Friday, February 24, 2006

Aruba, enough already!

this is going to sound heartless...just thought i'd mention that right off. some may be terribly offended and i certainly don't want to hurt anyone close to this story. here goes...
i am tired of hearing about Natalee Holloway. a teen goes off to a sunny, temping isle, fools around, maybe drinks a little, maybe plays with boys and goes missing. it is a sad story. if i were her parents, i would do just what they are doing. but listen...CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc....there are thousands of missing children in this country! what of them? it seems we only have time for the blue-eyed blondes, the perky, white young women. what about black and hispanic and asian missing kids? what about the runaways that are used and abused daily in this country? what about the prostitutes who are butchered, the welfare mom's that are murdered and dumped and never heard from again? what about missing teenage BOYS? seems we only hear about teen boys when they shoot up a school. why don't you give the parents of the less fortunate a voice?
if your child is missing, i pray that they are young (but not too young), white (the blonder, the better) and from a wealthier (atleast upper middle class) family, otherwise, you will never have Dr Phil in your court. Fox will not show your teary eyes on their news channel. nope. you are on your own and you'll be lucky if Kinkos will even give you a discount for running off Missing Child flyers.
and to Natalee's mom...yes, your daughter might have went off with a boy or two, had a drink, maybe gambled, disobeyed chaperones and generally acted like a teenager without parents around to mess with her fun. IF IF IF she did these things, they are normal. Normal. any of these would not make her a bad person. so, stop trying to tell us she was an ANGEL, practically Laura Ingalls Wilder. she was just an average, normal, curious teenage girl. and not everyone on that island is guilty, either. not every boy was out to get your daughter. my sister has been to Aruba. it is beautiful. the people are friendly. how long can we smeer such a beautiful place and the people who live there?
i just had to write this. CNN was making me crazy!

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