Friday, September 29, 2006

an idea for Nascar Scene

had a visit tonight. we played gin and Maniac Mike won by one game. this has been twice in a row and he was bragging, so i reminded him of the night that i beat him seven games in a row and he was as embarrassed as a Yankee in the 2004 playoffs with Boston. HA! we were also talking about Nascar...i wanted to know things like: have any tires fell off cars, has a car crashed into the stands, anyone hit by lightning, major know, the good stuff. he tried to tell me about the, no...the, the...whatever you call it when they pick the top ten drivers. then we talked about Nascar having 3 dead months and what Nascar Scene, a weekly, writes about when there are no races. i suggested that they publish the size of all the driver's dicks. wouldn't you want to know who had the biggest dick (you know it ain't Gordon!). i would. hell, then i might actually become interested in the races. better yet, let 'em all pose driver per issue. make it a centerfold. that would be good for 40something issues and hell, i'd read it then.
while we were playing cards, MM started singing this weird song, "there ain't no bugs on mugs may have bugs, but there ain't no bugs on me". something like that. i asked them if that was the new prison inmate song, like Johnny Cash and the Folsom Prison Blues...or even The Amazombies "there's a riot goin' on" and he switched to Ramones songs. i really thought i would beat him at cards tonight. he really hates to lose.
i got a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks w/whipped cream and just the right amount of sugar (several tablespoons) and the Barista even sprinkled some Nutmeg and spices on top. it is very good. and it only cost me $22.50.

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