Wednesday, November 30, 2005

two lovely cats

this is Paris....................................................................and Midge.

Monday, November 28, 2005

10 items or less or No Shop Shaw's

i was standing behind a women in the express checkout at Shaw's supermarket today. this women was about 65, had a fur trimmed coat and make-up on. she was slack faced and dumb as a stone. i know this because i, unfortunately had to stand behind her for a good fifteen minutes while she made a mess of cashing out. first, she tried to use a Sierra Mist coupon to buy Coke. it was a Shaw's issued coupon that clearly stated (i could see it from where i was standing) that it was good for $1 OFF Sierra Mist. so, the women GRUNTS and the cashier asks if she wants to get the Sierra Mist. the dumbell women asks "what kind soda is(sic throughout)?" so, the cashier tells her it's like Sprite and the woman says, "Well, for one dollah, i try it". hmmmm, i think. so, cashier sends bagger to get the 12 pack of Sierra Mist. then the cashier rings up a super large bottle of Coffemate and the old dumbell sees it rings in at $3.19. "No. only one-ninety-nine!" cashier checks sale paper and doesn't see it. sends bagger to check the shelf. the woman behind me says, "i'm going to kill her!" and i wasn't entirely sure if she meant the oldie or the cashier. I want to kill the old woman myself. bagger comes back and says that someone dropped a sale tag on the same SHELF as the Coffemate but it's not on sale. cashier asks if the old dumbell if she wants the Coffemate. "how much?" cashier says, "$3.19". the woman says okay, she'd buy it.
now the cashier has finally rung up the order and gives the old bat a total of $11 and change. "why dat?", asks Bat. cashier tells her, adding that the Sierra Mist was $3.99. "No, one dollar. i have de coupon". "no", explains the cashier, "the coupon is for $1 OFF." "oh. i no want it den." the woman behind me says even louder than before, "I'M GOING TO KILL HER!" and now it is clear to me she wants to kill the old woman and come to think of it SO DID I! cashier has to void the soda. pages for someone to come over to do a void. pages again and, one more time. finally someone comes over. the lady behind the lady behind me groans and looks very angry. i shoot daggers at the old woman who pays no attention and just stands around, slack jawed and oblivious. cashier now tells her her order comes to $7 and change. woman pays WITH A FIFTY DOLLAR fucking daughter-of-a-bitch won't buy a $3.99 cas of soda because it costs too much but she pays with a stinkin' fifty. woman behind the woman behind that woman says, "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING?" so now, the 3 of us and the cashier are fucking pissed. we really, really want to see this woman drawn and quartered. i want to bash her over the head with her supersize Coffemate and ram the damn Sierra's down her throat. finally, the bitch-bat pays, takes her bag over to an empty register line and CHECKS OVER THE SLIP! the cashier had put the Coke and Mist on that register's belt to get them out of the way. dingbat, packs up her bags and TAKES THE FUCKING UNPAID FOR SIERRA MIST and puts it in her carriage and walks out. cashier sees and runs over to get her manager and tells her the woman just stole the soda. manager DOES NOTHING! i finally check out and tell the manager that i just spent an eternity waiting for that woman to check out and "you let her get away with stealing the soda." she mumbles. i say, "you should give each of us a case of soda." no response. i am seriously thinking of writing a letter to Shaw's to tell them that i don't appreciate paying higher prices for groceries because that let damn fools steal from them right under their nose and they do NOTHING. oh, i saw the damn Bat get into a car in the parking lot. it was a Lexus.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


well, it's sunday and my last day off. i have:
  • eaten a handful of monterey jack and pepper Doritos. too spicey for me.
  • talked with my husband on the phone, twice.
  • drank one bottle of IBC creme soda.
  • worked a crossword online. took me 15 minutes but i chose the easier level.
  • briefly browsed through some blogs on Blogwise.
  • read 1/2 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. i can't believe how much of it i have forgotten.
  • debated whether i should go out for a burger as i'm having cravings for one. very rare of me to crave meat. i may just pop over to Wendy's later but right now, i am too lazy to get dressed and wander out into the cold.

