Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hot or Not

"Jaded, brooding and cynical"...PERFECT! and he's a dinosaur hunter! sweet doggie.

Hot or Not

a very quick hotornot search tonight brought up this guy, who is cute but mentioned 'work' far too many times in his small post. either he is unemployed or a workaholic.

Citgo Sign

BOSTON --A city councilor wants to take down the famed Citgo sign in Kenmore Square in response to controversial remarks by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who called President Bush "the devil."But after Chavez called President Bush "the devil" during a speech Wednesday at the United Nations, Councilor Jerry McDermott said the sign has to go. Citgo is subsidiary of Venezuela's state oil company. McDermott wants replace the sign with an American flag."Given the hatred of the United States displayed by dictator Hugo Chavez, it would be more fitting to see an American flag when you drive through Kenmore Square," McDermott told The Boston Herald. "I think people would soon forget the Citgo sign."

i will not forget the Citgo sign! and who DOESN'T hate the United States, huh?

skinny kids update/visit

Martinez was moved to F mod and this should be the last time i see those skinny kids. tonight, i was sure the boy was getting to drink a Pepsi as he had the bottle in front of him and was fondling it lovingly, but when dad sat down, the kid unscrewed the cap (that he had been kissing) and put the drink right infront of his dad. he didn't even get to take a sip first. neither kid ate or drank a thing but mom and dad did. maybe, just maybe, the kids have food allergies, Celiac's Disease or are diabetic and can't eat junk food. i hate thinking that their parents just don't want to spend the coinage to give these kids something to eat or drink.
anyway, we had a visit tonight. i met a woman with extraordinarily long hair who had flown up from Florida to see a friend. i guess he calls her because she mentioned the phone bill and she visited him in Florida and knew all the visiting rules for visits down there. she said he was released from Stark (which Maniac Mike finds interesting since Stark inmates are longtimers and that's where they keep Ol' Sparky), then got into trouble here and is back in prison. i asked this woman how flying was now and she didn't understand what i was asking. i just wanted to know if she had any problems, if it is tense, etc compared to the time i was flying but the question was beyond her. finally, she just said she checked everything. when i flew down for weekends, i never checked a bag, i carried everything i wanted on the plane with me. i was only able to do that because i kept clothes, toiletries and all kinds of junk at MM's house. this made things so much easier. the bad thing is, my special 20 year old hot curlers are still down there and i miss them. i don't want to ask my mother-in-law to go through the trouble of mailing them back.
so, MM won our card games 6 to 1. i think it was 5 to 1. he kept baiting me with "Loser" and making the loser 'L' sign with his hand. i just called him an asshole, then i reminded him yet again of the day i beat him 7-zip. i told him that that was the day that i humiliated him like the Sox humiliated the Yankees and he said, "how many times are 'you people' (meaning Boston fans) gonna use that? that's ancient history." HELL NO! i will use that till the day i die and never let a Yankee fan forget it. granted, MM is a Boston fan and hates the Yankees, too. he just doesn't like his humiliation thrown in his face. next time, i am going to have to beat him at cards or i will never hear the end of it.
then we talked about Chavez calling Bush 'the Devil' and MM told me that they are even thinking of taking the historic Citgo sign down from behind Fenway Park!!!!!! Jeezus H Christ...what is wrong with this country? who fucking cares that some South American dictator called Bush the insult to the Devil i may add. who cares? big whoop. it's okay for Bush to call entire countries (and the citizens by default) an Axis of Evil but Bush gets his wittle feelings hurt if he gets called the Devil. can we all GROW UP? they better not put their stinkin' hands on that Citgo sign! hell, i'm going to find a Citgo station and buy all my gas there. i think there is one over the line in Massachusetts.

joke (stolen from a post-er on Cuteoverload)

A proton and an electron walk into a bar.
The proton says to the electron, hey I think im missing something.
The electron says, are you sure?
The proton replies, I'm positive.

Friday, September 29, 2006

longest nails

this US woman has the longest nails according to the Guinness Book of World Records. i think this is GROSS! how the hell does she wipe her ass???

skinny kids update

the skinny kids' dad is out of seg and back in B-Right. not B-Left with the Chesters and the Rippers, but BR with all the normal cons...y'know, the thieves, drug dealers and murderers. usually when an inmate gives a guard shit, they send him to another mod, away from the guard. maybe this guard wants to fuck with him. maybe Martinez is being set up.
when i entered the waiting area, i was bumbed to see both skinny kids and their mom. they are as skinny as ever and this time, the boy forgot to take his Ritalin because he was all over the place and beating on his sister. not play fighting but actually hitting her, hard. she was hitting back but the boy was just whacking on her. they were laughing, even though the punching MUST have hurt and the mother, after about 5 minutes, finally tried to stop them. at one point, both of the kids were sitting on her lap punching each other. now these kids are skinny, but they are tall and must be 9 or 10, if not older. more and more, i see them fighting, hitting, punching, and they always laugh about it. sometimes the mother laughs, too.
we did not see the kids eat though they BOTH always go up to the vending machines with the mother. ALWAYS. the mom is incapable of using a machine on her own.
Maniac Mike had a can of YooHoo and a can of Coke, a bag of Baked Lays, Grandma's chocolate chip cookies and a Swiss Roll. i attempted to eat Cheetos (which has no wheat in them!) and drink a Barq's rootbeer. i threw half away. is there an H in Cheetohs?
another person who is back is Fantasia's crack whore/epileptic wife...the one who could not get her act together enough to keep her kid out of a foster home. she's the one who i once gave a ride to and swore i never would again. she did not once say 'thanks' or acknowledge that i had to go in the opposite direction and way off my path to drive her crack-ass home. and all she could talk about was not being able to find her food stamp card and if she didn't have her food stamp card to show the judge at court in the morning, they would take her girl away. well, i guess she never found the card because it has been two years and the little girl is still in foster care. we know because social services brings her to visit her father. i wonder if the mother ever sees her. anyway, she was at the visit today and she got up to leave right after me and followed me to the door. i thought she was going to ask for a ride for sure but she didn't. i saw her in the parking lot using her call phone and i left quickly. the last thing i had heard about her was she was in a group home in Newport (way down south). i guess she is back.

