Monday, September 04, 2006

skinny kids' re-update

theeeeiiiirrr baaaack! seems Martinez could not make it over in D mod either. so, he's back and his skinny kids are, too. atleast, the boy is back. we have not seen the girl in several visits. they sat behind us at visit and one of Maniac Mike's buddies sat across from us. he yelled over kind of loud..."get him a bucket of KFC". this is the running joke among inmates that know about the skinny kids and the fact they don't get food. i'm hoping, one day, the mom or dad hear the joke and get really embarrassed and start feeding their kids.
the reason, it seems, that Martinez was transferred from B mod was that his wife, whom i have never heard speak a word of english, called up and complained that her husband was not getting along with his roommmate. big fucking boo hoo. it's a prison, not a nursery school. you don't get to pick your roomy. many fuckheads.

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