fascinating life i have. yesterday, before my 6pm visit, i purchased some christmas cards at Hallmark. i was surprised that i got 6 bucks off my purchase. have no idea why. i must spend, easily, a couple hundred bucks a year on cards and stationary and another couple on postage. i TRY to send a letter or two a day to Maniac Mike and he writes me everyday, too. stamps are going up to 39 cents in january and i'm just a tad pissed at that. but i really can't complain about the service. i go to the Manville PO exclusively. i have a box there, for one thing and for another, and more importantly, the staff is wondeful. they know their patron's by name and are always friendly and accurate and willing to help.

i'm going back to my reading. maybe later, i'll blog browse and look for kitties. see ya.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

excellent! just got back from watching the film. it WAS dark...darker than the book in many ways. lots of stuff never made it into the film, but as it was, it was 2 and a half hours long. this was probably my least favorite book next to the last one, which really pissed me off. but the movie is probably my favorite. my favorite book was Prisoner of Azkhaban, and i also like Order of the Phoenix a lot. i am looking forward to Order as a movie.
this is pretty embarrassing but Daniel Radcliffe is a little hunky. certainly, the bathtub scene was meant for all the swooning preteens...i was wondering how they would handle that in the film. showed a little too much skin and Moaning Mirtle was a little too lecherous. the graveyard scene was pretty awesome and those damn Deatheaters damn frightening. could Snape really be one of them still? please, please let the answer be "NO!" Krum was far too good looking...nothing like the hook nosed, heavy browed ogre in the book. i liked Cho Chang far better in the movie than the book. i hate her in the books.
i hate to think it, but i will probably read the book yet again to see what exactly was left out. then i'll read the Half Blood Prince again. i've only read that the one time. i think i have read all the other books 4 times, maybe 5 for Order as i was looking for clues.
i guess i will give the movie four out of five stars just because some things were not covered...but five stars alone for the Quidditch World Cup arena. worth every bit of the $8.50 ticket.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

dumb patrons

we say it like it is:
we have a policy at the library that states patrons must rewind their videocassettes or be charged 25 cents. (why is there no damn cents symbol on my keyboard?). the scene: patron steps up to the counter to check out materials. card is scanned. "you have a small fine of 25 cents for an unrewound video." "oh", says the patron, "aren't these new videos self-rewinding?"

patron steps up to the return desk and hands me 4 DVD's. "i rewound these", he says.

we have a policy at the library that patrons must present their library cards to use our internet/computers. thirteen year old girl steps up to the counter, "can i use a computer?" card is scanned. "you have $2.75 in fines, just to let you know". "what?", shouts the girl, "that's not a credit card. how can i have money on it?" "no, you have fines." "what are fines?", asks the twit. "you returned some books late and we fined you for them." "oh, i'll bring in the money on monday, if i'm here."

i kid you not.

mermaid dream

last night/this morning i dreamed about pregnant mermaids. there was a race of mermaids/mermen living in our oceans. my dream took place in the Atlantic. there also were river and pond mermaids, kind of like ocean and river dolphins. mermaids would come to live among humans for the sole purpose of getting pregnant by human men. apparently, mermen are sterile and are all tail, no dick. so, to keep the race going, mermaids come to live among us, searching for sperm donors. they don't just 'get laid', but form relationships with men and even marry them. then, when the maids get pregnant and are close to delivery, they leave the humans flat and return to the water. these pregnant mermaids must then present themselves to the merking, who then decides if the merbaby is worth keeping. merbabies worth keeping must have the mergene that allows them to live underwater (as well as on land) and grow a tail. if the merembryo is more human then merman, the kid is aborted or murdered upon delivery.
the merking was a real bastard. he was cruel and saw mermaids only as babymaking machines. he had no problem killing babies or mothers. sometimes, a mermom would fall in love with the human and decide to stay on land. they would be summoned to the king under pretense of well-wishes and then be tortured and killed for falling in love with a human. sometimes mermoms would want to keep their human babies. they would also be hunted down and slaughtered. the merking was a ruthless son of a bitch. i hated him in my dream and i hate him even now.
if the merembryo was 'worth' keeping, the merking would blow his spirit into the womb of the mermother. this would 'make' him the 'father' of the merbaby and ALL the merbabies that have been born since he became king.
yes, a truly fucked up dream. i have no idea why i thought of mermaids. it may have something to do with The Goblet of Fire, which i plan on seeing tonight with Hinoserm. mermaids played a role in that book.

