Wednesday, September 20, 2006

terrible wednesday

i have had such a terrible night and it isn't even funny. about 3pm, the computers go down...circ, internet, everything. internet came up after a lot of work by our great comp person but no circ, no searches, no nothing. comp person leaves at her scheduled time (she's pregnant w/a heart problem, too, so we made her leave) and the boss and circhead take over. well, around 6:30, the circhead gets the computers back up. hurray! now we have 20,000 things to check in, 1/2 going off to other libraries. then we have to type in all the checkout transactions. then we have to put things away. well, we got most done but neither of us took our supper break. we left the books that need to be sent out and i will do them with my coworker tomorrow morning. meanwhile, i am so fucking TIRED that i can barely stand up and i don't know why. one of my docs come in and asks me how i am and he could tell by looking at me i was toast. he mentioned a drug called Provigil which helps with fatigue but i tried that already and it gives me the shakes. i thought he was going to whip out his prescription pad and write me one right then and there.
then, Hino was nice enough to call me to tell me my new phone from my mother in law came in but it's a crappy cingular and said service might not be so hot. so, i hung up and i cried. i cried to my husband when he called, i cried to my circhead and i just cried. i just wish i knew why i was so abnormally tired and could do something about it other than swizzle Coke which has been helping and does not hurt my stomach like coffee does. sigh.
then, i just saw little Bindi Sue read a memorial to her father and i cried again. there is some definite depression going on here.
oh! and then we had Dr Moon. yep, that's his REAL name and he is an asshole. he is not an MD. he is a whole blog post onto himself but i will pass on that tonight. our computers were down, the boss told us to issue him a card and know-it-all insisted that we couldn't do it because we were down which makes no sense because we know already that he has no card (we checked) and all we really have to do is collect the info on an app and type it in later. that would be my job (which i forgot to do...oh shit!). anyway, the boss and her have a back and forth and the boss said something like, "hey, don't give me that shit" while smiling. it would have rolled off my back or i would have said something kiddingly back but KIA immediatly started screaming that she won't be talked to like that and she was leaving and she may not be back tomorrow. now, granted the boss should have used more class and thought long and hard before using that term but also KIA should not have pushed the matter like a rabid dog. i would have said, okay, whatever and when the fat fuck came in, issue the card, no big whoop. so KIA spoke with the union steward before she left and stormed out.
that was my night. sucky, suck, suckarooni.

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