Tuesday, September 05, 2006

approved the contract

today we voted to approve our new contract which was actually very good. the only problem i have with it is we will now have to work 35 hours a week. i am worried about how this will affect my health and my visits. right now, even 32 hours is a struggle. i can't really complain, though. most full time workers work 40 hours a week which is something that would kill me. our copays went up...$15 office visits, $25 urgent care visits and $100 emergency room visits when it used to be $10, $10 and $25. i relied on urgent care because my stupid doctor would make me wait 3,4 or 5 days for a 'sick' visit.
we got a substantial increase in pay including an extra 50 cents per hour after 5pm and on saturdays. we were getting a dollar an hour more if we worked after 5pm and saturdays...now we will get $1.50 more per hour. all of this is retroactive, too, from july 2005. not bad. we renegotiate in 2008. the best news by far was we kept the same health care coverage. we all worry about that, i think, the most.
i am hoping i will have some say as to when i can work the extra 3 hours. i know that nothing drastic will be done (atleast this is what we have been told). a complete overhaul would be tough. we are all so set in our ways here. anyway, atleast it is over and i am looking forward to a cozy amount of retro pay to boot.

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