sex slaves nyc

hi. here i am on a saturday afternoon, working on my blog. oh, i guess i could be out shopping (NOT!) with the crowds...who the HELL would find that enjoyable?
before i go way off tangent...i wonder why i called this blog "punk penguins", 'cause i never write about punk or penguins. Hmmmmmm. i will have to fix that.
my hubbie sent me 3 new CD's this week. the one i am listening to now is Sex Slaves NYC. they are much more 'pop' than 'punk' but i like them a lot. heavy emphasis on catchy lyrics, music sorta substandard but it works. i like a song i can scream along to. the Slaves remind me a little of Black Flag...i'm thinking of TV Party and Rise Above. the Slaves are best known for their wicked floor shows...naked or nearly naked women making out and writhing and all kinds of wildness, none of which i have seen. Hinoserm would never agree to go to a punk show. he's conservative. oh, and a geek. very happy about that!
you can find the Slaves at or at Radical Records, 77 Bleecker St, NYC 10012. they are sssslllllooooowwww to respond. my hubbie ordered this CD more than a month ago. it was worth the wait.

Hayabusa-The Falcon

it is believed that Hayabusa, the Japanese asteroid probe, has collected debris but we won't know for sure until it's return in 2007. the debris could contain material from the birth of the solar system.

Friday, November 25, 2005

weeping Mary

this is a photo of a statue of Our Blessed Mother which has wept red tears. the statue is on the grounds of a Vietnamese Catholic church in Sacramento, California.
i have always been fascinated with Marian Apparitions and weeping statues and stigmata and all that Catholic mysticism. personally, i am devoted to the Virgin as she has helped me all my life and it was because of Her help i got through a really rough childhood. having said that, i am not the religious type though i am fascinated by Religions. i am a Catholic, but not a very good one. i hardly ever attend mass and i observe meatless fridays most of the time (i usually forget) and i pray for the saints to intercede for me and i do pray the Rosary but that's about it. my faith goes deeper than these trappings. my very basic belief is that there is a God (or Creator or One Being) and we are all under His/Her care and hopefully, we will all return to the One when our lives here are done. simple. i also believe in a purgatory where are souls go after death to be purged. i believe we are shown our lives, our goodness and wickedness, which helps us to better understand our souls. maybe some of us reincarnate, i don't know. MY goal is to NOT ever come back here and to be at one with God, oh, and to see all my lovely "pets" again. actually, that is a BIG one...i won't rest in heaven if my pets aren't there.

male bordello

i realize i haven't been writing anything of any substance lately. i have fallen into the trap of happily posting pictures on this blog. i love it, it's fun but i realize i need to write more often. as it is almost 2am here in Rhode Island, this will be a short one. i just had to comment on Heidi Fleiss opening a male bordello in Nevada. she'll have gorgeous men to service women for a price. YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAA! alright! it's about time, too. see, men can go out and find a "date" for the night, no strings (but cash) attached but women have to end up in a relationship before they can play because society has told us time and time again that we are not supposed to desire sex without commitment. sometimes, i just want sex and not a relationship...not even a date. so, Heidi dear, go for it! just don't stock any guys that look like Mel Gibson. try for the Johnny Depp types, okay?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

alien bumper sticker

turkey day

well, here is one blog that won't be showing dinner spreads and roasting turkeys and people with huge stomachs, burping and watching football. you would not believe how many of them i have blogged through today. some bloggers who have not blogged in weeks and months have rushed to their computers to upload their turkey dinner pictures. i'm sure we will have a repeat of these for Christmas with zillions of little kids unwrapping presents and sitting on Santa's knee. oh, how precious. NOT!
okay, so we know you are not starving and have a tv and family that gives a shit about you. so fucking what. i want to see pictures of turkeys splatted on floors and food fights between in-laws and wives smacking their lazy ass husbands upside the head and yelling at them to get in the damn kitchen and help clean up the mess.
i am bitter, yes. i had an Nestle iced tea in a can and peanut M&M's with my husband at our thanksgiving day visit. of course, i am happy we HAD a just so happened to fall on today. then, i went home and had Green Giant rice pilaf from the microwave for my dinner. i was invited to family dinner, but i hate the arguing and i hate the fact that i am never really able to participate. my mother always says something hurtful to me, and she still doesn't know that i am MARRIED so i have to hide my wedding band. yes, i have a fucked up family life and yes, i am depressed about it. i am sure that i am not alone here. if you have a similar or even WORSE family life, then i give you big Kudos for hanging on. keep hanging on, okay? and, if you, like me, get seriously depressed during the holidays...they pass. just hang on with me and we'll make it through this season as we always have. maybe with a few too many pills and a little too much alchohol and some illegal drugs and, in my case, lots of shiney razorblades, we'll pull through. if no one else will, i will give you LOTS OF CREDIT just for plugging along. you are thought of even if it's from an anonymous blogger in cyberspace...and i'm hear to listen. thanks for listening to me!

