Tuesday, September 26, 2006

attack of the gallbladder

this is a gallbladder with chronic cholecystitis. this is what my gallbladder could look like. yes, it is gross and disturbing but i do not want an operation unless they give me a local. i'm not afraid of the operation itself, just of being put under and maybe not waking up. that would be a sucky way to die. i don't want to die in my sleep, i want to know when it's coming. my grandmother died of a gallbaldder problem just before or just after and operation. my mom said her gallbaldder burst but i seriously doubt that a gallbladder would just bust open. an appendix will, it happened to my sister but i don't think my gallbaldder would do that.
so, i went to work with gallbladder pain at 2:00 and i went home at 5:00. i ate a chicken sandwich because i am starving and broke a third tooth. fuck. so, i have three broken back teeth and a rotten gallbladder, i can't talk to my husband, someone keeps calling my house and not leaving a message, maintanence woke me up this morning to measure my front door (WTF?) and they did not put sugar in my coffee at Starbucks like i asked. so, i am in a fucking bad mood. and i hurt.

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