Hot or Not

the last words on his post were, "and i'm very, very oral (sorry!)." dude, that is not something to apologise for!

High or Not

pretty hot dude doing, er, time in Afghanistan. is that what i think it is? no wonder we can't find Bin Laden?


i watched Poseidon last night and i thought it sucked big time. where was the climbing Christmas tree? the cast was all second rate or once top rated actors who are older than hell. Richard Dreyfuss (sp?) played, i think, a gay man who was broken up with his boyfriend and was about to throw himself over the side of the boat when he saw this huge rogue wave coming towards him. now, one would think that that would have been the PERFECT time to throw oneself overboard if suicide were the goal. no, instead, he runs back into the ballroom. i had no feelings for any of the characters like i did with the original. didn't care who lived or died. the upsidedown boat wasn't even any fun as all i could see was water, water, water and endless, unrecognizable debris.

an idea for Nascar Scene

had a visit tonight. we played gin and Maniac Mike won by one game. this has been twice in a row and he was bragging, so i reminded him of the night that i beat him seven games in a row and he was as embarrassed as a Yankee in the 2004 playoffs with Boston. HA! we were also talking about Nascar...i wanted to know things like: have any tires fell off cars, has a car crashed into the stands, anyone hit by lightning, major know, the good stuff. he tried to tell me about the, no...the, the...whatever you call it when they pick the top ten drivers. then we talked about Nascar having 3 dead months and what Nascar Scene, a weekly, writes about when there are no races. i suggested that they publish the size of all the driver's dicks. wouldn't you want to know who had the biggest dick (you know it ain't Gordon!). i would. hell, then i might actually become interested in the races. better yet, let 'em all pose driver per issue. make it a centerfold. that would be good for 40something issues and hell, i'd read it then.
while we were playing cards, MM started singing this weird song, "there ain't no bugs on mugs may have bugs, but there ain't no bugs on me". something like that. i asked them if that was the new prison inmate song, like Johnny Cash and the Folsom Prison Blues...or even The Amazombies "there's a riot goin' on" and he switched to Ramones songs. i really thought i would beat him at cards tonight. he really hates to lose.
i got a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks w/whipped cream and just the right amount of sugar (several tablespoons) and the Barista even sprinkled some Nutmeg and spices on top. it is very good. and it only cost me $22.50.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Obsessive complusive cat flushing the toilet

Cat obsessively keeps flushing the toilet over and over again

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

new employees Running With Scissors

our 'new' page got a call today telling her she can come in on monday and start her job. great! another badly needed page. yahoo! now, the reason why we still have not hired the part-timer is becasue the boss wants to check her references. JHC! it's a 19 hour a week job that pays a dollar above minimum and has no perks whatsoever. she is, in my opinion, PERFECT for the job, we ALL think so, we ALL like her....just hire her! what is the 'reference' gonna tell us, "oh, she's an ax murderer but she always shows up on time." in my WHOLE working life, do you know how many of my references were checked? NONE!
so, my circhead and i worked alone on the desk tonight as we have been since J left and she said to me, "we really don't need anyone else on wednesday night. we always get it all done anyway." meanwhile, i am holding my side from pain and i'm exhausted because of all the work IIIIIIIIII did while she was making phone calls to her friends (and some calls to patrons). keep in mind, i HAD to work tonight because i could not leave only one person on the desk and then feel bad that someone else had to be called in to replace me. so, YES, i would like a third person on wednesday nights, just like there are 3 people on every other night.
now, let's talk about the book club biddies. god how i hate them. they all come in at the same time, all talk at once and jump over each other to ask if we are holding any copies of next month's book. we had one book. we had to order the rest for each patron. as i am placing a hold for one biddy, a young biddy said, "oh, put me on hold, too". no, that's not how it works. how long have you been coming here? you know i need your card to place a hold and i don't know your name off the top of my head and i don't care to know your name, so just wait one stinkin' minute while i help this patron who was here before you.
the next book they will be reading is Running With Scissors! HAHAHAHAHAHA! this amuses me to no end. i have read the book, LOVE the author but those little biddies are gonna be shocked by the content. oh, i cannot wait to hear all about the next meeting. i really wonder why our librarians picked this book (yes, it is fabulous) for old biddies, other than it is being made into a movie. if you have not read the book, you MUST. and then read everything else by Augusten Burroughs. trust me.

