Saturday, September 02, 2006

Skinny kids' update

the skinny kids' dad was moved to another mod so they won't be having visits with us anymore and i no longer have to worry that they'll die of malnutrition (out of sight, out of mind). it seems that their dad asked to be moved because his roommate, supposedly, did not like Puerto Ricans. a rumor was also started that Maniac Mike also does not like Hispanics which is not true. rumors and accusations fly in in that place.
something MM just found out about the skinny kids' dad: he was in a cell with a young kid...20's. this kid looks like he is 15 (and he was put in a cell with a Chester). this kid fancies himself a Satanist and tries to hang out with the Pagans which makes MM crazy because the two are NOT related. anyway, one night, the kid was awakened by the skinny kids' dad giving him a back rub! creep or not?

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