Thursday, September 21, 2006

Halloween Cards

this is the candy corn that is sitting in one of our bowls of candy that used to be on the secretary's desk. now, it is on the desk between the laminator and the fax machine. why? because filthy, stinkin', rotten kids KNEW there was candy on that desk and put their grubby hands in it and took handfuls of it. even the good stuff, like KitKats and Andes mints. mostly, these were the bosses bratty "godchildren". i have told the mother repeatedly that the boss did not buy the candy and the kids were not allowed in the 'staff only' area. still, they would run in and grab candy like they had never ever even tasted it before. their mother must never buy them any sweets. she is a dolt anyway. she told the kids over and over, "i told you not to go back there." the last time i saw them coming, i shut the door to the backroom. fuck 'em. we spend big bucks on candy and NO i do NOT like to share (except with coworkers who also spend tons on candy). if the boss wants her "godkids" to have candy, then let her shell out the dough.
yes, i know i sound selfish and I DO NOT CARE! do not mess with my chocolate!
i now have 52 Hallowen cards to send to Maniac Mike. i have already sent him 15 or so. some left over from last year but most are new. today he said he got a big pile of cards and Hello Kitty letters. it made him happy. it's just the little things.

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