"are you gonna do anything about it?"

the last patron of the night, the very last one, just HAD to be a prick. oh, no, he couldn't have been a nice patron, he had to be a dickhead. i've never seen him before either, nor his two little boys. gee, i wonder if they'll grow up to be pricks, too.
so, the guy (late 30's) steps up to the desk 2 minutes after we should have been shut down and 12 minutes after our internet stations should have been off for the night. he ignored all warnings about getting off the computer and checking out promptly. he asks for his card which we hold at the desk while he used one of our public computer stations. he was on computer G. (side note: our computers are in rows like this...A,G,L,B,C,D,E,M,F and H and I in the back by reference. you must see the logic, right?).
anyway, he had a book he previously checked out. we do not desensitize our books. the security tags set off the alarm in a gate on the way out whether the book has been checked out or not. so, i ask this guy for the book and tell him i will "pass it through".
prick: it's already been checked out.
me: okay. i'll just pass it around.
prick: i said that i already checked it out.
me: I KNOW. but if i don't pass it around the gate, the book will set off the security alarm.
prick: but i already checked it out.
me: (grabs the damn book...slides it around the counter and begins to stamp his 2 DVDs) there. it's all set. i'll check these out.
prick: well, don't you have to run them through a magnet or something so they don't set off the alarm?
me: SIR, see that GATE?? that is the security gate. whatever you take through that gate sets off the alarm. that is why i took your book and placed your DVDs on this (other) side of the counter (you dumbass...get the fuck out of my sight!).
prick: oh. other libraries run their stuff through a desensitizer.
me: yeah, well, each library is different (asswipe).
prick: oh, by the way, computer G has a problem.
me: okay, thanks. goodnight.
prick: well, aren't you gonna do anything about it?
now it is 8 o'clock and checkout should be shut down and i should already be on my way to the backroom to get my stuff so i can leave. he sees that ALL the lights in the building are off, the computers have all been turned off by my coworker and he is the last damn fucker in the place. yeah, i'm gonna stay late and fix the damn computer that worked FINE ALL DAY until you got to it.
me: i will tell the computer tech to look at it in the morning. have a NICE night. (i shut the light off in his face).
why do so many people insist on telling us how to do our job? hey, you wanna work here and become my boss, then go ahead and try. then maybe you can tell me how to do my fucking job. otherwise, shut up and get the hell outta the library. thank you.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hot or Not

claims he has a quirky sense of humour, is not radioactive but may spontaneously combust. i didn't add the fangs nor eyes, he did. interesting.

Hot or Not

weird night on hotornot

eat a cockroach, ride a rollercoaster seems that PETA is upset over a stunt by Six Flags. apparently, if you eat a live Madagascar Hissing Cockroach you get to jump the line. oh yummy! my question is: does the whole family get to jump the line or just the person who eats the roach?
now, i understand that PETA is a wonderful organization, if a tad bit eccentric, but worrying about cockroaches is a little too much. they would be really pissed at me. my sister bought me a gold-dipped cockroach pin when we lived in Hawaii. a real roach, about 2 inches long (with fake antennae) encased in gold. i love it!

attack of the gallbladder

this is a gallbladder with chronic cholecystitis. this is what my gallbladder could look like. yes, it is gross and disturbing but i do not want an operation unless they give me a local. i'm not afraid of the operation itself, just of being put under and maybe not waking up. that would be a sucky way to die. i don't want to die in my sleep, i want to know when it's coming. my grandmother died of a gallbaldder problem just before or just after and operation. my mom said her gallbaldder burst but i seriously doubt that a gallbladder would just bust open. an appendix will, it happened to my sister but i don't think my gallbaldder would do that.
so, i went to work with gallbladder pain at 2:00 and i went home at 5:00. i ate a chicken sandwich because i am starving and broke a third tooth. fuck. so, i have three broken back teeth and a rotten gallbladder, i can't talk to my husband, someone keeps calling my house and not leaving a message, maintanence woke me up this morning to measure my front door (WTF?) and they did not put sugar in my coffee at Starbucks like i asked. so, i am in a fucking bad mood. and i hurt.

Very Angry Cat !!! Beware !

Really Angry Cat ! Only on ->

Monday, September 25, 2006

Hot or Not

is this guy taking a bath? where are the tub toys? kinda hot, kinda weird.

Hot Pink or Not

this guy is not so hot (even though he is into UFOs) but look at those walls! WOW. hot or what?

for cripes sake, HIRE SOMEBODY ALREADY!

we need to replace our lost part-timer. several interviews have been attended. we have a good crop this time. they circhead and the boss are constantly talking back and forth about "who they want". just HIRE somebody already! my god in heaven, they are prolonging our agony. there is no need of this. seems neither one can make a freakin' decision. okay, i'll pick. i like the older woman who came in to ask for an application, spoke to us about the job, showed a lot of enthusiasm, had previously held the same job for YEARS until she decided to be an at home mom for awhile. now she would like a part-time job and she said that our hours would be perfect. she was neatly dressed, articulate, educated and very nice. she beat out everyone by far but get this...there is a male applicant and they are discussing how nice it would be to have a man on the clock. WHAT? i met the guy. he was a timid, overly educated wimp who wasn't thrilled with the hours and said he really wanted a full time position. aaarrrrgghhh! this makes me see red! hire the best person for the job and don't listen to the hormones ladies.
i also thought we had already hired another page. she took the test and passed and she's a nice 'kid' (20 years old but looks like 15). so, why isn't she actually scheduled yet? aaaarrrggghhhh!
today, i missed my last break because i was lost in fiction putting away all the books that my fellow circworker said she could not get on the shelves because they were a mess. she always does this to me: she goes over to fiction, puts a few things away in her half of fiction and comes back to tell me the shelves are a mess. so, i go over and find that MY area is nowhere near as messed up as HER area probably because i have shelf read and shifted several times and she never touches her area. i HATE putting books away in her area because it IS a mess. don't come to me complaining about MY half of the alphabet when it is YOUR half that is all fucked up. aaaaaarrrrggghh!
anyway, Hino and i went to Cingular and they were worthless. seems the $100 my mother-in-law spent on minutes is not refundable. oh well. i called her on my Verizon cell and told her i did not want the Go Phone and told her that they said her minutes were not refundable. she said she will talk to the guy who was 'so nice' who sold her the phones and he would refund her the money. HAHAHAHAHA! right. see, i don't feel bad because she was being cheap. Maniac Mike wil be furious if she does not get her money back. he is mad that she didn't even ask me beforehand if i wanted a different plan. she just went out and found something CHEAP and now believes it is a fabulous deal because the slick talking salesman found a shill. now, i not only want my own plan, i want an upgrade and a picture phone. so there!
then, Hino went to Radio Shack and then we went to Appleby's because i thought he had gift certificates (i had one at home) then, after we order, he said he didn't have them and i felt bad because i had one at home. so, he paid $30 to eat and i feel guilty because i could not eat all my food. plus, i owe him 3 bucks for a card i bought because i had no cash. (i use my debit card for everything.)
now, i am home, listening to Art, but i am going to get off the computer and read. notice the Chain Reading row of books down the side of the blog. Hino did that for me because you know that i couldn't figure out how to do it myself. also, i will be moving around my favorite blogs, but not now. i'm going to Hot or Not then i'll pick up a book. later!


