Wednesday, September 27, 2006

new employees Running With Scissors

our 'new' page got a call today telling her she can come in on monday and start her job. great! another badly needed page. yahoo! now, the reason why we still have not hired the part-timer is becasue the boss wants to check her references. JHC! it's a 19 hour a week job that pays a dollar above minimum and has no perks whatsoever. she is, in my opinion, PERFECT for the job, we ALL think so, we ALL like her....just hire her! what is the 'reference' gonna tell us, "oh, she's an ax murderer but she always shows up on time." in my WHOLE working life, do you know how many of my references were checked? NONE!
so, my circhead and i worked alone on the desk tonight as we have been since J left and she said to me, "we really don't need anyone else on wednesday night. we always get it all done anyway." meanwhile, i am holding my side from pain and i'm exhausted because of all the work IIIIIIIIII did while she was making phone calls to her friends (and some calls to patrons). keep in mind, i HAD to work tonight because i could not leave only one person on the desk and then feel bad that someone else had to be called in to replace me. so, YES, i would like a third person on wednesday nights, just like there are 3 people on every other night.
now, let's talk about the book club biddies. god how i hate them. they all come in at the same time, all talk at once and jump over each other to ask if we are holding any copies of next month's book. we had one book. we had to order the rest for each patron. as i am placing a hold for one biddy, a young biddy said, "oh, put me on hold, too". no, that's not how it works. how long have you been coming here? you know i need your card to place a hold and i don't know your name off the top of my head and i don't care to know your name, so just wait one stinkin' minute while i help this patron who was here before you.
the next book they will be reading is Running With Scissors! HAHAHAHAHAHA! this amuses me to no end. i have read the book, LOVE the author but those little biddies are gonna be shocked by the content. oh, i cannot wait to hear all about the next meeting. i really wonder why our librarians picked this book (yes, it is fabulous) for old biddies, other than it is being made into a movie. if you have not read the book, you MUST. and then read everything else by Augusten Burroughs. trust me.

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