Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Killers of the Dawn

i am now up to book 9 in the young adult series Cirque du Freak. wasn't too pleased with the last book but overall, i am really enjoying the series. vampires are portrayed in a way i have never read of before and i like many of the characters. it's really worth a shot. many young adult and children's books are wonderful reads. JK Rowling has really opened the door wide for new teen/children's authors. before JK, the thought among most publishers was a kid would not read a long chapter book. well, she proved them wrong. series are especially strong. i think i have mentioned that i have started with Gregor the Overlander and it is promising. someday, i will read the Thief Lord series and many others. there is never enough time to read all i want to. i hope they keep libraries in the afterlife so i can read what i will never get a chance to down here. and i hope all the afterlife books will be brand new because there is nothing like the smell of a brand new book!

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