i am listening to the sunday show of Coast with Art Bell. he told a story about a mother who called poison control to report that her kid had been eating ants. she wanted to know if that was dangerous. poison control said that the kid should be fine. then the mother added that she gave the little girl ant poison to kill the ants she had eaten. poison control told her to rush the kid to the hospital.

why are these people having children? damn. there are way to many stoopit human beings on this planet and way too many of them are breeding more stoopit people. doesn't anyone believe in sterilization anymore?
do you know how many of these stoopit people like to come to the liberry, not to borrow BOOKS...OH NO! they use the intahnet and borrow moovys. they cannot be bothered to read a book. there are several families with multiple kids who only ever borrow moovys. not once has any one of their mindless brats borrowed a book. they would not even know how to use one. they would probably try to shove it in the VCR. i cannot tell you how much i despise the patrons that only ever borrow VHS/DVDs. i just want to scream in their face...READ SOMETHING!!!!
there is no question that America is being dumbed down. i think being dumb is encouraged. being smart won't get you laid and having an advanced degree does not mean an advanced salary. smart people are expected to navigate through life on their own, fighting their own battles. stoopit people are more likely to be given breaks because nothing much is expected of them. stoopit people can even become President these days. WOW! i wants to be stoopit, two!

Jellybean question

i bought a bag of rejected gourmet (mostly Jelly Belly) jellybeans for $1.99 at a Job Lot. these jellybeans are popular at work and we have bought many bags. i have already opened this bag in a moment of weakness and ate all the jellybean flavors i liked. i picked through the bag. here is the question: would it be inappropriate to bring the remains of the jellybeans to work and add them to the candy pile? i didn't sneeze on them or fondle them, just picked out all the pear and mango and coconut flavored beans. would that be too low or what?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Piece of Cake

another excellent, well written and painfully honest bio is A Piece of Cake by a lady named Cupcake Brown. that is her real name. she also writes about her time in a gang, as well as her mother's early death, her time in abusive foster homes, her time on the streets, her drug use and her success. i strongly recommend this book. it is very hard to take but worth it. i actually listened to the audiobook, which i recommend over the print version. there are just some books you have to hear read aloud.

My Bloody Life

i decided to read this book after i read a post on Happy Villains blog. she discussed how this books many copies in her library system were missing. there are a couple missing in our system, too out of 5, 6 or 7 books. this piqued my interest and i decided to read the book. i read it in two days (mostly today) and found it plainly written but very interesting. i love biographical books. i love to read about how other folks live. although this book was written under a pseudonym (rey-mundo="king of the world"???), there was clearly a real person telling his story as honestly as he could. it was not a flattering portrayal at all. it didn't glamourize gang life. it made it seem pointless.
i would recommend this book. i get so many good books from bloggers...and don't forget


the autumnal equinox, or Mabon, occured at 12:03am September 23. it is a time of rest but also a time that brings depression because the dark is now overtaking the light. personally, i love autumn. is is my favorite season.
Maniac Mike got a two-nighter today because he fell asleep during count. his Nascar friend Duby called to tell me. he said MM did not want me to worry because he couldn't call me in the morning and he didn't want me to show up for a visit tomorrow and be sent home. so, Mabon has not been all that good to MM. the trazadone has been upped to 300 and puts him to sleep but he still wakes up at 3 or 4 in the morning and can't get back to sleep. his problem has never been falling asleep, it has been staying asleep. so, he is tired all day long. a two-nighter means he can have no calls or visits for 48 hours. i know he is probably pissed at himself right now, especially since we will miss a visit but i asked Duby to tell him not to worry and not to be upset and to rest.
i'm a little depressed myself today as i usually am when i have no work or no visit. it's so weird. i hate having to go to work monday, tuesday, wedn......BUT when i don't go to work, i feel like i have not accomplished a thing. i did manage to read a book today which i will post about next. ho hum.
now i won't be able to talk to MM which will just make me more anxious. the only things that can calm me down are tranquilizers and my husband. Queequeg used to be able to do that, too.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

i want my old mobile!

