Monday, February 20, 2006


short visit. Maniac Mike has been back on his Poptart kick for over a week (of visits) now. today, i ate one. a whole one. it was gross but oddly pleasing. easy on the teeth.
well, i finally saw the Underwear Gnome (convicted of kiddie porn) stand up against the board (where inmates hang their badges) today. he is not quite a midget, but not tall enough to be called short, either. when the inmates were being patted down before joining the visitors, MM heard a guard ask the Gnome if he jsut rolled out of bed. he looked like he had never washed his hair, ever, and his clothes were way more wrinkled than anything i have ever worn to work. he is just so creepy. all the Chesters are creepy...every single one LOOKS like what you would expect a Chester to look like. now i know child molesters can be found anywhere in the population and they can be anybody and not every one of them looks odd or scuzzy or creepy. but, it just seems like all these Chesters who get visits ARE odd, scuzzy or creepy.
we also saw Professor Quirrell. his mullet headed girlfriend is always visiting. really, he looks more like Voldemort's bald head that writhed out of the back of Quirrell's own head. this guy had a tiny bald head. really small, totally hairless. no eyebrows that i can see. his head is so small that i wonder if he might've ran into some headhunters. his girlfriend's head is twice as large as his. weird.
then Lois Lane showed up. she's new. she came to see The-Guy-Who-Talks-To-Himself. he is a total wack job. he will sit at one of the tables in the rec room all by himself and carry on long, detailed conversations. he'll even ask questions, then answer himself. i saw him for the first time today, though i have been hearing about him for a long time. when he was sitting alone while Lois Lane got up to get something out of the vending machines, he started talking to himself. when she left and he sat alone, he talked to himself. Lois Lane looked exactly like Karen Allen...the woman who played Lois in the Superman movies with Christopher Reeves. i think that's her name. she's crazy now...didn't they find her naked in some bushes once, with no teeth or something? well, this woman was the spitting image of the crazy Karen Allen.
it's always a party in the visiting room. you never know who will show up!
Edit: i think Margo Kidder is the actress i'm thinking of. they look exactly the same. which one went crazy? now i think it must be Kidder. any info would help.

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