Saturday, September 30, 2006

skinny kids update/visit

Martinez was moved to F mod and this should be the last time i see those skinny kids. tonight, i was sure the boy was getting to drink a Pepsi as he had the bottle in front of him and was fondling it lovingly, but when dad sat down, the kid unscrewed the cap (that he had been kissing) and put the drink right infront of his dad. he didn't even get to take a sip first. neither kid ate or drank a thing but mom and dad did. maybe, just maybe, the kids have food allergies, Celiac's Disease or are diabetic and can't eat junk food. i hate thinking that their parents just don't want to spend the coinage to give these kids something to eat or drink.
anyway, we had a visit tonight. i met a woman with extraordinarily long hair who had flown up from Florida to see a friend. i guess he calls her because she mentioned the phone bill and she visited him in Florida and knew all the visiting rules for visits down there. she said he was released from Stark (which Maniac Mike finds interesting since Stark inmates are longtimers and that's where they keep Ol' Sparky), then got into trouble here and is back in prison. i asked this woman how flying was now and she didn't understand what i was asking. i just wanted to know if she had any problems, if it is tense, etc compared to the time i was flying but the question was beyond her. finally, she just said she checked everything. when i flew down for weekends, i never checked a bag, i carried everything i wanted on the plane with me. i was only able to do that because i kept clothes, toiletries and all kinds of junk at MM's house. this made things so much easier. the bad thing is, my special 20 year old hot curlers are still down there and i miss them. i don't want to ask my mother-in-law to go through the trouble of mailing them back.
so, MM won our card games 6 to 1. i think it was 5 to 1. he kept baiting me with "Loser" and making the loser 'L' sign with his hand. i just called him an asshole, then i reminded him yet again of the day i beat him 7-zip. i told him that that was the day that i humiliated him like the Sox humiliated the Yankees and he said, "how many times are 'you people' (meaning Boston fans) gonna use that? that's ancient history." HELL NO! i will use that till the day i die and never let a Yankee fan forget it. granted, MM is a Boston fan and hates the Yankees, too. he just doesn't like his humiliation thrown in his face. next time, i am going to have to beat him at cards or i will never hear the end of it.
then we talked about Chavez calling Bush 'the Devil' and MM told me that they are even thinking of taking the historic Citgo sign down from behind Fenway Park!!!!!! Jeezus H Christ...what is wrong with this country? who fucking cares that some South American dictator called Bush the insult to the Devil i may add. who cares? big whoop. it's okay for Bush to call entire countries (and the citizens by default) an Axis of Evil but Bush gets his wittle feelings hurt if he gets called the Devil. can we all GROW UP? they better not put their stinkin' hands on that Citgo sign! hell, i'm going to find a Citgo station and buy all my gas there. i think there is one over the line in Massachusetts.

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