my mother-in-law sometimes gets things in her head and does weird things. we had a perfectly good set of Verizon cell phones and she wanted to change them because they were costing too much (even though neither of us even came near to using up our minutes). i like my phone. i am used to it. i have never been without a charge or reception. it has been all over New England and NYC without ever failing. it contacted my m-i-l during her Florida hurricanes. i've used it in airports between flights. it has all my numbers plugged into it. so, she wanted to change it. what did she get? Cingular Go Phones. WTF? i don't even exactly know what they are but i have heard bad things about Cingular in this area. plus, don't you have to buy your minutes upfront and lose them after 2 months if you don't use them? i can't keep track of what pills i just took 10 minutes ago and i'm going to have to keep track of minutes? i think not. so, i said i would take over paying for my own phone. it was very, very nice of her to get me and her friend phones and pay for them. well, really Maniac Mike demanded she get phones for me and her so we would not be caught in a bad way someday. i have used mine a few times to call AAA and once to call the cops after the accident. i have used it to call my sister to keep tabs on Queequeg and find out where to pick up his meds (and if he was dying right then and there) and what food he wanted from the grocery. my son used it to call me to tell me he wrecked the Jag. i feel safer with it than i ever did without it. i want my mobile phone! WAAAHHHH!
so, MM told his mom that i am keeping my phone. i said i would pay for it but he said he will if his mom doesn't. i will be working 3 more hours a week and only one 3hour stint will cover the phone but he insists. plus, his mom is a millionaire...or very close to it. not shitting you. but she learned to be FRUGAL from her cheap ass husband who never spent a dime on her or his kid and died a horrible death from stomach cancer before he could spend all the money he misered away. HA! and m-i-l does not know how to treat herself. she should be living it up, but she buys the cheapest she can find. it's really sad.
anyway, i hope this means i get to keep my phone. yes, i am a big selfish baby. boo-hoo.
and I don't have millions, either. so, don't ask for a loan. sorry.

Halloween Cards

this is the candy corn that is sitting in one of our bowls of candy that used to be on the secretary's desk. now, it is on the desk between the laminator and the fax machine. why? because filthy, stinkin', rotten kids KNEW there was candy on that desk and put their grubby hands in it and took handfuls of it. even the good stuff, like KitKats and Andes mints. mostly, these were the bosses bratty "godchildren". i have told the mother repeatedly that the boss did not buy the candy and the kids were not allowed in the 'staff only' area. still, they would run in and grab candy like they had never ever even tasted it before. their mother must never buy them any sweets. she is a dolt anyway. she told the kids over and over, "i told you not to go back there." the last time i saw them coming, i shut the door to the backroom. fuck 'em. we spend big bucks on candy and NO i do NOT like to share (except with coworkers who also spend tons on candy). if the boss wants her "godkids" to have candy, then let her shell out the dough.
yes, i know i sound selfish and I DO NOT CARE! do not mess with my chocolate!
i now have 52 Hallowen cards to send to Maniac Mike. i have already sent him 15 or so. some left over from last year but most are new. today he said he got a big pile of cards and Hello Kitty letters. it made him happy. it's just the little things.

Hot or Not

i think he's hot because he reminds me of Brent Spiner.

Hot or Not

i'm not sure about this one. hot or just kinda lukewarm. looks like a toner version of an old boyfriend.

geez louise!

okay, new thing at the prison: everyone is crying rape. no kidding. both the supposed rapee and the supposed raper go to seg. several couples. only the rapers have been released. hmmmmm. see, the new thing is, if you don't like your roommate, cry rape. this just started this week. guards figured this out (sometimes they can find a braincell among them) and are punishing the prisoners that falsely cry rape. now, rape really does happen in prison (which is why you never, never want to wind up there) and it pisses me off that these Chesters and actual convicted rapists are using this to try to get a new bunk assignment. these people are fucking looney.
the good news is, i beat Maniac Mike at cards again. all forgiven?

we were all prepared for the Know-it-all NOT showing up for work. everytime the phone rang, we thought it was her calling in. this was the plan: M was working 9am-8pm overtime to cover D who is away on ANOTHER vacation. i worked with M 9am-4pm. our circhead was at a meeting just down the road from the prison (she could stopped in and said 'hi' to MM), actually. she got in around 2pm, i think. she was due to leave at 4pm. so, since i had a visit until 6ish, the plan was: our circhead would work until i got back to the library and i would work until 8pm...overtime. so, i'm thinking that's nice though i'll be dead tomorrow because i am covering this weekend for the person that is, once again, on VACATION. well, the plan was smashed to bits when KIA showed up, all chipper and smiling. WTF? she acted like nothing happened. i don't know whether she talked to the boss but she did ask to talk to our circhead alone. maybe i'll get the scoop tomorrow as KIA will not be in. i bet M got an earful tonight. i think M and KIA are going to the movies tomorrow. to be continued....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

or not

or maybe not.

i admit nothing

i will now admit to having a slight crush on Judd Nelson and rent all the shitty movies he is The Black Hole. stank.

Hot or Not

can't really see a whole lot of him but what i see i like. he is into metaphysics. oooooooo!

terrible wednesday

i have had such a terrible night and it isn't even funny. about 3pm, the computers go down...circ, internet, everything. internet came up after a lot of work by our great comp person but no circ, no searches, no nothing. comp person leaves at her scheduled time (she's pregnant w/a heart problem, too, so we made her leave) and the boss and circhead take over. well, around 6:30, the circhead gets the computers back up. hurray! now we have 20,000 things to check in, 1/2 going off to other libraries. then we have to type in all the checkout transactions. then we have to put things away. well, we got most done but neither of us took our supper break. we left the books that need to be sent out and i will do them with my coworker tomorrow morning. meanwhile, i am so fucking TIRED that i can barely stand up and i don't know why. one of my docs come in and asks me how i am and he could tell by looking at me i was toast. he mentioned a drug called Provigil which helps with fatigue but i tried that already and it gives me the shakes. i thought he was going to whip out his prescription pad and write me one right then and there.
then, Hino was nice enough to call me to tell me my new phone from my mother in law came in but it's a crappy cingular and said service might not be so hot. so, i hung up and i cried. i cried to my husband when he called, i cried to my circhead and i just cried. i just wish i knew why i was so abnormally tired and could do something about it other than swizzle Coke which has been helping and does not hurt my stomach like coffee does. sigh.
then, i just saw little Bindi Sue read a memorial to her father and i cried again. there is some definite depression going on here.
oh! and then we had Dr Moon. yep, that's his REAL name and he is an asshole. he is not an MD. he is a whole blog post onto himself but i will pass on that tonight. our computers were down, the boss told us to issue him a card and know-it-all insisted that we couldn't do it because we were down which makes no sense because we know already that he has no card (we checked) and all we really have to do is collect the info on an app and type it in later. that would be my job (which i forgot to do...oh shit!). anyway, the boss and her have a back and forth and the boss said something like, "hey, don't give me that shit" while smiling. it would have rolled off my back or i would have said something kiddingly back but KIA immediatly started screaming that she won't be talked to like that and she was leaving and she may not be back tomorrow. now, granted the boss should have used more class and thought long and hard before using that term but also KIA should not have pushed the matter like a rabid dog. i would have said, okay, whatever and when the fat fuck came in, issue the card, no big whoop. so KIA spoke with the union steward before she left and stormed out.
that was my night. sucky, suck, suckarooni.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