cat ans cupcake

cats in sink

cat picture

make poverty GO AWAY

okay...small rant here. while blogsurfing, i often come across blogs with the Make Poverty banner in the right upper corner of their blog. this stops me from hitting the "next blog" button to go forward to the next blog. so, i have to backtrack and hope the next blog doesn't have a banner. also, why do folks get rid of the buttons altogether? this is a pain in the ass. does anyone else out there just like to browse?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

videocassettes to go bye bye

i heard a rumour that videocassettes wil no longer be produced starting next year. is this true? if it is HURRAY! normally, i am not one to taut new technology, having a suspicious mind and believing the government uses all new tech to spy on us (what? me paranoid?) but this is a good thing, no?

eye exam

cat picture

this is Beaches from

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

cotton candy

i'm addicted to cotton candy. lately, it is my favorite late night snack. i got hooked on it while renting movies at Hollywood Video. they sold tinfoil bags of cotton candy and i would buy one each time i rented movies. then, i discovered that WALMART sold buckets of cotton candy in various flavors for a dollar a bucket. so, i buy my cotton candy there. my favorite flavours are banana, green apple and blue raspberry.
do you remember the days at carnivals and amusement parks where cotton candy was spun infront of you, spun onto a white paper cone? that was magical to me. pure delight. i could've done without the sticky fingers, but i managed! now don't get me started on candy apples.

i dare u 2 look at this pic & not feel warm & fuzzy

betcha can't do it! this prairie dog is almost as cute as Queequeg.

cat picture

kitty picture, unnamed from

blogging questions

home from work...yadda, yadda, yadda. same old thing, same old patrons and same old coworkers. sigh. lately, i haven't had any desire to do much of anything. i get to work and i have no ambition. i kind of walk throught the day, do what i need to do without much enthusiasm. i have been feeling weird since i started on the Cymbalta but this may just be a coincidence. i miss my husband every day. i have no energy to do anything that i want to do let alone what i need to do. i'm sure there are many of you that feel the same. isn't it a bitch? i would really like to be able to stay home and play on the computer, finding photos and stories to use on this blog. i have a question: How much time do you spend on your blog each day? also, how much time do you spend reading other blogs each day? do you wish you could spend more time blogging or are you satisfied with the time you have? i know, that's more than one question, so sue me.

cat picture

this lovely little kitty is Nala. check out her 'owner' blog at

can i see your kitty?

i would really like to post some pictures of your cats on this blog. if you'd like to share a photo of your cat, please direct me to your site. i will mention your cats name and i will add a link to your site. if you haven't read the book already, i recommend "Bad Cats". i will post more info on it later. it is hilarious!


doesn't it bother you when people litter? the most creative rational for throwing an apple core out the window is "it will plant seeds for other trees to grow". and of course, our highways are lined with apple trees--right next to the cigarette bush.
---Nick Arnette

Sunday, November 20, 2005


this is a wonderful children's book all about mobile libraries for children around the globe. books are delivered by boat, camel, elephant and 1,000's of books are trekked long distances through jungles just to get them in the hands of children who LOVE them! we don't know how lucky we are in the western world, to have access to so much information...and not just the internet but BOOKS. real, honest to goodness paper books! if you have a kid and love libraries, please check this book out!


this is the seventh book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. Laurell K Hamilton's writing gets better as she writes more books. i am reading this series mostly because my husband is a big fan of Hamiltons. there is so much action in these books that it actually tires me out. and almost all her men are "beautiful"...not handsome, but girlishly beautiful. i'm not big on beautiful men. i like my men to look like MEN. still, these books are fun and easy to thinking required. it bothers me that the likes of JD Robb aka Nora Roberts would praise these books. normally, i would not read anything associated with the junk Nora Roberts writes. all those old- lady- reader writers suck...Danielle Steel, Maeve Binchey, Fern Michaels, Jackie Collins, Barbara Delinsky...nothing i would ever, ever read. god, if i am ever seen reading Danielle Steel, someone please pluck my eyeballs out because i'd just be abusing then anyway!

