Monday, September 25, 2006


i am listening to the sunday show of Coast with Art Bell. he told a story about a mother who called poison control to report that her kid had been eating ants. she wanted to know if that was dangerous. poison control said that the kid should be fine. then the mother added that she gave the little girl ant poison to kill the ants she had eaten. poison control told her to rush the kid to the hospital.

why are these people having children? damn. there are way to many stoopit human beings on this planet and way too many of them are breeding more stoopit people. doesn't anyone believe in sterilization anymore?
do you know how many of these stoopit people like to come to the liberry, not to borrow BOOKS...OH NO! they use the intahnet and borrow moovys. they cannot be bothered to read a book. there are several families with multiple kids who only ever borrow moovys. not once has any one of their mindless brats borrowed a book. they would not even know how to use one. they would probably try to shove it in the VCR. i cannot tell you how much i despise the patrons that only ever borrow VHS/DVDs. i just want to scream in their face...READ SOMETHING!!!!
there is no question that America is being dumbed down. i think being dumb is encouraged. being smart won't get you laid and having an advanced degree does not mean an advanced salary. smart people are expected to navigate through life on their own, fighting their own battles. stoopit people are more likely to be given breaks because nothing much is expected of them. stoopit people can even become President these days. WOW! i wants to be stoopit, two!

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