Thursday, September 21, 2006

i want my old mobile!

my mother-in-law sometimes gets things in her head and does weird things. we had a perfectly good set of Verizon cell phones and she wanted to change them because they were costing too much (even though neither of us even came near to using up our minutes). i like my phone. i am used to it. i have never been without a charge or reception. it has been all over New England and NYC without ever failing. it contacted my m-i-l during her Florida hurricanes. i've used it in airports between flights. it has all my numbers plugged into it. so, she wanted to change it. what did she get? Cingular Go Phones. WTF? i don't even exactly know what they are but i have heard bad things about Cingular in this area. plus, don't you have to buy your minutes upfront and lose them after 2 months if you don't use them? i can't keep track of what pills i just took 10 minutes ago and i'm going to have to keep track of minutes? i think not. so, i said i would take over paying for my own phone. it was very, very nice of her to get me and her friend phones and pay for them. well, really Maniac Mike demanded she get phones for me and her so we would not be caught in a bad way someday. i have used mine a few times to call AAA and once to call the cops after the accident. i have used it to call my sister to keep tabs on Queequeg and find out where to pick up his meds (and if he was dying right then and there) and what food he wanted from the grocery. my son used it to call me to tell me he wrecked the Jag. i feel safer with it than i ever did without it. i want my mobile phone! WAAAHHHH!
so, MM told his mom that i am keeping my phone. i said i would pay for it but he said he will if his mom doesn't. i will be working 3 more hours a week and only one 3hour stint will cover the phone but he insists. plus, his mom is a millionaire...or very close to it. not shitting you. but she learned to be FRUGAL from her cheap ass husband who never spent a dime on her or his kid and died a horrible death from stomach cancer before he could spend all the money he misered away. HA! and m-i-l does not know how to treat herself. she should be living it up, but she buys the cheapest she can find. it's really sad.
anyway, i hope this means i get to keep my phone. yes, i am a big selfish baby. boo-hoo.
and I don't have millions, either. so, don't ask for a loan. sorry.

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