visit these blogs

this is a picture of Ziggy from has a super cool blog called Haunt Me. lots of lists and haunting pictures and words. weird news...did you know Vermont suceeded from the union in October? want to know what MIT found out about tinfoil hats? go here! not sure what i think of this blogger, but she is leading an interesting life trekking/hitchhiking around the country.

visit these blogs

Lithuanian crosses

bush falling among bubbles

check out this eerily relaxing "bush falling among bubbles" webpage. you can click on Georgie and drag him around. lots of fun. . i found this link on a cool blog


Everything is going to be automated in the future. Even Emergency 911: "Thank you for calling Emergency 911. If you're being murdered, press 1. If you're suffering from a split personality, press 2, 3 and 4. If you're battling Satan, press 666. If you are being assaulted, press pound, pound, pound. If you're already dead, stay on the line, and an operator will be with you shortly."
---Adam Christing

power vampires

NY TIMES....according to a recent NY Times article, consumers in the United States spend $1 billion a year to power electronic devices that have been turned off...such as cell phone rechargers, large screen tv's and cable boxes. i don't think it mentioned computers but i haven't read the whole article. i do not ever turn off my computer unless we are having a thunderstorm. it's on all the time. Hinoserm told me to do this and he explained why but i forget why. when it comes to computers and electronics, i just do whatever he says. he could say, "stand in front of your monitor and twirl around three times and say 'work, work,work' to turn the computer 'on' " and i would do it because, yes, you've heard it before...i an THAT computer illiterate!

alaskan bird rescue

this is an Alaskan bird rescue site. i love the work they are doing even though i have a nasty hawk problem. my prairie dog's house was on a table by a large window and one day a HUGE hawk smashed into the window. the hawk did this three times. we called animal control and were told "it's illegal to shoot them". duh. didn't want to shoot it but did want to know if it would break through the window. the animal control officer told us to put X's of masking tape on the window and move "the guinea pig". well, we put tape on the windows but fuck, why should Queequeg lose his prime viewing spot because of a dumb, hungry hawk? we pushed him back from the window and left the blinds down until someone was around to keep and eye out for the damn hawk. now that queequeg has passed away, guess what? the hawk flew into the window again! just a dumb bird after all. see this site

check out this blog

love this picture. please check out

Thursday, November 17, 2005

the Devil's Rejects

i just got through watching the Devil's Rejects unrated version. i can't see why it was pulled from theatres. it wasn't any worse than House of a Thousand Corpses, really. i'm not sure whether i liked the movie or not. i can say i liked House a hell of a lot more. that clown is so gross, it made me sick watching him. i kind of like Otis, though. if he cleaned himself up a bit and stopped sleeping with rotting corpses, he might not be that bad. i would love to hear what you might think of the movie and especially whether you prefered House or Devil. on a whole, i give this movie ///.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

the Devil's Rejects

i haven't watched the movie yet, but i bought it and House of a Thousand Corpses at Best Buy. it cost me $20 for both of them. my husband really liked the movie...they showed it at the prison. has anyone seen it? i am saving it for a night when i have the movie bug and i need a great movie. let me know if you liked it and if you thought it was better or worse than House of a Thousand Corpses. that movie was awesome.

hello again, hello

well, it's been along time. i have been fighting gallbladder pain and trying to keep from getting operated on. i have also had no desire to do much of anything but read the Laurell K Hamilton "Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter" series. i'm now up to book number seven called Burnt Offerings. in the previous book, The Killing Dance, she finally slept with one of her's either the vampire or the werewolf but i won't tell you which in case you decide to read them. i would prefer the werewolf if he wasn't such a namby pamby in human form. the vampire is too 'pretty boy' for me.

i have also started writing my own book. i've had several ideas in my head and have written down many many notes but i have never actually sat down and "begun". so, i have begun. i won't be sharing it here, atleast not for long while. i don't fell confident enough to share.

