Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Art Bell and the miming plumbers

i haven't been feeling so well lately. lots of pain, fatigue and nausea, and cramps. very crampy cramps. so, i haven't been sleeping well and i have been having weirder than normal dreams. last night i dreamed that i was in Art Bell's new apartment in the Phillipines with his new wife. she was very, very nice in the dream. we were there for no known reason but while we were there, Hino offered to fix their plumbing. he made a huge hole in a wall, some of the rooms came apart and then he didn't know what to do after that. i was frantic because i did not want Art Bell to come home to see his apartment destroyed. so, we called in some plumbers and i mentally calculated how much money i had in my account to pay for them. the plumbers show up and they are dressed as mimes...make-up, pointy hat, white gloves. they did not speak (of course) and went right to work. that's when the dream changed and we all decided to go shopping for tinsel.
i SWEAR it is not the medication!
my mother got me all upset the other day, telling me i should go on disability. right. and how would i live on THAT? i have 10 years to early retirement. i think i can live ten more years. maybe. have i mentioned i've been feeling suicidal? time for some more hotornot.

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