafe Latte with extra sugar from Starbucks. what i have is a store-brand suisse mocha naturally and artificially flavored instant coffee beverage. i could have the Starbucks coffee if i wasn't too lazy to go out on my one day off (off work/no visits). and it's cold outside. and i'd have to get out of my pj's.
what i want is a baked chicken dinner with all the fixin's. what i have is a can of Bush's Maple Cured Bacon baked beans. oh, wait. i can't have the beans because my hand held can opener broke. damn. guess i'll have to settle for the Bagel Bites. but i really wanted the beans.
have you ever been hungry for something decent to eat, but all you have in the house is weird canned goods, old hard candy and fudgicles? have you ever just stood around in your kitchen hoping that by some crazy magic, the food you are craving will appear out of thin air? have you ever opened and reopened your cupboards and fridge a thousand times looking for the one thing you want that you just might have missed the 40th time you looked? well, that's what i have been doing.
i really should go out and get some food.

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Happy Villain said...

I do that too. In fact, I have insomnia right this moment and haven't slept all night, so, of course, I get hungry every 6 or so hours when I'm awake. I stared at the food supply for probably a half hour, wearing a path from pantry to fridge. I finally spotted a box of cornbread mix, which I instantly developed a craving for and made it for breakfast. They were yummy conrbread muffins.

My boyfriend had a buddy who died (heart attack) while standing in his kitchen, staring into his fridge. Boyfriend said, "That's a good way to go." I thought about it. Maybe he's right.