well, Halloween has come and gone but i still live in a halloween bedroom. the decor doesn't's halloween all year round. we finally finished off the halloween candy at work. we had pounds and pounds of it! i'm sure this contributed to my gallbladder trouble somewhat. also, i was drinking coffee like mad with lots of cream. i have given up coffee for a month. i did it for my deceased prairie dog who is not happy with the lack of attention he's getting in heaven. i warned them that he was extra demanding. so, i've given up coffee to commiserate. i can have it again on December 10th. it's just a mini-lent kind of thing.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

house with bride

for those who are interested: a woman is selling her house for $600,000 and she goes with it. here is her picture and the picture of her home. i wonder which desperate slob will "buy it"?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

three movies

three movies:
Undead...excellent! a unique zombie/alien adventure set in Australia. this movie was even better than the trailer suggested. funny, with great characters. it never stops. rent it. you won't regret it. /////
Nothing...two loser friends wish the world away and have Nothing to cope with. a great script, interesting story. makes you think. not really resolved at the end but the turtle lives on. ////
Day of the Dead 2: Contagion...slow, no story, no characters to care about. more nothing than Nothing. i watched 30 minutes worth before i got bored. steer clear. /

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

mommie blog madness

i was reading a mommie blog. this mommie had a new baby. she listed one of the things she did not like about mommiehood was the late night shit explosions. i think she said poop explosion, but shit is shit. let's not sugar coat it. (yuck! sugar-coated shit!) according to her, a late night shit explosion is a diaper full of runny shit, that leaks up the babies back and down the legs and out onto the sheets and mattress. this entails a late night bath and cleanup. see, this is why i HATE mommie blogs. i did not need to read this. yes, i had to deal with shit explosions, but i did not write about them, EVER, or even discuss them with another human being. they happened, so? and any new mommie who has time for a blog is not suffering enough. new babies take up ALL your time. every single second. there is rarely time for a shower, especially if you're a single parent or your husband is a jerk. even if you have a spouse to help you with the new baby, you still won't have time to blog. so i am suspect of all the "new mommie" blogs. i think they are just making them up, trying to gain sympathy or something. a mommie with a new baby would only have enough time to blog, "Help, i'm drowning in....." (laundry, poop, formula, puke, etc). trust me. been there.

where's my muse?

i am bone dry. my writing muse has departed. i can't think of a damn thing to write about. don't you just hate the dry spells? how do break the writer's block?
i spent Halloween at my sister's house with Hinoserm. we got about 15 trick-or-treaters, so we have tons of candy left over. i'm surprised by how few treaters there were considering the night was beautiful and relatively warm. oh well. more candy to bring to work. we are overloaded with chocolate and it's wonderful. the three of us watched Bewitched. we put out a dead supper for my beloved prairie dog, hoping he'd come and visit. we had no lasagne, his favorite, but we did have his favorite cookies. god, i miss him terribly. someday, i will tell you all about him and post pictures, but his loss is still too hard to deal with right now. i forgot to ask my husband how his Samhain ritual went. we had a visit Halloween afternoon. short but sweet. i wore a little black dress with fishnets and put on lots of make-up which made him happy.
Hinoserm's website was shown on Fox news...Ginkosoft. he had know idea that it would be. i still don't know exactly what he does. i do know he's going to a convention in january. don't know what he does at these conventions, either. they probably have geek strippers with heavy black eyeglasses talking all technical and giving them laptop dances. geeks will rule the world next, right after this era of the fundamentalist yahoos. it will be a much better era, too. we will all be wired!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Movies

i watched three movies on Halloween.

Bewitched...cute, but not like the tv series. hated the actor who played Uncle Arthur but the actress who played Aunt Clara was not too bad. i can't stand Will Ferret (sic) at all! my favorite part of the movie was Kidman's wardrobe. ///

House of Wax...the original. i'm a sucker for Vincent Price movies. i grew up with them. this HoW still stands the test of time. don't expect much gore. ////

House of Wax...2005. excellent movie. loved the special effects and the concept of an actual house made of wax. creepy, gorey, excellent Halloween movie. also, Paris Hilton gets skewered in the head!!! for that alone, i give it /////

Ice ancient woman is found. Pleistocene era chick. she's kidnapped and the plane goes down in a ski resort village. the crash causes an avalanche and the resort is covered in snow. several people are inside. the Pleistocene bitch turns into an ice woman/creature that goes on a killing spree. this movie is terrible. in one scene, the "hero" fights the ice queen in the kitchen. they have already been in a frozen building for over an hour yet the hero find a pan of boiling hot water to throw on the creature. no why is the water so hot? also, the ancient ice queen knew how to use a doorknob and knows that milk is in a carton and she knows how to open it and drink from it. there were cows and dairies in the pleistocene? right. this movie gets NO SLASHES for stupididty.