Monday, September 04, 2006

another icon gone too soon

another icon and good human being lost too soon. my heart is broken and i can only think of his two kids and his wonderful wife and the pain they are feeling. i was a fan of The Crocodile Hunter and always thought he was a little nutso...but in a GOOD way. so over the top with gusto, so pumped and so damn brave. he was clearly in love with his "work"; maybe mission would be a better word. if you have never seen the show where he and Teri talk about their first meeting, love and first child, you have missed a beautiful story.
some shows have thrown in the old news of him bringing his baby into a croc pen. so what. he was the best and he would have never endangered his kid. this came on the heels of fucking freaky Michael Jacksn dangling his scarved baby from a him i would not trust.
i still have not gotten over the death of Diana. i have dreams that she actually survived and when i wake up, i am confused. i know this one will haunt me too. Maniac Mike was the first to tell me around 8:00am, when he called to wake me up. i just could not believe my ears. MM is also worried about the environment and he thought Irwin was one smart, caring man and a lot of fun to watch.
i just have to wonder what God is thinking. there is so much SCUM on this earth...i can think of a few local and national politicians...and the Chesters and the fundos that live for death. dear God, take some of THEM! we need the good guys (and girls). we really, really do!
a while ago, my sister bought a $600 Ray skin purse and i was upset. i'm sure Irwin would have had a cow. but now i am THRILLED. kill the fuckers. i'm going to ask for one for Christmas!

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