Tuesday, May 01, 2007

apartment hunting

trying to find an apartment is not easy. so far, the apartment i DO want can be found at ashtonmill.com, floor plan AP. it faces the Blackstone, is up and over a large bridge and down the road from work. literally 3 minutes without traffic. with traffic. i may have just enough time to grab a coffee (ie 15 minutes with traffic). right now, it takes me 12 minutes, speeding, in good weather and with no school buses in my way and no coffee. ( rhode isalnaders are obsessed with how far they have to drive for anything, especially work. i really did want to live in a highrise in Providence but i did not want to fight the 95 traffic). anyway, this place would be such a step up, but i don't think i can prove the assets that i need even though i can give them a years rent in advance. they do background checks here ( i do hope Hino has not been arreasted by the local deputy, Barney Fife). it would be just Hino and i living there of course, not MM. he wants a house ASAP. wish me luck.
oh, they do take pets, too.