Saturday, September 02, 2006


yesterday, i was redeemed! a brand new patron...a women in her 40's with her teen came in to apply for a library card. i waited on her, got her a card, gave her the rules, gave her info on our free and discount passes to area attractions and briefly told her where things were in the library. the same thing i do for anyone (who doesn't automatically act like an asshole). no biggie. she walked around, came up to the desk to sign up to use a computer, came back and got her card and she told me I WAS VERY PLEASANT and helpful. HAHA! redeemed! so, i told my husband and gloated and said, "see. i am not always mean!" so then he said that he never said i was always mean. he said that if i was mean, he wouldn't have married me. he said he knew i was helpful at work. HAHA! trying to take it back, he is. well, no matter. that patron made me feel better that morning and for that i was greatful.

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