skinny kids update

their dad got in a guard's face and is now in seg.

my very first NotHot

oh my. this gentleman claims he is much hotter without the shower cap. he said this was snapped in a cheese factory in Quebec. take me. take me, please!

one more Myk

nah. no posed shots. no shirts. i like him a little more roughed up.

Myk is back

look who's baaacck! i am starting the "i lick Myk" (or should it be "i like Myk") fan club. wanna join?

poor willie

they busted Willie Nelson for having a pound of pot and some shrooms. BIG FUCKING DEAL! people should have their pot, it should be legal, and medical marijuana is legit. that's my view and i would not smoke the stuff. because of PTSD, it may affect me very badly. i have had very paranoid experiences and hysteria after smoking the stuff. weird, huh? but that was when i was 19 and i haven't touched it since. but if YOU have, good for you. just don't toke and drive, 'kay.

Lidoderm patches /lidocaine 5%

having trouble downloading let me tell you about a real lifesaver. Lidoderm patches. Lidoderm lidocaine patch 5% are wonderful for topical pain. if you have arthritis, fibro, shingles or any kind of pain, you might want to ask your doctor about these patches. they have saved me from a lot of pain. they are sticky pads that you can place on your skin. i cut them up and use them everywhere. last night, i put them over my ovary area and they helped with cramps. today, i put them on the tops of my feet and the back of my knees and on my thumb. my mom, sister and aunt are now using them for various reasons. none of their docs thought to prescribe them, but since i gave them some to try, they have asked their doctors and had them prescribed. i don't think this is a prescription a doctor would ordinarily think of. so, if you are having pain, ask about them. if you have insurance, they may be worth it to you. they are expensive, though. good luck.

God help us

like these mimes (they even brought the TP!) only with black pointy hats with a red poof balls on them. creepy, ain't it?

Art Bell and the miming plumbers

i haven't been feeling so well lately. lots of pain, fatigue and nausea, and cramps. very crampy cramps. so, i haven't been sleeping well and i have been having weirder than normal dreams. last night i dreamed that i was in Art Bell's new apartment in the Phillipines with his new wife. she was very, very nice in the dream. we were there for no known reason but while we were there, Hino offered to fix their plumbing. he made a huge hole in a wall, some of the rooms came apart and then he didn't know what to do after that. i was frantic because i did not want Art Bell to come home to see his apartment destroyed. so, we called in some plumbers and i mentally calculated how much money i had in my account to pay for them. the plumbers show up and they are dressed as mimes...make-up, pointy hat, white gloves. they did not speak (of course) and went right to work. that's when the dream changed and we all decided to go shopping for tinsel.
i SWEAR it is not the medication!
my mother got me all upset the other day, telling me i should go on disability. right. and how would i live on THAT? i have 10 years to early retirement. i think i can live ten more years. maybe. have i mentioned i've been feeling suicidal? time for some more hotornot.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

getting into the halloween spirit

someone was very naughty took this picture...but i'm glad they did!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

a 4 minute republican

as a registered independent, i tend to vote for the dems. but this year, for 4 minutes, i was a republican. why? because Laffey is an asshole and Chaffee is a good man and a moderates who has voted on issues that i have thought of as important as a moderate. it would be a tragic loss to RI to lose Chaffee. we need him not some yahoo loudmouth.
so, i ignored everything going on in my party and turned traitor for what i hope will be a victory for Chaffee. it only took me 4 minutes to vote but i feel like i have been wrestling with stinky weasels all night, so i'm going to take two showers to get that elephant stink off of me.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


currently watching Invasion on DVD. it's pretty good. has it lasted more than one season or was this just a mini-series? i don't watch tv, so i'm not sure. Maniac Mike thought it was a series and he watched a few shows but didn't get it. i am enjoying it a lot. my aliens, however, don't swim. infact, i have never seen them near water, EVER.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hot or Not

it's professor Snape!

Hot or Not

in Providence and a former porn he says.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Celiac's Disease

well, i had an appointment with the hemotologist. my iron level is up to normal and i can even cut back to 2 iron pills a day. great. when he tested my blood, he also tested certain antibodies and he found that i have numbers that indicate that i probably have Celiac's Disease. he tested my antigliadin (or something) antbodies . normal values are between 0-19. mine were 101! so, he recommended a gastroenterologist for further evaluation. he's pretty sure that he will agree with the diagnosis. it would explain why i have trouble absorbing iron, B-12 and vitamin D. it would explain the painful bloating, fatigue and bad reaction to foods/eating. also, thyroid disease is common with those that have Celiac's which is an autoimmune disease. there will be a lot of things i will no longer be able to eat. gluten is the culprit. when i was hospitalized years back for colitis and i was in the pedi ward in a room with a girl with Celiac's. she had been in the hospital for 2 weeks because she accidentily ate wheat.
so, another stupid illness to deal with. it aways happens...go to a doctor for one thing and come out with something new. joy.

