Monday, September 25, 2006

for cripes sake, HIRE SOMEBODY ALREADY!

we need to replace our lost part-timer. several interviews have been attended. we have a good crop this time. they circhead and the boss are constantly talking back and forth about "who they want". just HIRE somebody already! my god in heaven, they are prolonging our agony. there is no need of this. seems neither one can make a freakin' decision. okay, i'll pick. i like the older woman who came in to ask for an application, spoke to us about the job, showed a lot of enthusiasm, had previously held the same job for YEARS until she decided to be an at home mom for awhile. now she would like a part-time job and she said that our hours would be perfect. she was neatly dressed, articulate, educated and very nice. she beat out everyone by far but get this...there is a male applicant and they are discussing how nice it would be to have a man on the clock. WHAT? i met the guy. he was a timid, overly educated wimp who wasn't thrilled with the hours and said he really wanted a full time position. aaarrrrgghhh! this makes me see red! hire the best person for the job and don't listen to the hormones ladies.
i also thought we had already hired another page. she took the test and passed and she's a nice 'kid' (20 years old but looks like 15). so, why isn't she actually scheduled yet? aaaarrrggghhhh!
today, i missed my last break because i was lost in fiction putting away all the books that my fellow circworker said she could not get on the shelves because they were a mess. she always does this to me: she goes over to fiction, puts a few things away in her half of fiction and comes back to tell me the shelves are a mess. so, i go over and find that MY area is nowhere near as messed up as HER area probably because i have shelf read and shifted several times and she never touches her area. i HATE putting books away in her area because it IS a mess. don't come to me complaining about MY half of the alphabet when it is YOUR half that is all fucked up. aaaaaarrrrggghh!
anyway, Hino and i went to Cingular and they were worthless. seems the $100 my mother-in-law spent on minutes is not refundable. oh well. i called her on my Verizon cell and told her i did not want the Go Phone and told her that they said her minutes were not refundable. she said she will talk to the guy who was 'so nice' who sold her the phones and he would refund her the money. HAHAHAHAHA! right. see, i don't feel bad because she was being cheap. Maniac Mike wil be furious if she does not get her money back. he is mad that she didn't even ask me beforehand if i wanted a different plan. she just went out and found something CHEAP and now believes it is a fabulous deal because the slick talking salesman found a shill. now, i not only want my own plan, i want an upgrade and a picture phone. so there!
then, Hino went to Radio Shack and then we went to Appleby's because i thought he had gift certificates (i had one at home) then, after we order, he said he didn't have them and i felt bad because i had one at home. so, he paid $30 to eat and i feel guilty because i could not eat all my food. plus, i owe him 3 bucks for a card i bought because i had no cash. (i use my debit card for everything.)
now, i am home, listening to Art, but i am going to get off the computer and read. notice the Chain Reading row of books down the side of the blog. Hino did that for me because you know that i couldn't figure out how to do it myself. also, i will be moving around my favorite blogs, but not now. i'm going to Hot or Not then i'll pick up a book. later!

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