Sunday, February 12, 2006

snow, how i hate thee

we had snow. no, i'm sorry. i should have said, we had snow. lots of it. i think we have just over 12 inches here in northern RI. i wonder if the library lot will be plowed out. the town is notorious for 'forgetting' to plow the library lot. hey, i know staff doesn't count but think of the patrons...the reason why we will be open. plow the damn lot!

i had to shovel. the snow was light and fluffy which made it easier. still, i had a minor asthma event and now i also have a migraine from all the coughing and hacking. and wheezing.

i actually used Instant Messenger for the first time last night to IM Hinoserm. i guess his phone is running out of minutes ( i think that is just an excuse not to call) and Blobbus doesn't have a phone (also an excuse). how can you not have a phone? dude, even Gilligan had a phone...two coconut halves and hemp rope.

i'm going to watch a movie...Evil Enko. it's about Russia's worst serial killer. he killed maybe 50 kids and i think he ate some of them. i'll never understand cannabalism. hey. Stop and Shop does sell meat, people. no need to eat each other. find a damn cow, would ya?


Hinoserm said...

Around here it's cheaper to own a cell phone than it is to have a landline. For around $30/mo you can get a cell phone with unlimited local and long distance, versus a local phone company at the same price and you have to pay long distance (which is apparently anything outside a 5 block radius).

Happy Villain said...

Ohh, cool! Tell us what you think of the movie. I watched Citizen X, which was an excellent movie about that nut. Wasn't he the first known case of someoen having a different blood type in their blood than in their semen? Anyway, I hope it's good.

I will gladly take your snow! It's completely unfair that you (who doesn't want snow) have too much, and I (who can't get enough snow) have none. :'( Never would've dawned on me to move east for more winter weather.

Hope you feel better!

deidre death said...

thanks. i will have to find citizen x, too.

deidre death said...

hino...$30 is too much for a phone. i think two tin cans and a string is the way to go.
without the prison calls, our phone bill is about $16. (with prison calls, MM pays about $350 a month.)