UFO over Woonsocket 1960's

Hino just sent me this info: "1967-Rhode Island. This is a real classic looking UFO. Taken in Woonsocket, Rhode Island on June 18, 1967. The photo actually appears to be from a much earlier time period as it has a strange resemblence to an Adamski ship of the 1950s. Possibly a hoax, but I personally have no evidence to make the statement without reservation. "
there was actually another UFO sighting in Woonsocket in the 1990's but i can't recall if any pictures were taken.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Killers of the Dawn

i am now up to book 9 in the young adult series Cirque du Freak. wasn't too pleased with the last book but overall, i am really enjoying the series. vampires are portrayed in a way i have never read of before and i like many of the characters. it's really worth a shot. many young adult and children's books are wonderful reads. JK Rowling has really opened the door wide for new teen/children's authors. before JK, the thought among most publishers was a kid would not read a long chapter book. well, she proved them wrong. series are especially strong. i think i have mentioned that i have started with Gregor the Overlander and it is promising. someday, i will read the Thief Lord series and many others. there is never enough time to read all i want to. i hope they keep libraries in the afterlife so i can read what i will never get a chance to down here. and i hope all the afterlife books will be brand new because there is nothing like the smell of a brand new book!

Hot or not

from South Africa. not bad, not bad.

approved the contract

today we voted to approve our new contract which was actually very good. the only problem i have with it is we will now have to work 35 hours a week. i am worried about how this will affect my health and my visits. right now, even 32 hours is a struggle. i can't really complain, though. most full time workers work 40 hours a week which is something that would kill me. our copays went up...$15 office visits, $25 urgent care visits and $100 emergency room visits when it used to be $10, $10 and $25. i relied on urgent care because my stupid doctor would make me wait 3,4 or 5 days for a 'sick' visit.
we got a substantial increase in pay including an extra 50 cents per hour after 5pm and on saturdays. we were getting a dollar an hour more if we worked after 5pm and we will get $1.50 more per hour. all of this is retroactive, too, from july 2005. not bad. we renegotiate in 2008. the best news by far was we kept the same health care coverage. we all worry about that, i think, the most.
i am hoping i will have some say as to when i can work the extra 3 hours. i know that nothing drastic will be done (atleast this is what we have been told). a complete overhaul would be tough. we are all so set in our ways here. anyway, atleast it is over and i am looking forward to a cozy amount of retro pay to boot.

two losses

it was a very busy night tonight...the busiest tuesday night in a long time. one of the girls left early. she went with her mom to have her cat put down. her cat was suffering from cancer and i think they thought it was time. a very hard thing to do and a hard thing to know when to do it. we can ever really know when is the right time. we were very lucky with Queequeg. he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure 6 months before he died. when we first brought him in to see the vet, the vet thought he was doing very poorly. do to my sister's excellent care, when we next brought him to the vet, he was stunned at how well he was doing. so, he improved for awhile, but of course, there was no cure and we expected the loss. i believe, though he might have been uncomfotable once or twice, and he hated (then refused) to take his medicine, and his appetite waned, Queequeg never suffered. he never experienced the difficulty breathing the doctor warned us about. he did tire out very easily and we restricted his playtime . he always slept well and soundly. he was watched around the clock, held nearly 24 hours a day and held on to life tenaciously because he absolutely loved my sister (his Auntie) and thought he was king of the planet. he died peacefully in my sisters arms. now, he is giving them a hell of a time in heaven. i've had two before he died. i was introduced to the man in charge of caring for afterlife pets...animals that could not be wild because they were used to a certain lifestyle. pampering, basically. he had a special place for prairie dogs. they could come out of their homes whenever they wanted, they got their treats and lots of love. they could play together. in this dream, i saw a big, fat prairie dog in a pink tutu. she was spoiled rotten, clearly and happy. it gave me some comfort, this dream. then, after Queequeg died, i had another dream of the same man. he was a short, round, balding and very pleasant man in the first dream. in the second dream, his pure white coat was askew and he was pulling his hair out because, no matter what they did for Queequeg, he was not satisfied. i saw a young lady holding Queequeg in a rocking chair, trying to comfort him with a blanket. Queequeg was all in a tither because the blanket was clearly not his special blanket and he was pounding away at the poor girl, trying to get it arranged some way to his liking. since then, i have felt that he misses my sister more than anything and will not be happy until they are together again. he was that close AND that spoiled.
our second loss: this was the last night for our only male circiworker. he is moving on to a full time job in the big city. he would have rather stayed with us, but we have no full time openings. since he won't be working weekends at his new job, he may work a few saturdays. my saturday crew won't be affected, but the opposite saturday crew has lost a circworker and will be one short. however, we will all feel the crunch and who knows when we will get someone to fill his place and god only knows WHAT we may get. we have had some real doseys in the past.

Monday, September 04, 2006

join the CLAN!

