Saturday, September 02, 2006


tonight, at our 6:00 visit, Maniac Mike taught me how to play Crazy Eights. then we played 11 hands of gin. it is as annoying to play cards with MM as was to play Monopoly with Hino. they both always win. Hino, however, rarely gloated and let me cheat (didn't matter, he still always beat the crap outta me. i'd have two dollars in play money and a couple of houses on Baltic and Med and he's have several thousand and 20 hotels. AND he was 5.) MM sings, repeats commercials, shifts around, makes faces and generally annoys the hell out of me when he plays cards. when he wins, he gloats. when i win, he says i got lucky. so, we played 11 games...i won 5, he won 6. points are too hard to remember and we have no way to write them down. during play, i told him that he COULD play quietly like I do, like you are SUPPOSED to and he said that i was making that up. really, aren't you supposed to play cards quietly (unless it's Michigan Rummy)?
i started playing cards when i was four. some of the only good memories and clear memories i have are of the family coming over and playing cards all night long. i was allowed to play cards as early as 5 and i could stay up all night and sometimes, i even won!. we mostly played Michigan Rummy. sometimes, we played Spit, Baseball and Poker. the easiest and my favorite was Michigan Rummy. it's played with a special board and pennies and is more fun with a lot of people. i told MM that i had been playing Gin, 500 Rummy and even Cribbage since i was 5 and he only began playing cards when he was 12 so in his mind, we were playing for around the same amount of time (he's 8 years older than me). my point was , i learned at an earlier age....SO THERE! sometimes, he annoys the heck outta me!
EDIT: this board is very different than the baord we used.

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