Monday, September 04, 2006

join the CLAN!

Happy Villians post today reminded me that September is Library Card sign up month. just what IS our own library doing to promote card sign-ups? Hmmm? NOTHING! infact, until last week, our director would not let our circhead buy anymore blank library cards because there is a rumor going around that a new name (CLAN sucks) and a new card will be issued...oh...sometime..maybe...dunno. so, our circhead HID 50 cards so that the director would not see them and think we had even less. the director had told our circhead to buy cards or borrow cards from other libraries if we needed them. now that sign-up month is upon us, the director has allowed our circhead to purchase some cards.
now, this myth that CLAN will change it's name has been going around since i started working in the library system...what, 13 years ago. we once even had a contest and i think the winning acronym was ANCHOR but it's been so long, i could be wrong.
do i expect a massive turnout of eager new patrons just dying to get their hot little hands on a brand spanking new library card that would offer free access to millions of books and nearly unlimitless information (not to mention crapy, second rate DVDs)? nope. no way. not in a zillion years. and whose fault would that be? gee, i'll give ya one guess.

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