Happy Villians post today reminded me that September is Library Card sign up month. just what IS our own library doing to promote card sign-ups? Hmmm? NOTHING! infact, until last week, our director would not let our circhead buy anymore blank library cards because there is a rumor going around that a new name (CLAN sucks) and a new card will be issued...oh...sometime..maybe...dunno. so, our circhead HID 50 cards so that the director would not see them and think we had even less. the director had told our circhead to buy cards or borrow cards from other libraries if we needed them. now that sign-up month is upon us, the director has allowed our circhead to purchase some cards.
now, this myth that CLAN will change it's name has been going around since i started working in the library system...what, 13 years ago. we once even had a contest and i think the winning acronym was ANCHOR but it's been so long, i could be wrong.
do i expect a massive turnout of eager new patrons just dying to get their hot little hands on a brand spanking new library card that would offer free access to millions of books and nearly unlimitless information (not to mention crapy, second rate DVDs)? nope. no way. not in a zillion years. and whose fault would that be? gee, i'll give ya one guess.

skinny kids' re-update

theeeeiiiirrr baaaack! seems Martinez could not make it over in D mod either. so, he's back and his skinny kids are, too. atleast, the boy is back. we have not seen the girl in several visits. they sat behind us at visit and one of Maniac Mike's buddies sat across from us. he yelled over kind of loud..."get him a bucket of KFC". this is the running joke among inmates that know about the skinny kids and the fact they don't get food. i'm hoping, one day, the mom or dad hear the joke and get really embarrassed and start feeding their kids.
the reason, it seems, that Martinez was transferred from B mod was that his wife, whom i have never heard speak a word of english, called up and complained that her husband was not getting along with his roommmate. big fucking boo hoo. it's a prison, not a nursery school. you don't get to pick your roomy. many fuckheads.

another icon gone too soon

another icon and good human being lost too soon. my heart is broken and i can only think of his two kids and his wonderful wife and the pain they are feeling. i was a fan of The Crocodile Hunter and always thought he was a little nutso...but in a GOOD way. so over the top with gusto, so pumped and so damn brave. he was clearly in love with his "work"; maybe mission would be a better word. if you have never seen the show where he and Teri talk about their first meeting, love and first child, you have missed a beautiful story.
some shows have thrown in the old news of him bringing his baby into a croc pen. so what. he was the best and he would have never endangered his kid. this came on the heels of fucking freaky Michael Jacksn dangling his scarved baby from a him i would not trust.
i still have not gotten over the death of Diana. i have dreams that she actually survived and when i wake up, i am confused. i know this one will haunt me too. Maniac Mike was the first to tell me around 8:00am, when he called to wake me up. i just could not believe my ears. MM is also worried about the environment and he thought Irwin was one smart, caring man and a lot of fun to watch.
i just have to wonder what God is thinking. there is so much SCUM on this earth...i can think of a few local and national politicians...and the Chesters and the fundos that live for death. dear God, take some of THEM! we need the good guys (and girls). we really, really do!
a while ago, my sister bought a $600 Ray skin purse and i was upset. i'm sure Irwin would have had a cow. but now i am THRILLED. kill the fuckers. i'm going to ask for one for Christmas!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Skinny kids' update

the skinny kids' dad was moved to another mod so they won't be having visits with us anymore and i no longer have to worry that they'll die of malnutrition (out of sight, out of mind). it seems that their dad asked to be moved because his roommate, supposedly, did not like Puerto Ricans. a rumor was also started that Maniac Mike also does not like Hispanics which is not true. rumors and accusations fly in in that place.
something MM just found out about the skinny kids' dad: he was in a cell with a young kid...20's. this kid looks like he is 15 (and he was put in a cell with a Chester). this kid fancies himself a Satanist and tries to hang out with the Pagans which makes MM crazy because the two are NOT related. anyway, one night, the kid was awakened by the skinny kids' dad giving him a back rub! creep or not?


tonight, at our 6:00 visit, Maniac Mike taught me how to play Crazy Eights. then we played 11 hands of gin. it is as annoying to play cards with MM as was to play Monopoly with Hino. they both always win. Hino, however, rarely gloated and let me cheat (didn't matter, he still always beat the crap outta me. i'd have two dollars in play money and a couple of houses on Baltic and Med and he's have several thousand and 20 hotels. AND he was 5.) MM sings, repeats commercials, shifts around, makes faces and generally annoys the hell out of me when he plays cards. when he wins, he gloats. when i win, he says i got lucky. so, we played 11 games...i won 5, he won 6. points are too hard to remember and we have no way to write them down. during play, i told him that he COULD play quietly like I do, like you are SUPPOSED to and he said that i was making that up. really, aren't you supposed to play cards quietly (unless it's Michigan Rummy)?
i started playing cards when i was four. some of the only good memories and clear memories i have are of the family coming over and playing cards all night long. i was allowed to play cards as early as 5 and i could stay up all night and sometimes, i even won!. we mostly played Michigan Rummy. sometimes, we played Spit, Baseball and Poker. the easiest and my favorite was Michigan Rummy. it's played with a special board and pennies and is more fun with a lot of people. i told MM that i had been playing Gin, 500 Rummy and even Cribbage since i was 5 and he only began playing cards when he was 12 so in his mind, we were playing for around the same amount of time (he's 8 years older than me). my point was , i learned at an earlier age....SO THERE! sometimes, he annoys the heck outta me!
EDIT: this board is very different than the baord we used.


yesterday, i was redeemed! a brand new patron...a women in her 40's with her teen came in to apply for a library card. i waited on her, got her a card, gave her the rules, gave her info on our free and discount passes to area attractions and briefly told her where things were in the library. the same thing i do for anyone (who doesn't automatically act like an asshole). no biggie. she walked around, came up to the desk to sign up to use a computer, came back and got her card and she told me I WAS VERY PLEASANT and helpful. HAHA! redeemed! so, i told my husband and gloated and said, "see. i am not always mean!" so then he said that he never said i was always mean. he said that if i was mean, he wouldn't have married me. he said he knew i was helpful at work. HAHA! trying to take it back, he is. well, no matter. that patron made me feel better that morning and for that i was greatful.