Friday, September 29, 2006

skinny kids update

the skinny kids' dad is out of seg and back in B-Right. not B-Left with the Chesters and the Rippers, but BR with all the normal cons...y'know, the thieves, drug dealers and murderers. usually when an inmate gives a guard shit, they send him to another mod, away from the guard. maybe this guard wants to fuck with him. maybe Martinez is being set up.
when i entered the waiting area, i was bumbed to see both skinny kids and their mom. they are as skinny as ever and this time, the boy forgot to take his Ritalin because he was all over the place and beating on his sister. not play fighting but actually hitting her, hard. she was hitting back but the boy was just whacking on her. they were laughing, even though the punching MUST have hurt and the mother, after about 5 minutes, finally tried to stop them. at one point, both of the kids were sitting on her lap punching each other. now these kids are skinny, but they are tall and must be 9 or 10, if not older. more and more, i see them fighting, hitting, punching, and they always laugh about it. sometimes the mother laughs, too.
we did not see the kids eat though they BOTH always go up to the vending machines with the mother. ALWAYS. the mom is incapable of using a machine on her own.
Maniac Mike had a can of YooHoo and a can of Coke, a bag of Baked Lays, Grandma's chocolate chip cookies and a Swiss Roll. i attempted to eat Cheetos (which has no wheat in them!) and drink a Barq's rootbeer. i threw half away. is there an H in Cheetohs?
another person who is back is Fantasia's crack whore/epileptic wife...the one who could not get her act together enough to keep her kid out of a foster home. she's the one who i once gave a ride to and swore i never would again. she did not once say 'thanks' or acknowledge that i had to go in the opposite direction and way off my path to drive her crack-ass home. and all she could talk about was not being able to find her food stamp card and if she didn't have her food stamp card to show the judge at court in the morning, they would take her girl away. well, i guess she never found the card because it has been two years and the little girl is still in foster care. we know because social services brings her to visit her father. i wonder if the mother ever sees her. anyway, she was at the visit today and she got up to leave right after me and followed me to the door. i thought she was going to ask for a ride for sure but she didn't. i saw her in the parking lot using her call phone and i left quickly. the last thing i had heard about her was she was in a group home in Newport (way down south). i guess she is back.

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Lisa said...

I am a former foster child and current child advocate...

This is the sort of thing that really troubles me.

According to federal law, children are not supposed to languish in foster care year after year after year...

Biological parents are supposed to have 12 months to get their act together, with an option for a 12-month extension.

After that, the Adoption and Safe Families Act states that the child should be available for adoption.

Childhood years are the formative years and it's not healthy to have to spend them in limbo.